How To Breed Yool In My Singing Monsters: Perfect Combination

How To Breed Yool In My Singing Monsters: Perfect Combination

Slime is a staple element of the slime-based puzzle games that you love. While there’s no shortage of free slime games, there’s only a handful of games that take full advantage of slime mechanics. Yool is one of those games.

Singing Monsters is a game that is only played once a week at my school. I’ve played it for two years and it’s just absolutely amazing, the music is so catchy and fun to play, and I just can’t get enough. I’ve never been to a concert before, so I guess this is what it’s like! But I’ve always wondered what it’s like to be a concertgoer. Well, since I’m a huge fan of the game, I decided to find out for myself.

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My Singing Monsters players will be happy to learn how to raise Yulu in the My Singing Monsters game. Here you can learn all about this character and how to cultivate it.


Before we tell you how to raise Yulu in the game My Singing Monsters, we want to briefly tell you about the Yulu in this game. Yule is a unique monster whose appearance coincides with a relaxing vacation on Cold Island. His appearance is noticed by the ringing of the bells. Christmas brings a lot of peace and joy to this place. It’s a seasonal monster, and the players are eager to learn how to raise it. Here you can find all information about this sample. Some parts of this monster’s body are covered with white fur and it has hooves for legs. Brown hair covers this monster’s legs. You can also read: How do you raise redheads in My Singing Monsters? Simple instructions Yule is bipedal, has elf ears and hands decorated with candy. He has sleigh bells attached to his horns and uses them to sing songs. It also has red and white stripes.

The central part of Yule’s body is green and has different snowflake patterns. Yule is the second seasonal monster to appear in this game. Yul is a very unique character, and so players want to know how to raise Yul in My Singing Monsters. Yule is available at level 9. It has a size of 2 x 2 and the purchase price is 225 diamonds. The retail price of this monster is 220,000 units. There are rare yulas and epic yulas, both of which are amazing and have their own unique characteristics. Yul sings the song Ho Ho Ho with a resonant baritone voice. This monster also shakes his head while singing. Yool comes unofficially to the market. This monster is designed to look like Santa Claus. You can also read: How do you raise Epic Dandidoo in My Singing Monsters?

How do I grow Yulu in my singing samples?

In general, you can’t farm seasonal monsters in this game, and Yul is also a seasonal monster, so you can’t farm Yul in this game. But you can farm them for a certain time, you can farm the race during the hurrah festival. Thumpies and Congle can form Yool together. The old combination for Yool was Deedge and Thumpies, now it’s changed. You can easily eliminate this monster by following this combination. Removal is very easy, just follow the correct steps.

Yool Likes in My Singing Monsters

Now that we’ve seen how to raise Yule in My Singing Monsters, let’s explain what Yule likes about the game: Each monster has its own likes and dislikes. If you keep objects near the monster that he likes, his satisfaction increases by 25%. If you collect more than one monster fun object, the chance also only increases by 25%. Now we’re going to tell you what Yool’s monster looks like in this game. Yul likes Thumpies (level 9 required), Deedge (level 9), Crumpler Tree (level 19) and Piney Tree (level 13). Yulu likes two different decorative items like Crumpler Tree and Piney Tree. You can also read: How to raise Schmuhle in the game My Singing Monsters?


It was a complete guide to growing a Yule in my singing monsters. At this point, we would like to end this article and hope that you have gotten all the information about this singing monster. If you have any questions about this game or Yool, feel free to ask us in the comments section. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about breeding Yool In My Singing monsters. You can also read: How to make a bunker in Minecraft 1.17? Simple instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you breed a YOOL?

At the beginning of every month in the MMORPG game Singing Monsters, you are given a batch of eggs that you hatch into Yool. Yool are the rarer monsters that you can breed, and Yool are only available in the game once a month, so you need to hatch a lot of eggs in a short period of time to get a chance at a Yool. In this post, I will show you how to breed a Yool in Singing Monsters. This is a guide on how to breed a Yool in Singing Monsters.

Yool is a new, lovely monster that is different from the others in the game. Yool are born by the breeding of Oils. However, because they are only born by the breeding of Oils, they are a bit rare. Yool are needed to breed Oils to create the ultimate combination. They are very rare. Yool can also be created by breeding other monsters. If you want to know how to create Yool, you must read this guide.

How do you breed a rare YOOL?

The Yool is a rare pet that can only be obtained from breeding two other pets, the Siyo and the Yool. The Siyo is a rare pet that can only be obtained from breeding a Siyo and a Yool, while the Yool is rare pet that can only be obtained from breeding a Yool and a Siyo. Moreover, the Siyo and Yool are only obtainable from breeding two other pets as well. Yool, the adorable little creature with a spiky tail and green eyes, is a fairly common Yool pet, as well as a common pet in Monster Sanctuary. However, the Yool is one of the rarer pets, and the chances of finding one is fairly low. Here’s how you breed a Yool.

What monsters to breed in my singing monsters?

You may have heard of singing monsters. They are cute little things that, when fed, sing incredibly loud (sometimes up to several octaves above their normal range). Thankfully, you can get these monsters to sing much, much louder by breeding them together. Here’s how. Singing Monster breeding is a popular game genre played by many people. Although there are many varieties of different monsters to breed, there are also some best combinations to make to create a strong monster. To find out the best combinations to make, we will take the help of different combinations and their effects on each monsters. We will also see the opportunities of this game.

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