How Esper’s Device Management Technology can Benefit Retailers

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Esper, a device management company, recently raised $60M to help retailers, hospitals, and other organizations better manage the devices used in their operations. By leveraging their device management platform, Esper is helping organizations reduce the cost and complexity of managing devices.

This article will provide an overview of Esper’s device management technology and discuss how it can benefit retailers.

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What is Esper’s device management technology?

Esper is a pioneer in device management technology that helps organizations manage and secure devices. Esper has raised $60 million in venture capital to expand its technology for managing mobile devices used in retail, healthcare, and education environments.

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Esper’s device management technology provides an easy way for enterprises to remotely manage their mobile devices. Esper’s platform connects to an organization’s IT-managed devices using the remote management features built into modern mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows and macOS. It delivers comprehensive over-the-air (OTA) remote controls. This includes:

  • Install/uninstall apps;
  • Area locks;
  • Remove personal data;
  • Create groups;
  • Push policies;
  • Enforce password requirements;
  • Perform health checks;
  • Retrieve technical information; and
  • Scan for threats, among many others.

Esper also offers custom service plans with “consultative setup” where they will provide setup assistance that includes on-boarding the IT team and configuring processes related to mass deployment of new devices or users added/removed from the system as needed. In addition to regular bug fixes, proactive customer support ensures that required updates are communicated promptly and accompanied by clear instructions on achieving maximum stability of the system.

With Esper’s secure device management technology, organizations can easily gain visibility into their networks of mobile devices so they can confidently deploy their digital strategies without worrying about their IT infrastructure becoming a security liability.

How does it benefit retailers?

Esper is an enterprise platform that allows businesses to securely manage and deploy devices used in retail, healthcare, and schools from the cloud. The platform enables IT teams to detect, monitor, update, secure and support their devices at scale from one central location. By using Esper technology, retailers will be able to take control of their mobile device management process by:

  • Installing updates automatically without manual intervention: Esper helps businesses manage software updates across all deployed devices – allowing IT teams to easily deploy important security and software patches as soon as they become available.
  • Securely managing remote access and activities on retail devices: Esper also provides retailers with secure access control tools to administer device restrictions and prevent malicious activities across their entire fleet of connected retail devices.
  • Identifying suspicious activity quickly with real-time insights: Esper’s platform gives retailers a comprehensive view into their device operations with analytic capabilities that detect anomalies caused by malicious actors. This allows IT teams to diagnose issues proactively while minimizing disruption or risk to business operations.

By deploying Esper’s advanced mobile device management (MDM) solutions, retailers can increase the efficiency of their in-store operations while deploying robust security measures that keep customer data safe. In addition, with advanced MDM solutions, retailers can trust that their enterprise mobility needs are effectively managed with minimal effort from IT professionals.

Esper raises $60M to manage devices used in retail, healthcare, schools

As device management becomes increasingly important for retailers, a company called Esper has raised $60M to provide device management software.

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With Esper’s technology, retailers can manage multiple devices easily and securely, resulting in better customer experience and improved business operations.

Increased Security and Compliance

Esper’s device management technology provides powerful solutions that can help retailers meet the increasingly stringent security and compliance requirements of device management for their employees, customers and business operations. Through the advanced data protection available with Esper’s solutions, retailers can ensure that customer information is kept secure and confidential at all times. Additionally, multiple layers of encryption and authentication help to guard against potential threats from external sources.

Esper also includes comprehensive reporting capabilities to help ensure regulatory compliance in an ever-changing regulatory environment.

For example, the enhanced audit trails created by Esper usage can assist in identifying risk areas or proving that required data controls are being implemented promptly. Furthermore, the remote management tools provided by Esper enable retailers to quickly respond to any detected security issues such as abnormal behavior, malware detections or unauthorized activities on managed devices.

Utilizing Esper’s device management technology provides retailers a range of benefits such as improved operational efficiency, faster response times and higher regulatory compliance standards through enhanced reporting capabilities and tightened security measures. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction due to timely issue resolution and strengthened trust between customers and companies employing managed devices. In addition, with the right device management solutions offered by Esper, businesses can confidently manage their devices, empowering customers with high-quality service delivery even amid the volatility of today’s market landscape.

Reduced Costs and Increased Efficiency

Esper’s device management technology offers retailers significant cost savings and increased efficiency, allowing them to manage all of their devices remotely. With this technology, retailers can easily change device settings, configure and update applications and operating systems, perform software updates at scale, securely erase data from devices, manage all security updates across a fleet of devices quickly and more. By utilizing Esper’s device management technology, retailers can drastically reduce costs associated with manual rework while increasing efficiency in managing their devices.

In addition to cost savings and enhanced workflow efficiency, Esper’s device management solutions provide retailers with improved asset tracking capabilities. By leveraging device details such as serial numbers or MAC address, individual devices within a retail shop or store can be monitored for accurate inventory numbers. This allows for better decision-making regarding supplies such as consumables like printer cartridges or batteries. Esper’s platform also helps retailers maintain visibility into the health of their fleets by monitoring system uptime and performance metrics from each device. Furthermore, all actions taken using Esper are automatically logged for auditability purposes allowing companies to always know exactly what has been done on their fleets of devices without having to check multiple locations for information.

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By utilizing Esper’s comprehensive device management solutions, retailers can save money by streamlining manual processes and realize added value in their business operations by improving asset tracking accuracy and standardizing operations with uniform security policies across their various stores.

Improved Visibility and Control

Esper’s device management technology offers retail businesses improved visibility and control of devices that power critical operations. By simplifying the activation, management, and monitoring of thousands of devices used in retail, healthcare, schools and other industries, Esper helps companies reduce costs and increase security. In addition, the technology enables customers to remotely manage their inventory of connected devices from a single platform with a secure connection. These devices can include sensors, beacons, wearables and other store peripherals.

Esper’s device management technology allows companies to:

  • Track full lifecycles of individual devices;
  • Monitor the health of each device;
  • Remotely configure settings;
  • Access up-to-date software versions;
  • Identify issues with reported performance data;
  • Apply bulk updates on a regular schedule or demand;
  • Push out group updates to new locations as they open; and
  • Create personalized settings for users or roles in each store.

With such comprehensive visibility over every connected device and built-in tools to update them, companies can maximize performance while also saving time by eliminating manual tasks from routine maintenance or troubleshooting processes.

The automated installation process offered by Esper makes it simple for retailers to quickly get devices up and running at new stores. In addition, IT administrators can scan all newly installed equipment on their network via the cloud console Esper provided without manually entering any details as individual assets are recognized automatically. With improved visibility into their managed Android devices, enterprises can scale back costs related to human effort and data storage allowance, given that no ongoing manual input is required for regular maintenance processes, thanks to the streamlined automation solutions offered through Esper’s technologies.

Examples of Esper’s Device Management Technology in Retail

Esper’s device management technology is a revolutionary way for retailers to better manage their connected devices. By leveraging machine learning and predictive analytics, Esper provides retailers with an easy and cost-effective way to manage the lifecycle of their IoT devices.

In this article, we will discuss some examples of how Esper’s device management technology can be applied to benefit retailers:

Automated Device Provisioning

For retailers dealing with a large number of devices, centralized governance and speed of deployment at every store is critical. That’s why automating device provisioning is essential. With Esper’s device management technology, retailers can quickly deploy Android devices across multiple stores in large numbers while controlling the version of software they deploy and minimizing disruption.

This automated process enables retailers to configure their corporate MDM policies such as data-security settings, GPS tracking, and more on each Android device so it can be set up quickly and efficiently. Automated provisioning also ensures that each store will have the same version of software being used in similar stores worldwide based on what administrators have configured in the policies. Additionally, it allows for remote control functions such as shutting down a unit or taking control remotely if any issues arise with an individual device or system within a store.

Automated provisioning lets business owners control their retail environment by simplifying their day-to-day operations to focus on more important tasks such as providing great customer service and increasing sales. In addition, Esper’s reliable device management technology is paving the way for retailers to easily manage their devices with less hassle than ever before.

Device Monitoring and Management

Esper’s device monitoring and management platform is a central hub for retailers to manage all the mobile, wearable, and IoT devices used in their stores. Using Esper’s platform, retailers can remotely monitor device health, update applications and operating system software, roll out software features across multiple products simultaneously (termed ‘OTA updates’), and send targeted messages.

For example, device management solutions allow retailers to:

  • Perform application and OS updates remotely across multiple devices at once
  • Monitor various performance metrics such as battery life, data traffic usage, or location services for each device
  • Receive notifications of any abnormal performance trends or behaviors on any of the devices in use
  • Improve customer experience by detecting potential issues with the devices ahead of time
  • View information about individual device usage over time to improve user experiences
  • Send targeted messages based on customer preferences or other criteria such as geographical location.

In addition to managing individual devices in retail environments, Esper also provides comprehensive analytics capabilities with its embedded reporting tools that enable retailers to make informed decisions more quickly while streamlining product development processes. With these analytics tools, retailers can measure network connectivity, track trends in customer behavior, and identify where improvements may be needed. Furthermore, Esper enables third party integrations with different types of technology such as Beacon & Geofencing systems, giving users access to additional features and capabilities not available directly from Esper.

Remote Troubleshooting

Esper’s remote troubleshooting technology facilitates low touch, remote support for devices used in retail. With Esper, onsite technicians can manage thousands of digital devices and physical locations without visiting them.

Esper’s cloud-based platform allows technicians to connect to any device and troubleshoot even the most complicated problems quickly and effectively.

Using Esper’s intuitive dashboard, technicians can easily track the health of devices, ensuring they are functioning properly at all times. They can detect isssues early and take proactive action to prevent them from worsening. It also helps retailers reduce their IT costs by eliminating the need for frequent trips to every store location for service calls. In addition, customers will have a better experience interacting with their stores as Esper enables swift problem resolution which could result in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Esper provides a secure and user friendly remote management solution, allowing retailers access to the tools they need to keep their stores running smoothly no matter where their customers are located.

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