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Originally stemming from Sweden, Minecraft is a game that was released on PC some years ago and since then has built itself quite a name in the gaming industry. It became so popular in fact that an app was released for Android and iOS, allowing those who love it to take it anywhere, any time.

This is a game that spans platforms and this just may be because all players have come to enjoy building interesting structures from its strange-looking 3D blocks. In this game, you have your choice of trying to survive or getting a little creative. In either one, you have to ensure that your world survives everything that is thrown at it, and as anyone who has played it will know, that is not an easy journey. It certainly is a fun one to undertake though, if the critics are to be believed, and if you don’t trust them as reliable sources, know that the game has sold millions of copies.

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If you’ve played it and you know what to expect, you will be pleased to hear that Minecraft is not the only game of its type out there. Here, we list a few more.

Ace of Spades

This PC game may be the most fun you will have when you are not playing Minecraft. A completely free game that brings to mind such golden oldies as Team Fortress and Call of Duty, this game has it all. Not only will you get to create the world you live in, but the game is also a first-person shooter. This means you essentially get two games for the price of one. With your spade, you will have to dig as quickly as you can, while gathering grenades to use in a battle, and if you’re lucky, you may find a gun too.


Those who play this game may think they are back in Minecraft territory, but though the two are very similar, the big difference comes in that this game is a 2D PC offering. Also, you will have the opportunity to go on more adventures instead of just building structures, and this means a little more exploration and potentially, more fun. As you venture into the bowels of the Earth, you will find many new resources and come up against many difficulties. Will you survive and find your way out? Who knows? After all, it all depends on your particular gaming style and a little bit of luck.

Eden: World Builder



Specifically for iOS, this game will cost you just a dollar, but for your money, you will get to build and develop a whole new world. While the game has its limits, it does give you as many blocks as you want to create your world and if you’re all about the building, this one will definitely toot your horn. While it will take a little practice to get used to the control system, the game is still very creative and inspires creativity in those who play it. It’s doing so well in fact, that users have ranked it 5 stars on the iTunes Store.


This PC game takes building to a whole new level as players can create their world in a 3D environment. Available for download from the Steam Store, players will find that it is a little tougher than they may imagine to collect gold and other precious metals, build devices and traps and blow your enemies to bits. However, while difficult, it is not impossible, so while you may have to spend a little time thinking through your strategy, you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun trying to accomplish your missions. And who knows, you might even win.


Finally, a game even Xbox fanatics can enjoy. Similar to Minecraft, this game focuses on building the perfect structure and expanding your world as you go. While you may struggle to find the right resources, know that when you do, you will be able to build your world, and for as little as three bucks. This is not an expensive game and though that does show in the look and feel, it is still very diverting and those who have played Minecraft on PC will be quite pleased by this next step in the building evolution, crafted specifically for Xbox.

Manic Digger

Hey PC fans, here’s another game to get you going. Want to dig but don’t have a yard, a spade or the upper body strength to do it? Why not try Manic Deigger, a game that is slowly jumping on the Minecraft bandwagon, but doing rather well as it progresses. With free gameplay, you can’t expect the game to rise to the same heights as some of the others, and the graphics may make you sneer, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great one to try. So try it, why not? It’s free, and you pretty much have nothing to lose.


Ooh, here’s a nice and shiny one for Windows Phone if you’ve got it. Coming in at a pretty fair $4, this game has a very high rating in the Windows App Store, perhaps because it is a survivor type game that abandons players on an island and lets them plot their escape themselves. As you might expect, you will have to cut down trees, mine, and build as you go to make a successful civilization, but you will have a great time doing it. Because you’ll be playing on your phone though, you will find that the controls are a bit fidgety, but that doesn’t make the game any less fun.


Want to play a PC game that has been ranked pretty highly? Got $20 to spare? Well why not give Blockland a try? As the name might suggest, the blocks you’ll be working with are made of Lego, which means you’ll get to build just like you did when you were a kid, except on PC. But this game is not just about building. It is also about going on adventures and gathering materials and deciding if you get to that point, whether you want to keep your creation thriving, or destroy it in one fell swoop. Your game, your choice.


Listen up Android fans because this one is for you. If you’re got a buck fifty to spare, this game deserves a try. Though critics have been quite harsh, and have claimed the game really doesn’t measure up to Minecraft standards, it is a new game on the market, and that makes it worthy of a try. Using 2D action with side-scrolling, players can explore this weird and random world, make their buildings, grow their crops, and even kick some zombie butt. Some love it. Others hate it. The only way you will be able to make up your own mind is to play.

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