Earn to die part 2

Hello everyone, a few weeks ago a new version of Earn to Death game came out and I want to add it to our page. This flash game is a brand of zombie games, to me, it’s like Coke in soft drinks. Just like Coke can’t get any worse when they change the packaging, “How to Earn to Death Part 2″ can’t get any worse than the previous ones.

For me and many others, this version of the game is the same, but with new features, new vehicles, and new functions for them. The action takes place in the heart of the zombie mob.

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You are the hero who went there by helicopter. The only safe place in this part of town is the garage, where there are three cars without gas that run on the first try. The first car you can use is a sedan with very little gas in the tank.

You may wonder where you get the money for equipment, gas, and new cars. The only way to get money is to kill the zombies on the road. After a few tries, you will get the money that you can use to buy new parts for your car. For example, you can buy a better engine, a better transmission, better wheels, and so on. There are also extra features like a zombie kit, gun, and boost, which will help you kill the zombies.

Earn to Die Part 2 is a new step in the Earn to Die game saga. I think it’s a big step forward, and if you play the game, I’m sure you’ll agree with me.

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