Valorant: Update 1.04 Patch Notes – Release Date, Viper Buff And Raze Nerf

Riot Games has released the full list of patch notes for Valorant update 1.04. The update brought a host of changes and tweaks to the game, including changes to some of Valorant’s agents. Below is the full list of patch notes for the Valorant 1.04 update.

Patch notes for Valorant 1.04 updat

Riot Games

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Viper’s Pit

  • Changed the maximum time from their Ultra before it is destroyed from 5>>12 seconds.
  • Viper can use an ability key to cast his stun early.
  • Enemies in the snake pit hide the minimization map and do not allow their allies to see the minimization map.
  • Increased the brightness of the enemy’s red glow at the edge of the Viper’s visor.

Expiry date

  • Increased enemy destruction per second from 10 to 15 from all sources.
  • After Viper Smoke exits, smoking enemies remain for 2.5 seconds, then begin to disappear.


  • When both Poison Cloud and Toxic Shield are active, no additional fuel is consumed beyond the cost of either.


  • The cost of Showstopper Ultima has changed from 6 to 7 Ult points.


  • The final cost of orbital impact was increased from 6 to 7 points.
  • The steam fire tower no longer reinforces enemies and no longer shows them its area of effect.
  • Loyalty to the weapons of Brimstone


  • Cybercage can now be picked up during the purchase phase.



The classic right-click was the main solution, but we saw an opportunity to make the behavior of weapons more consistent. We’ve changed the effectiveness of the right mouse button a bit in leaps and bounds, but (hopefully) without taking away its usefulness in short-range scenarios.

  • Fixed bug where inaccuracy of right-click execution was much higher than expected
    • added a penalty of 1.5 to the pistol because it referred to our generalized pistol error curves for pistols
  • Fixed bug where inaccuracy deduction for jumps was not calculated.
  • The Run distribution has been changed from 3.4 >> 2.1
  • Jump distance changed from 1.9 >> 2.3
  • The range has changed from 1.9 >> 1.95
  • Added a 10% bonus to squat and immobility accuracy.
    • The goal is to get an idea of the regularity of the squat, which gives an advantage in terms of accuracy.


The old text field for weapon values in the tournament repository has been replaced with a graphical representation of the values, which is easier to compare.


  • The view cones of the viewer on the mini-map are now colored with the team’s color.
  • Reina’s voice has been replaced with Italian and Mexican.
    • Unfortunately, due to regional constraints, the talent we had found for this position could not commit to COVID-19. You can now find in the game the voices we originally planned for the Italian and Mexican Reina!

Skins Elderflame

  • Adjusted volume of Elderflame equipment animation
  • Fixed a bug where the volume was increased when spamming an equipped operator.
  • Hostile footsteps dodge the cosmetic bus correctly.
    • This means that the volume of the skin sound effects that are not important for the gameplay, such as for example. B. Hissing flames, dragon roars, etc., are always reduced for enemy steps.
  • Elderflame Melee’s inspection animation now has sound effects for levels 1 and 2.


  • Sage Ultimate’s weapon selection and targeting are combined with highlighting of allied characters to lower VRam and GPU performance.
  • Small rendering performance improvements
  • Weapon update videos are now streamed instead of recorded locally. The size of the installation has been reduced by 380 MB.


  • The requirement for Rayna to look at soul spheres to activate them and maintain healing has been resolved; the behavior should be the same as in patch 1.02.
  • One-sided sulfur smoke resolved when the player’s camera is near the top of the smoke.
  • Fixed the fact that the Intruder’s Replica did not cause damage to all characters when it hit multiple characters.
  • Shocks solved when the owl drone reaches the maximum flying altitude
  • Fixed Marshall’s bug where weapons kept their accuracy while running.
  • Fixed delay issues with some image translucent effects (e.g. Jets Dash when used by a player).
  • Fixed the fact that on some AMD GPUs, allies were not selected when using MSAA, as well as on some Intel GPUs.
  • Fixed a bug where loading screens would not take up the entire screen when playing in certain resolution and aspect ratio combinations.
  • The text on the photosensitivity warning screen has been shortened.
  • Fixed bug where the Equipment button remained grayed out when purchasing a skin variant in preview mode.
  • The sulfur smoke on Haven did not appear where it was supposed to.
  • Fixed typo in Brimstone’s bio (thanks to mooonlimes for the post).

Valorant is now available on PC.

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