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The newest Update 1.000.117 for Final Fantasy XIV Online is now available, along with full Patch Notes 6.05. As a result, all of the participants in this game are really enthusiastic about it. They all want to know what modifications will be made to their game as a result of this new update. That is why we have chosen to provide you with this tutorial.

Here you will find the entire Patch Notes 6.05 for the new FFXIV Online Update 1.000.117, as well as information on what changes you will see in your game as a result of it, the download file size, and other pertinent details. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at the patch notes.

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FFXIV Online Update 1.000.117

FFXIV Online Update 1.000.117 is now available.

Final Fantasy XIV is a popular and widely distributed massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) on a variety of gaming platforms. Square Enix is the developer and publisher of this intriguing game. Despite the fact that this game was first launched in 2013, it is still being played by a large number of players in 2022 owing to its fantastic gameplay.

This game’s creator releases new updates and patches on a regular basis to improve the gameplay. The newest FFXIV Online Update 1.000.117 was just published a few hours ago, and it brings a slew of new features and adjustments to the game.

This new FFXIV Online Update 1.000.117 also comes with full Patch Notes 6.05. It will assist you in determining what additional features you will get in your game as a result of it.

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Change the file size

It’s a significant upgrade. As a result, the new update’s download file size is enormous. The actual size is still unclear. However, we will be updating it shortly. You may also see the precise file size when upgrading it to the most recent version.

Patch Notes for FFXIV Online Update 1.000.117 6.05

The full Patch Notes 6.05 for the new FFXIV Online Update 1.000.117 can be found here. Read it to learn about the upcoming changes in your game.

Treasure Seeking

  • The Excitatron 6000 has been added to the collection. After locating and unlocking treasure coffers gained through kumbhiraskin treasure maps, you may enter the Excitatron 6000, an unique instance comparable to the Dungeons of Lyhe Ghiah. Players will have the opportunity to put their luck to the test and win valuable prizes.

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  • The FFXIV Furnishing Design Contest furniture has been included.
  • There have been some new additions to the furniture.
  • There have been several new orchestrion rolls introduced. 
  • The Gold Saucer of Manderville
  • MGP may now be used to buy new rewards.

The following modifications have been made to actions and traits: * All adjustments are based on how actions operate at level 90.


Adjustment is necessary.

  • The potency of Wyrmwind Thrust has been boosted from 370 to 420.
  • The potency of Geirskogul has been boosted from 250 to 260.
  • Nastrond’s potency has been enhanced from 350 to 360 milligrams.


Adjustment is necessary.

  • Higanbana’s range has been expanded to 6 yalms from 3 yalms before.
  • Higanbana range has been expanded from 3 yalms to 6 yalms in Kaeshi: Higanbana.
  • The range of Midare Setsugekka has been expanded from 3 to 6 yalms.
  • Setsugekka: Range has been extended from 3 yalms to 6 yalms in Kaeshi: Setsugekka.


Adjustment is the action plan.

  • The Cure Potency of the Arcane Crest of Time From 100 to 50, the returned impact has been lowered.


Finally, we hope you have learned all there is to know about the newest FFXIV Online Update 1.000.117, including its thorough Patch Notes 6.05, all of the changes you will experience as a result of this new patch, the size of the update download, and much more. If you have any questions or concerns about this tutorial, please leave them in the comments area. We are here to assist you in resolving any queries or concerns you may have.

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The “ffxiv 6.0 patch notes” are a list of changes that have been made to the game since its last update. The patch notes also include information about how to update your game, and where to download it from.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update my ff14 launcher?

A: Press the Windows logo key, type in update.exe and click on it to open up your ff14 launcher.

What is the current version of Ffxiv?

A: The latest version of FFXIV is 4.0

What patch did bozja?

A: Bozja was created with patch 1.0

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