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Best Games Like Vikings: War of Clans – Top Picks for 2021 

Vikings: War of Clans is an epic MMO strategy game developed by Plarium for desktop and mobile. In this real-time strategy game, you can only rely on your strategic skills to try to get to the top. Yes, you can rely on brute force and numbers and throw everything you have at enemy gates in the hopes of taking them down, but the other Jarls will quickly learn to anticipate your futile attacks and repel them with ease. If you want your enemies to fear your every move, you’ll have to develop a unique battle strategy.

Are you tired of playing Vikings: War Of Clans? We have taken care of it, below you will find an updated list of the best free strategy games similar to Vikings: War Of Clans based on identical features such as gameplay, mechanics, and other related specifications.

10. Empire Online

Available on: Android, iOS

Empire Online is an impressive MMORPG, strategy, medieval and city-building video game developed and published by Lakoo. The game is available on Android and iOS mobile platforms and allows you to enter the world by choosing your character.

The main task is to build your castle, collect resources, recruit troops and defeat your enemies. Build your army and take it to war for glory. There are more than twenty nations and you can choose one of them. Expand your castle by upgrading buildings and troops. Conquer other empires and plunder their resources. Interact with other players, communicate and trade with them and form your own alliances with your friends.

9. Unison league

Available on: Android, iOS

Unison League is a real-time role-playing game, strategy game, massively multiplayer online game and team game developed and published by Ateam Inc. The game takes place in a fantasy world and allows players to immerse themselves in the game world by customizing their character in anime style.

In the game, you can interact with thousands of players from all over the world. Form a guild with your friends and fight against your enemies by crushing them for incredible rewards. Challenge your friends to PvP battles to prove your strength and power. Complete challenging quests to progress in the game, learn new skills and upgrade your equipment. The game gives you the opportunity to become a hero and save the world from evil and monsters.

8. Albion Online

Available on: Online, Windows

Albion Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing, strategy and browser game developed and published by Sandbox Interactive. The game takes place in a medieval world, the player can choose his faction and enter the game world. The game allows you to build your castle with many buildings and defend it by deploying troops. The game focuses on resource management, guild combat, PvP and crafting elements.

Interact with thousands of players from all over the world, join forces with them and fight against a huge empire. Conquer other castles to enslave them and plunder their resources. Fight against your enemies to destroy them and win rewards. Don’t miss the chance to become a hero.

7. Legends of Honor

Available on: PC

Legends of Honor is an addictive massively multiplayer online role-playing and strategy game developed and published by Goodgame Studios. The game focuses on PvP wars and strategic battles. You can play the role of a ruler, and your main task is to build your castle and keep expanding it. Build an army and fight for glory, defeat your enemies, plunder their resources and maintain your kingdom.

At first, you have to focus on your empire, build it, collect resources, create troops to defend it and complete tasks to get rewards. When you get enough resources and command troops, go into battle, defeat your enemies, collect resources, become their slaves and dominate the world.

6. Sword of Chaos

Available on: Android, iOS

Sword of Chaos is an adventure, massively multiplayer online and role-playing video game by Allstar Games. It is a fantasy game that combines elements of deadly attraction and chaotic violence into a unique visual feast. The game allows players to immerse themselves in a world of violence and unleash their inner savagery.

Like other traditional role-playing games, it features several character classes, and each has unique weapons, abilities and play style. At the beginning of the game, the player can create his character and enter a magical world full of deadly monsters. The player’s goal is to kill all the demons and save his world from destruction.

5. Elements: Epic Heroes

Available on: PC

Elements: Epic Heroes is an Action-Adventure, MMORPG, Combat, Strategy and Fantasy video game by Zadzen. According to the story, the dark forces are ready to conquer the earth. But first, they will have to fight with the protagonist. During the game, you have to try to destroy your enemies using your powerful hero with unique abilities. There are several playable characters, and you have to choose your favorite one to become the master.

The player can control a squad of heroes and go out to attack enemies and get rewards after defeating them. It allows the player to team up with more than four players and defeat all bosses. Elements: Epic Heroes includes great features such as several challenging game modes, leaderboards, make new friends, chat, collect gems, etc. The game offers excellent gameplay, great graphics, great mechanics and an intense storyline.

4. Free Realms

Available on: Microsoft Windows, macOS, Classic Mac OS, PlayStation 3

Free Realms is a multiplayer online video game, role-playing game, collectible card game and adventure game developed and published by Sony Online Entertainment. The game takes place in a fantasy world called Sacred Grove. The game allows you to create your own online avatar to enter a world where you must battle against other players.

While playing, you can interact with other players, make new friends through social networks and explore the huge environment. The game offers both free-to-play and freemium models. The game allows you to get a pet and take care of it. The game offers a wide variety of characters and you can start your adventures as a ninja, archer, kart driver, blacksmith or warrior.

3. Lords Mobile

Available on: Android, iOS

Lords Mobile is a massively multiplayer online role-playing and strategy video game developed and published by the developers of Castle Clash called The game takes place in a fantasy world with thousands of players from all over the world. You can enter the game world by choosing your faction, and your main goal is to build your empire. Then you will have to collect exotic heroes, recruit troops and fight against other players online in the PvP arena.

Find the enemies and destroy them with your troops. Unlock new technologies, find rare treasures and build many buildings of your choice. Form an alliance with other players and dominate the world. Lords Mobile offers fundamental features such as role-playing elements, PvP, customization, powerful guilds, the ultimate empire and much more. Try it, you’ll love it.

2. Lords and knights

Available on: PC, Android, iOS

Lords and Knights is a fantastic and addictive massively multiplayer online strategy video game developed and published by Xvrality GmbH. In the game you can assume the role of a leader, and the main objective is to create and train your troops and lead them into battle. Complete a series of missions, interact and trade with other players, unlock new technologies and earn rewards.

Build your empire, collect resources and conquer other empires to expand your territory. Increase the power of your army and take it to war. Build and expand your empire with dozens of buildings and much more. The game includes great features like Viking events, powerful alliances, impregnable castles and much more. Lords and Knights is the best game to play and have fun.

1. Book of Heroes

Available on: Android, iOS

Book of Heroes is a massively multiplayer online role-playing, strategy and social networking video game developed and published by Venan Entertainment. The game takes place in a fantasy world, you can create your own hero and engage in combat. According to the story, the world is threatened by epic monsters. You are the last hope of your country, and your main task is to customize your character with hundreds of accessories, and you strive to become Shadow Walker.

Explore exotic dungeons, complete over 100 quests and loot resources from enemies. Team up with other players and prove your combat skills, fight against your friends in PvP battles and earn great rewards. Book of Heroes includes great features like upgrades, your player, save the house from evil, chat option, guilds and raids and much more. Try it and you will love it for sure.

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