Earn to die 2012

Almost everyone wants to do unskilled work and feel completely free, every action gamer’s dream is to do illegal and crazy things in real life, and every racer’s fantasy is to drive a school car himself and reach top speed.

So, as usual, the developers have made our dreams come true and created a game where you can crush an army of zombies with a random school bus and no one will stop you from it, on the contrary, you will become a hero if you do it right and crush too many zombie heads with your wheels.

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Earn to die 2012 is the best version of his amazing series, and it’s so cool to be able to prepare for the zombie apocalypse because this game is full of fun ways to kill zombies and how to survive in the terrifying desert using only your car.

If you are not afraid of running through a whole army of zombies or destroying their generals with your chainsaws and blowing up huge walls. Then, if you want to experience crazy hours of happiness and joy, you should definitely play this game.
The controls of this game are simple. To move forward, you have to press the up arrow, and to tilt your car, you have to use the left and right arrows. Also, you have to press X to cancel.

The perfect scenario

The main idea of this game is that you have to survive and reach the safe military base in Oregon, but it’s not so easy because the scenario of Earn to Die 2012 takes place in the Texas desert, which is a death trap and full of zombies. It’s a place where you have to land after your helicopter runs out of gas, and you have to find a new mobile vehicle here, which of course is rare. But in the middle of this deadly wasteland, there is a secret garage where the last limited resources of the world are stored and you have to fight for them.

More importantly, this game introduces new types of zombies and the time you spend fighting them will be fun and interesting for your skills. This is a new plot of Win to Die 2012, the developers have created zombie generals and only smart zombies that will jump on your car and slow you down and make you burn more fuel, so your new mission is not to let them jump on your car but to avoid it, there are new cars with their advanced engines and bots as well as new weapons and other toys to have fun with the war.

It has a truly amazing design.

Earn to Die 2012 is a new 2D word flash game engine, with a new modern style of fighting against zombies. In this game, you have to wipe out a road full of zombies and reach a checkpoint as fast as you and your car can. So, after each round, the game gives you money for distance traveled and zombie heads killed, and with that money, you can upgrade your vehicle with new wheels, engines, and chainsaws that you need most to smash walls and upgrade barricades. As always, the non-Doppler development is overloaded with graphics and, like their other works, this game is very pretty with modern textures. The music is full of motivation and gives you a reason to push yourself.

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