How to complete The Bluewater Contract in Red Dead Online

How to complete The Bluewater Contract in Red Dead Online

The Bluewater Contract in Red Dead Online is the first mission in the game’s main storyline, and its main objective is to procure a keg of whiskey. It is a fairly simple and straightforward mission, even for those who have never played the game before. However, it is also fairly hard to complete for those who have not played Red Dead Redemption 2 before, since intricate knowledge of Red Dead Redemption 2’s gameplay mechanics is required to accomplish it.

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The Bluewater Contract is a Crime that was added to Red Dead Online with the Blood Money update. It’s a mission you can complete across all Crime vendors, but it’s not the easiest one to tackle. That’s why we’ve put together this guide for all three parts of this tricky mission.

Part 1

This first part of the Crime starts easy enough. You’ve got to intimidate Bluewater John. He’s a guitarist who knows where there’s a small fortune in cash, but he won’t tell you willingly. You need to intimidate him by pointing a weapon at his face, firing it near him, and hitting him in the face with a few melee attacks. After that, he’ll reveal that the map to the loot you seek is inside his guitar.

Inspect the guitar and follow the waypoint. This is where the mission becomes more challenging. The area you’re led to is filled to the brim with enemies, and it takes a while to work your way through all of them. You’ll need to kill them all, though, because the cash bag you need is inside the small shack in the middle of this area. Make sure you loot all the dead bodies for Capitale.

With all the guards dead, and the cash bag in hand, it’s time to turn the loot over to your contact. After that, this part of the mission will be complete.

Part 2

The second part of this Crime is split across three camps. First, you’ll be directed to Bluewater John’s old gang’s hideout. Here, you’ll find a small group of outlaws to shoot your way through. There aren’t too many of them, and they seem to always shoot something that causes an explosion and kills a few of their own men. Shoot from afar and avoid the local wildlife as you approach the camp. It can kill you. The clue you need is lying on a table. This will take you to the next hideout.

The second hideout is a lot more challenging. Outlaws will continue to pour in while you search for the next clue. Kill them all and loot their bodies as you go. The second clue is hidden away inside the shabbiest building. It’s a box on the floor with some papers in it. This will give you a waypoint to the third and final hideout.

The third hideout is one that you need to blast your way through and get out of before you’ve killed all the outlaws. They will not stop arriving to fill you with holes, and it can be exhausting for both your ammo reserves and your patience. The cash bag is located in the building at the end of the hideout. It’s the one with the dog inside. You’ll see it as soon as you enter. Just be sure to kill the dog before it mauls you.

Once you have the cash bag, you need to retreat and reach the drop off point. You’ll be pursued by outlaws the entire way. Kill anyone that stands in your way and tries to take you down. This final hideout is the only one you need to rush since the timer will be ticking down by this point in the Contract. Hand off the cash bag, and you’ll have completed the second part of this Crime.

Part 3

The final part of this Crime is definitely the best. If you’re a fan of Robert Johnson, then you’ll pick up on some incredible references here. You start the mission by hunting down Bluewater John once again. It turns out that he was holding back and has a stash of cash out in the bayou somewhere. Follow the waypoint to his location, enjoy the incredible cutscene, and then hogtie him.

If you ride in as we did, then the locals will pull you from your horse and start to defend John. If this happens, beat them up and get after him as fast as possible. If you don’t, he’ll find a horse and ride so far away that this mission will be impossible to complete.

Once you’ve hogtied him and strapped him to your horse, you need to head to a few points on the map where John may have hidden his cash. We found that by heading to the point marked on the map below, John instantly told us the map’s location required to find the real stash. So don’t waste your time with the other areas, and head to this one first.

Follow the route to the map and drop John on the floor where you’re told to. If you haven’t been getting bad vibes about this mission by now, you will do here. John manages to escape his bonds and walks off playing the guitar using the gift he gained from selling his soul in this very place. Unfortunately, once he’s gone, you’ll be attacked by what we can only describe as voodoo soldiers. They’re armed with spears but are dressed as outlaws, and they’ll kill you if they get too close.

Head for the cash bag and grab it before you’re overrun by enemies. Outlaws will eventually join the fray as well, so there’s a lot to contend with in the increasingly murky weather. Once you have the cash bag, make a break for the final destination to drop it off and end this nightmare.

If you’re struggling with getting through this part, try killing all of the enemies on horseback first. They are the most mobile and will cause you more trouble than they’re worth. The enemies on foot won’t attack you until they’re up close, except for a few archers. Clear out the biggest threats first, then try to mount your horse and leave the slower enemies behind in the dust. The spooky atmosphere doesn’t make it easy to see what you’re shooting at, but if you try to focus and use everything you have at your disposal, you should get through within the time limit.

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