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Genshin Impact: The Subterranean Trials of Drake and Serpent Quest Guide

The Serpent Quest guide was released on the Genshin Impact sub-Reddit, a gaming forum. Despite being made in only three days, it has gone viral and is now one of the most viewed threads on the site’s front page.

The “the subterranean trials genshin fragments” is a guide for the game “Genshin Impact: The Subterranean Trials of Drake and Serpent Quest.”.

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Enkanomiya, Genshin Impact’s new 2.4 region, is a vast new addition to Inazuma, comparable to Dragonspine and Mondstadt. This new territory brings with it several long and difficult new world missions to accomplish.

You may unlock the new Evernight and Winternight mechanics by completing the Subterranean Trials of Drake and Serpent. The quest begins immediately after “The Entrance to Tokoyo Quest” is completed. A massive building can be seen in the distance, which you must approach. It is around 600 meters away.

You’ll get an instructional hint regarding a triangle mechanism you may interact with once you arrive to the building. In either case, you’ll need to enter the building and speak with Enkou, an NPC.


Make careful to engage with the topographical map Enkou leads you to before going for the task. This activates Enkanomiya’s map, helping you to better traverse the enigmatic landscape. (Doing so will also get you an accomplishment and 5 Primogems, which is always a plus.)


The next step is to go to the library’s rear. Inside the building, you won’t be allowed to do so. Instead, exit it and climb over the building. A stone gate will be encountered. Make your way through the gate.


A puzzle and various triangle mechanics will be encountered. To trigger these systems, you must assault them from afar. When you notice a yellow cube shining from within the mechanism, you’re at the appropriate distance. When you activate the mechanism, the wall in front of you will collapse.

1641603379_989_Genshin-Impact-The-Subterranean-Trials-of-Drake-and-Serpent-Quest  1641603379_939_Genshin-Impact-The-Subterranean-Trials-of-Drake-and-Serpent-Quest

Go to the right side of the room and engage the mechanism there.

1641603380_928_Genshin-Impact-The-Subterranean-Trials-of-Drake-and-Serpent-Quest  1641603380_948_Genshin-Impact-The-Subterranean-Trials-of-Drake-and-Serpent-Quest

You are now free to enter the structure. The “Golden Bridle” may be found in the chest that you can now access. Return to Enkou and pass the Golden Bridle back to him. He’ll give you some directions and direct you to the Dainichi Mikoshi building. Follow the directions in the game and go to each of the indicated locations.


You’ll come across these blue gateways on your route to each site. When you walk inside one, it will immediately take you a certain distance. Don’t be hesitant to accept them.




When you get to the destination, you’ll see a gate barred by a blue wall. The gate will open if you hand up the Golden Bridle to Enjou.


The Dainichi Mikoshi is the next stop on this lengthy journey. Ascend to the altar above, where Enjou awaits you. You’ll now have complete control over the recommendations shown below.


Enkanomiya will be engulfed in darkness as soon as you activate the gadget. Aru or Argos, a spirit, will emerge in front of you. He’ll go through the next phase of the quest with you.


You haven’t completed the task. To finish the ritual, you’ll need to collect three separate pieces. You must now finish three distinct subquests: The Trail of Drake and Serpent, The Heart of Ouroboros, and Dreams in the Gaps. To finish the missions, follow these instructions.

Return to the Dainichi Mikoshi and speak with Aru after you’ve completed all three challenges. Aru will not come until the time is Evernight. If he does not show, use the Dainichi Mikoshi gadget to convert the time of day to Evernight. Give Aru all of the Fragments you’ve collected.

The last challenge is the last element of this quest. In front of you, a luminous triangle floor will materialize. Activate it to go to Dainichi Mikoshi’s base.


You’ll now have to face your last test. Three Bathysmal Vishap engage in combat. If you are struck by these new foes, they will drain your energy, so try to avoid them as much as possible.


Enjou will arrive out of nowhere in a surprising turn of events. He confesses that he duped you and transforms into a whole different sort of foe: Fathomless Flames, an Abyss Lector. To continue, you must defeat him.


Finally, the lengthy pursuit has come to an end. By the conclusion, you’ll have a better understanding of Celestia’s world, as well as a new foe in the shape of “The Thing Calling Itself ‘Enjou.’” Enkanomiya has a lot more to offer, so your travels there aren’t over yet.

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The “lotus eater genshin” is a guide for the game “Genshin Impact: The Subterranean Trials of Drake and Serpent Quest”. This guide includes all the necessary information to complete the game.

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