E3 2021 Preview – Anuchard

E3 2021 Preview – Anuchard

Have you ever been to an E3 Conference? If so you will know that it’s a massive event in which the entire industry comes together for the biggest and best gaming expo in the world. This is a chance for the biggest developers to show off what new games are coming and also for publishers to show what next year’s games will look like.

I give my thoughts on the rumours surrounding E3 in an article titled “E3 2021 Preview – Anuchard”

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You’re probably already aware of the big news coming out of E3 this year: the EA Play event. It’s going to take place in Los Angeles, California from June 11-12, and it’s going to focus on the upcoming Battlefield V, Anthem and Respawn’s new Star Wars game..

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Anuchard, from Indonesian indie developer stellarNull, is a promising 2D RPG. It’s clearly inspired by classic games like Soul Blazer, Terranigma and Legend of Mana, which is immediately noticeable by the retro style. However, it has a unique idea that makes it stand out from all other retro RPGs. Here is a summary of the match: Centuries ago, in a distant past, there was a land called Anuchard, a vast and prosperous island guarded by five ancient sentinels. One day, the Guardians turned their backs on the Anuchardians. A utopian civilization has fallen from the sky, leaving behind only a small island and a mysterious underworld. Here the distorted abyss of time and space awaits the sleeping guards.


Use the bell to wake the five old guards. In Anuchard, you play as Bellman, a hero chosen after many generations and tasked with saving his citizens and rebuilding fallen civilizations. Our main character is called Bellman because of the big Odros bell he has to take care of. He can use it to wake up the guards and wave it around like a weapon. The game Anuchard uses a unique knockback fighting system, where the most important thing is the right timing of your punches. The bell must also be used to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles along the way.

The dungeon has several levels to complete, but only certain sections can be entered at a time. Each of these dungeon sections takes about twenty to thirty minutes to complete, rather than the hour that most other adventure RPGs take. Rico Lemba of stellarNull told me that the goal was for the players not to get tired. They didn’t want people to leave the game if they failed in the dungeon and had to start the hour long process all over again. Therefore, the Anuchard levels are shorter and softer.


Hits at the same time as Audros’ bell to increase damage. Graphically, Anuchard deviates a bit from his main inspirations, and that’s fine with me. It has much of the same pixelated 2D look and layout as the old RPGs, but with more clarity in some of the visual effects like magic and fire. It’s a strange mix of two different art styles, but I think it fits well with this type of game. One of the most interesting aspects of Anuchard is the fact that it has no main villain.

On your journey, you’ll have to contend with minor enemies, but not a major villain like Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda. Instead, Anuchard focuses more on saving civilians, restoring civilization, discovering hidden knowledge, and awakening the Ancient Guardians. I’m curious to see if this decision to not have the main villain is disruptive or if it creates something totally new and exciting. I guess I’ll have to wait and see when Anuchard is officially released next year. Anuchard will be available on PC in early 2022.

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