Gardenscapes Cheats- New Acres Tips and Strategies

Gardenscapes cheats

The Gardenscapes Cheats and tips still work even now. Landscapes: New Acres is a combination puzzle and simulation game from Playrix. In this game, players must successfully complete challenging match-3 levels to build a lush and thriving garden. Cowded‘s tips, tricks and strategies for Gardenscapes: New Acres will help you master both aspects of this beautiful game, leaving you time to stop and smell the roses you have planted.

Gardenscapes Cheats – How To MOD Gardenscapes! (iOS + Android)

Gardenscapes Tips and Strategies

Wait to start a new day until you’re low on energy Landscapes: New Acres divides the gardening simulator into many small tasks spread over several days. As you complete the tasks, the percentage scale for the current day fills up. Once you complete the last task of the day, you reach 100%, receive a reward and can start the next day. When you start a new day, the energy meter is completely full (up to a maximum of five lives), so it is best to wait until you run out of lives to move on to the next day.

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You can save up stars as long as you’d like. To complete tasks in the garden, such as installing benches, repairing the tree house, etc., you must spend stars. Stars are only obtained as you progress through the levels in match-3 format: one star for each completed level. Although you can spend stars as soon as you get them, since you will always have a completed task, you can also accumulate them and complete several tasks in a row to feel your progress faster. Technically, you don’t have to fix the garden at all. You can just play the levels, earn stars, but never use them to help Austin rebuild the mansion, but where’s the fun in that?

The “social media” aspects are just for fun. Austin will frequently post news or photos to his social network in the main menu. His friends, family and neighbors will respond to posts in the in-game news feed, give their thanks, add Austin to their friends list, post their own updates, etc. All for fun and to give more information about the character. If you’re not interested in NPCs, you can ignore the social network and just check the current gardening tasks in the “To-Do” section of Austin’s tablet menu. If you see an orange dot, it means there is a new post from one of the social network characters. (However, there is currently a bug where everything is marked with an orange dot when you first open the game. When you open the news feed and leave it, the orange dots disappear).

Gnomes move around the match-3 levels. If you fail a Match 3 level where you have to find dwarves hidden in the grass, the dwarves will not necessarily be in the same place the next time you play the level. There is almost always more grass than dwarves, and you can find dwarves under every patch of grass. So don’t spend all your energy clearing the same grass as last time: find the dwarves first by clearing strategic areas of the board to see where they went. In the picture above, at level 91, you can see the little gnome in the upper left corner. However, the next time you try to beat that level, the gnome was not there, but in the lower right corner.

And don’t forget that the gnomes are visible through the thin grass. There are two levels of grass in the game: thick light green tiles and thin dark green tiles. The light green tiles require two matches, but turn dark green after the first match. You can see white dwarfs through the thin areas of the dark green tiles; try to find them (by replaying the game or otherwise), match the light green tiles once, and then see if they are underneath. This is similar to Battleship: you should be able to see the gnome, know which direction it’s facing, and even determine its size just by looking at a few dark green tiles side by side.

If you want to buy coins, wait for a sale. Currently, only in-app purchases of consumable coin packs are available in the New Acres game. Although the game can be played without purchases, coins accumulate slowly through in-game activities, and buying additional coins can be very helpful on difficult levels. However, we do not recommend buying directly from the store. During the game, coin pack sales will be offered randomly; we usually have one or two per week. The offer will appear in the garden and will be available for a limited time (usually one hour) via the “Sale” icon. These sale packages are always much cheaper than on the App Store, but they also vary in quality. Don’t jump on the first offer you see; wait until the offer is really good for you. The best deal we saw was 12,000 coins plus three rainbow explosions for $0.99. We were also offered 12,000 coins and nothing else for $6.99, so obviously some offers are better than others.

It is not always necessary to use the entire map. In many Match 3 levels, objectives are tied to specific elements or areas of the board: finding gnomes, planting flowers in planters, clearing the terrain, etc. If you can focus on a specific part of the board, do so and don’t worry about the rest. For example, don’t try to remove all the grass tiles, focus on the ones with gnomes on them. Or don’t try to fill all the planters: just grow flowers in a few specific planters and leave the rest alone. In the photo above, we didn’t empty the bottom drawers to access the last two planters because we already had access to the other four. Clearing paths to each element or corner of the tray often just wastes movement and distracts. Focus on the goal of the level and the minimum number of items needed to reach it.

Don’t waste money to rush gardening tasks. Many of the most difficult gardening tasks require a time commitment in addition to the cost of one star. Fixing a fountain, for example, takes 2 hours in addition to 2 stars (twice – for a total of 4 hours and 4 stars!). You can spend coins to avoid this time constraint, but there is no point. Other than the joy of seeing the fruits of your labor, there is no benefit to finishing the gardening task early. You can continue playing match 3 levels and save stars for future missions while the current mission is finishing. The only time this may be useful is if you want to complete the last mission before the new day and keep replenishing your life reserve. Otherwise, save coins for bonuses and to continue the game.

On the Gardenscapes website, you will find video tips on the most difficult levels. Developer Playrix pays attention to the levels that players have trouble with and frequently posts videos on the official Gardenscapes YouTube channel to show how to complete them. Since tic-tac-toe games have no shortage of matches, you won’t always be able to see the exact path through a level, but it can be helpful to see if they focus on the bottom half of the board, explosive obstacles, or some other technique. For example, it took us a long time to tackle level 115, but the Playrix video shows them picking up boxes instead of a chain of tiles; following that direction, we eventually made it through the level. The new video hints appear in the game’s news feed, accessed via the gear in the upper right corner.

Remember that you can change the design of your garden at any time. If you have to select a type or model when you first place a new item, you can always change it later. Just hold your finger on the item you want to change until the yellow arrow fills in and the options appear at the bottom of the screen. Items that you did not originally select cannot be changed (and if you hold your finger on them, you will be notified). Buying new decoration items will cost a few coins, but the cost is minimal, usually about 15 coins. So don’t worry about your initial choice of design; if you get tired of these benches, you can always change them.

Come back every day to enjoy free spins, even if you don’t have time to play. Free spins are available every day at midnight (and are available until you spin for that day) and guarantee a small amount of coins or a free booster in your booster bank. If you don’t have time to play but can take a minute to spin the wheel, it’s an easy way to pick up bonuses for later levels.

Only keep paying if you know you can win in five more rounds. If you fail a level, you have the option to continue playing for 900 pieces. This continuation adds five moves to your move count and returns you to the board as you left it. We recommend that you only buy this continuation if you are sure you can complete the level in five moves; if you are counting on a fluke, don’t buy it. There were several times we bought a suite thinking we were going to get the last piece we needed to win, and it didn’t show up. Also, you can’t see the board when the continuation window opens. So pay attention to where you are when you are short and find out if you can win with a continuation.

There is no option to play previous levels. Like many other tic-tac-toe games, Gardenscapes: New Acres progresses from level to level. However, unlike other tic-tac-toe games, you can only access the current level. You can only play in the level you are in, and you cannot revisit previous levels. This means that there is no way to mine coins here; you only get coins after completing a level and moving on to the next one.

But in any case, you will not get many coins for completing the levels. Even with a very good score, if you have many moves left for which bonus coins are awarded, you will rarely receive more than 75 coins per level (50 is the base amount you receive just for completing). Your coin earnings come mainly from daily rounds and bonuses you receive for completing garden renovation tasks (graduation days, neighbor story rewards, etc.) Occasionally, you also have the option of watching a Playrix game trailer from a task list – watching a 30-second clip usually earns about 100 coins, so it’s a perfectly acceptable alternative when available.

Explosion chains charge a rainbow explosion much faster. If you set off a firecracker by itself, it does not add much to your rainbow explosion counter. However, if you detonate a firecracker along with another firecracker, bomb, etc., the counter will reset much faster than if you detonate the two explosives separately. This also saves trains, since a separate train is not used for each explosive. Whenever possible, it is usually more advantageous to detonate the explosives as a group. When the rainbow explosion counter is almost full and you detonate a large explosive, the counter fills up and the next explosive starts to fill up as well (this way you can get multiple rainbow explosions from a single chain of explosions).

If you replace a Rainbow Burst with a Burst, the Rainbow Burst will not activate. If you need to move your Rainbow Blast or activate your Blast first, you can substitute it without losing your Rainbow Blast. This is useful if your Rainbow Blast is stuck in a strange place with no useful tiles nearby.

Explosives appear on the tile you just moved. When you build large chains that create explosives, remember that explosives appear on the tile you just swapped: the other tiles in the chain gather there and create explosives. If you have more than one direction to swap, try to swap the tile closest to where you want the explosion to appear.

You can collect all the acorns on the board with a rainbow shot. In many of the early and middle stages, you must collect a certain number of acorns. Since the acorns are usually already on the board and should not drop like lemonade, one of the easiest ways to achieve these goals is to trade acorns and rainbow bursts to collect all the acorns on the screen.

You can (usually) make matches as tiles fall, but you probably don’t want to. In New Acres, tiles fall fairly quickly, but if you’re fast enough, you can switch tiles as others fall. This is useful if you have a large chain, but it breaks into smaller groups during the stunt. However, it is usually better to wait and see how the tiles fall, as sometimes you end up with automatic chains without making a single move.

Our standard Match 3 tip: This tip applies to most Match 3 games, and it also applies to New Acres: if all else fails, focus on creating matches at the bottom of the board to get more chains and new tiles to work with. Try to make larger chains and bursts if possible. If you start with a small board with lots of obstacles, focus on opening up the board to get more tiles and thus more opportunities to chain. Finally, tile luck also plays a role in your success, so don’t feel bad if you don’t make a successful shot once. Maybe next time you pass a level, you’ll start with a TNT channel waiting for you: there will always be bad days and good days. Take a break and talk to Austin when game 3 doesn’t go well; enjoy the garden you’ve built.

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