How Draftea is Changing the Fantasy Sports Landscape in Mexico

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The Mexican fantasy sports platform Draftea recently raised USD13.2 million in a Series A round. Led by KASZEK, the round also saw participation from Two Sigma Ventures and BOD Ventures. This fundraising is set to bring new changes to the Latin American fantasy sports landscape and boost the overall market in the region.

This article will provide an overview of the platform and how it stands to benefit users:

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Overview of Fantasy Sports in Mexico

Fantasy sports have become increasingly popular in Mexico, offering an exciting way for fans and non-fans alike to engage with the game of football. The rise of Fantasy Sports in Mexico has been bolstered by the development of innovative platforms such as Draftea, which is transforming how people play Fantasy Football. Draftea offers a unique experience that allows users to create and manage their teams while participating in live drafts and other tournaments to compete against other players.

In 2017, over 5 million people played fantasy sports in Mexico alone. This significantly increased from 2015, when that number was under 3 million. In addition to its popularity among football fans and casual participants, Fantasy Sports has quickly gained traction as a skill-based game for experienced players looking for more advanced strategies. Due to its huge success and easy accessibility via mobile apps, Draftea is becoming an essential part of the fantasy sports landscape in Mexico.

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Thanks to Draftea’s developed infrastructure and robust platform, Mexico now has access to one of the most important tools necessary for building an organised Fantasy Football community – accurate data on leagues, teams, players and more. Through analytical insights from this data-driven model built into the platform, users have all they need to stay informed on what is happening daily. In addition, this real-time perspective helps strengthen user engagement to build successful strategies while competing against opponents in online tournaments across multiple leagues worldwide.

Draftea provides fun entertainment for those just getting into Fantasy Football and intriguing opportunities for experienced professionals eager to showcase their skills – making it one of the leading platforms within Mexico’s growing Fantasy Sports landscape.

Overview of Draftea

Draftea is a new fantasy sports platform rapidly changing Mexico’s sports landscape. By combining the expertise of fantasy sports veterans and industry leaders, Draftea offers a unique fantasy experience that is interactive and easy to use. Users can assemble their teams and enjoy an exciting virtual gaming experience through its innovative technology.

With its simple controls and streamlined interface, anyone can play! Players choose from various sports, including soccer, baseball, basketball, golf, tennis and much more. In addition, they can customise their team with players of their choice. Once all selections have been made it’s time to put your team up against the competition– your friends or other interested users– in head-to-head leagues and tournaments!

The array of options on Draftea makes it appealing for all skill levels – from beginners just getting started in fantasy sports to advanced players looking for an added challenge. Choose from various gaming choices such as:

  • Head-to-head matchups with friends or players around the world;
  • One week or multi-week tournaments with prize pools; and
  • Cash games for real rewards!

With Draftea’s state-of-the art technology, guesswork is eliminated as teams are regularly updated to reflect changes in real life results like injuries, transfers and performance changes.

Draftea is revolutionising how fantasy sports are enjoyed in Mexico by engaging new audiences across various platforms such as desktop computers and mobile devices. With easy registration procedures offering full anonymity and customer support services available 24/7—it’s not surprising why more people are turning to Draftea to take their picks!

Kaszek Leads Usd13.2m Round For Mexican Fantasy Sports Platform Draftea

Kaszek, Latin America’s largest venture capital firm, recently led a USD13.2M round for Draftea, a Mexican fantasy sports platform. This marks the first time a Latin American-based company has raised such a sizable funding round for a fantasy sports platform. Investors in the round included Kaszek, Jaguar Ventures, and Y Combinator.

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This investment will accelerate Draftea’s technology and expand into other markets.

Lead Investor: Kaszek Ventures

Kaszek Ventures is the lead investor in Draftea’s most recent 20 million dollar funding round and will play a key role in the future of fantasy sports in Mexico. Kaszek Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Santiago, Chile and focused on high-growth technology start-ups from across Latin America.

Established by two successful entrepreneurs, Nicolas Szekasy and Hernan Kazah, Kaszek Ventures has invested in some of the region’s fastest emerging tech companies such as Cornershop (Latin America’s biggest online grocery delivery service), Gudog (Spain’s leading dog walking platform), 99 (Brazilian ride-hailing giant) and Muuver (Colombian motorbike ridesharing). Since its founding in 2011, Kaszek has invested over $500 million into more than 60 game changers across multiple sectors.

The investment from Kaszek Ventures will help accelerate Draftea’s mission to revolutionise fantasy sports in Mexico. This partnership follows an upwards trend for the Latin American startup market overall – with new funding rounds constantly driving innovation across the sector. With this influx of advisors and experience on their team, Draftea is confident that they will continue to grow their position as one of the leading fantasy sports platforms in Mexico.

Other Investors

In 2020, Draftea closed a Series A funding round of $55 million. The round was led by SoftBank Latin America Fund and Valar Ventures, with participation from Quantum Strategic Partners, organised by Blackstone, ID Island Ventures and Mosaic Venture Partners. Other key investors in this round include Endeavor Catalyst, Consonance Investment Management, AGD Capital, Resonant Venture Partners and Goldman Sachs Investment Partners.

This latest investment marks a substantial milestone for the company in its mission to bring technology to Mexico’s traditional fantasy sports industry. The new funding will further bolster their platform – allowing them to expand their user base domestically and internationally. It will also help grow their team, who are integral to helping build out the product and foster an engaged community of sports enthusiasts all over Mexico.

How Draftea is Changing the Landscape

Fantasy sports are becoming increasingly popular in Mexico and Draftea is leading the way. Draftea recently raised US$13.2 million in a round led by VC firm KASZEK. With this funding, the fantasy sports platform is expected to expand its reach and increase users.

Let’s take a look at how Draftea is changing the fantasy sports landscape in Mexico:

Innovative Technology

Draftea is transforming the fantasy sports landscape in Mexico with a revolutionary platform and the latest technology. When you draft your team through Draftea, you will have access to innovative technology and an interactive experience that goes beyond anything you’ve seen before.

The Draftea platform eliminates paper drafts and streamlines your fantasy sports decisions into one powerful tool, allowing you to easily manage your teams via cloud computing. With intuitive graphical interfaces and customizable selection preferences, the platform creates an innovative drafting system that enhances user convenience while saving time and effort.

Additionally, the unique algorithms of the Dorsey Draft Room bring automated decision making to a brand new level by giving users a recommendation for their top picks in real-time on both desktop and mobile devices. The algorithm considers real-time data from players’ statistics across multiple leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB) and other external factors like weather conditions and injuries. The result? An automated draft system tailored for each user based on the best possible choices for their current needs – giving everyone an equal chance of success in their fantasy football team!

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The Dorsey Draft Room also allows teams to communicate with one another through chat features built into the platform – offering advice during important decisions or starting conversations about their favourite players throughout the season. With its integrated design, every member of a fantasy sports team can be part of this innovative journey – enabling easy communication while keeping track of overall progress at all stages of the season.

Draftea is leading the way in revolutionising how people approach Fantasy Sports with cutting-edge technology that accesses real-time data so users can make informed decisions at each step within seconds. Join us today in creating something truly unique & exciting!

Unique Fantasy Sports Formats

One of the ways that Draftea is changing the fantasy sports landscape in Mexico is by introducing new and unique formats. This technology-driven platform has developed five fantasy sports formats, each designed to appeal to experienced players, and beginners learning the game.

Draftea’s platform’s key focus is ensuring its fantasy sports ecosystem provides users with high-quality experiences. The platform can offer gamers an engaging, safe space to play their favourite games by combining innovative tech with human curation. Additionally, thanks to a strong video streaming offering, users can access detailed analysis and play-by-play commentary to help them make informed decisions during their draft or lineup selection.

The five unique formats currently available on this cutting-edge platform are:

  • Draftea Classic: The classic version of fantasy sports played by millions around the world with an entire season’s worth of games;
  • Head2Head: Single elimination tournaments with head-to-head matchups throughout the season;
  • TigerKing: Players compete for a predetermined number of points over a set number of weeks;
  • Tourney Maestro: Battle for weekly bonuses in streamlined tournaments featuring smaller rosters;
  • Draft Monster: Face off against monster opponents in fast-paced, short draft contests where players compete for cash rewards.

Draftea has allowed thousands of Mexican Fantasy Sports players to play at their level by giving users various game modes and options. So whether they’re just starting or have been playing leagues or daily games for years, they can find something they love without getting overwhelmed by too much choice.

Expansion into New Markets

Draftea is revolutionising the fantasy sports industry in Mexico by providing customers with an interactive and engaging gaming platform. The company has been rapidly expanding into new markets, enabling players of all ages to participate in various fantasy games and have a chance to win exciting prizes. In addition, Draftea provides an accessible and informative way for Mexican citizens to engage with their favourite sports teams, positively influencing the country’s professional sports landscape.

Through the introduction of new gaming formats for participants with different experience levels and budgets, Draftea has effectively opened up the world of fantasy sports to everyone. Players can now go head-to-head against their friends or join larger tournaments involving other competitors from around Mexico. By enabling customers to create custom leagues with friends, compete against fans across the country, and gain access to exclusive promotions within their network, Draftea is impacting both amateur and professional sports audiences.

In addition to offering different formats for players of all levels, Draftea also offers real time stats and analytics that allow users to view their performance data as they play during any game or tournament. This allows fans to analyse their strategies while also identifying ways to improve upon them over time while competing against others. In short, Draftea is bringing cutting-edge technology innovation into the realm of fantasy sports – transforming a formerly passive experience into a data-driven one that will always change how people engage with sports teams around Mexico.

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