Earn To die 3

Earn To die 3

This is the place where you can play the most amazing survival game in the world. I want to present you a new version of the best and coolest game Earn to die. This is the latest version, called Earn to Die 3, which contains many new features and great updates.

The developers put a lot of effort into improving every little detail of the previous game engine. That’s why they made the games more realistic. Earn a Living 3 is about driving a sports car in a desert full of zombies, which is fun and challenging. Enjoy it for free here.

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This amazing game is a blend of two of the best genres in the world of flash games. The designers have taken the best elements of the racing and survival genres and turned it into one great game. That’s why this game offers such a great gaming experience. Here you can race against zombies with sports cars and other awesome vehicles. This game also has a very interesting storyline that will surely surprise you with its twists and turns.

The main goal of any survival game is to fight against a dangerous enemy and survive, but the scenario of this game is unusual and shows you a completely different world. The main idea of the game is amazing, because unlike other games of the same category, you can run with such a cool vehicle and run over the zombie. Your protagonist is a brave soldier who has to go to the new military base, but his helicopter runs out of fuel and you have to find another one.

Transportation for your trip.

Control this game with the arrow keys.

To accelerate, press the up arrow.

Left and right arrow keys for tilting

To use the gain, press X or Cntrl.

This game features cutting-edge gameplay and a fantastic engine that allows you to enjoy the game in detail. At the beginning, you have a normal car with a small amount of gas in the tank. This is enough to drive a short distance, but your goal is to go all the way. So your main task in this game is to upgrade your car as soon as possible and give it the necessary power to help you reach your destination and the safe zone.

Earn to die 3 has advanced features and new maps. You can also buy new cars and race them. But to buy a new and bigger vehicle, you have to take the first step with the first car. To do this, you have a majestic garage where you can find really great equipment for your truck. So you have to upgrade your vehicle with new engines, bigger wheels and, just for fun, you can install a big machine gun.


This game is full of new features. There is a completely different and advanced type of zombies that you have to kill, such as intelligent zombie beasts and generals that have the ability to build a wall to stop you. There are also zombie racers that jump on your vehicle and slow you down. The developers have also created a new game mode with three levels where you get a new awesome car after each level passed. So play this cool game and enjoy this awesome update. Good luck.

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