Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Duergar Supplies locations

As far as role playing games go, Dungeon and Dragons is the classic. It’s been around for years, and it continues to thrive. Over it’s long history it has inspired countless expansions, spin offs and other games. One of the more recent additions to the family are the Duergar, a race of short, stocky and dark-skinned.

For any gamer, finding the right supplies to buy at a reasonable price is half the fun. You can spend hours looking at all those different shops on the Internet, but it is not always easy to find exactly what you want.

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Ever since you were a kid, you’ve dreamed about playing your favorite tabletop role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons. You might have even tried your hand and have been so lost in the world of dragons, elves, and monsters that you only remember the occasional one-word command and your character’s name. However, you’ve always wanted to learn more about these characters and their world, and you’re ready to take a chance.

Mission In the Halls of Duergar from Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, you must find 10 sets of duergar supplies in the level. Some are cleverly hidden, others open. Here’s how we found each of them.

Duergar Supplies Location 1


In the first corridor of the mission you will see spikes on the left side after you run down the slope. Jump over it and you’ll see a wheelbarrow with supplies on your right. Destroy them.

Duergar Supplies Location 2


After you descend the elevator and take out all the enemies waiting for you, go forward and cross the broken bridge. Jump carefully and make sure you see the red carpet on each platform to know if it’s safe. When you reach the end of the path, you will find supplies on the right. He’s wearing a blue flag.

Duergar Supplies Location 3


Once you’ve broken the second duergar, turn left and go through the portal. You will see two stones blocking the path in front of you. Destroy them. Go forward and you’ll find another enemy camp. Destroy the nasty creatures, use the camp, then go left. Break the wood that crumbles easily under your blows. At the end, you’ll enter a room with spines and duergar supplies. In the same room is a piece of a lever needed to get the loot. The tips will alternate, so make sure you have the right timing. After passing the drill points, find supplies on the left.

Duergar Supplies Location 4


After the first gate, return to the main path and continue. You will see a river of poisonous slime with platforms to jump on. On the first platform on the left you’ll find a supply of duergar.

Duergar Supplies Location 5


From the point where the elevator takes you down, turn left up the hill. At the top you will meet several opponents. Go to the left where the warehouse is, and in the corner you will see the duergar supplies.

Duergar Supplies Location 6


Go straight ahead through the green corridor before taking the second elevator. Do your best to jump over the acidic puddles on the ground. Go down the hill at the end of the path and you will find more goblins in their lair. Eliminate them and you should get supplies on the left side through another acid pool. We recommend using throwing attacks, such as arrows or area attacks.

Duergar Supplies Location 7


In the same room as the sixth, continue on the path to find another group of enemies to destroy. When they’re done, you’ll find a ladder on the right side. Go up the stairs and you’ll see the supplies in front of you.

Duergar Supplies Location 8


Take the second elevator and explore the lava-infested dungeon area. Finish off your enemies and head left to take your first steps into this new area. Jump over the precipice and climb the stairs. You’ll find supplies just north of here.

Duergar Supplies Location 9


Immediately below the eighth is the ninth. Go down and you will find a wooden bridge to cross. Follow him and climb the cliff. Now you can break down these stocks.

Duergar Supplies Location 10


After taking the second elevator, you’ll find the duergar stash on your right.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is in a dungeon?

“This is not just some little game,” the Dungeon Master says, “These are the secrets of the mighty dwarven civilization. The knowledge here will make you the most powerful player in all of the land. If you want to become the greatest adventurer in the world, this is the place to find it!” I know this sounds like one of those wacky blog posts, but it’s actually quite serious. I’m going to talk about the game Dungeon Master 2 – Dark Alliance, and how part of what makes it enjoyable is the game’s ability to make you work for your rewards.  I’ve been playing this game so long, that I can say with absolute certainty that I’ve gotten pretty good at it. I can usually get everything I want out of the game by simply waiting and working for it.  But what about the rest of you?  How are you going to make it through the game?

What is D&D celebration?

In a world where everything is a blend of Technology and Magic, the people who live there know that the two are not quite so dissimilar. With the advent of the Collective Magic System, people can use magic to create modern technology. Using their Advanced Magic skill with an off-the-shelf device, they call it a Spellscan. On the night of May 24, D&D fans around the world will celebrate the 25 anniversary of the popular role-playing game with events, promotions, and parties. The D&D Anniversary Celebration is coordinated by the Game Manufacturers Association and will take place in cities around the world. While fandom-specific D&D anniversary events will take place in cities around the world, the event itself will not take place in any of those cities, and fans will be able to celebrate the event in their own cities.

Why was Dungeons and Dragons banned?

Dungeons and Dragons was banned for a very good reason: it is an addictive, and dangerous, game. It sucks you in, and you start to wish you could play more. And once you start playing more, you can’t stop. In one of the first game sessions, my cousin came up with this: “Ron, you’re a paragon of virtue, and your integrity is your greatest strength. But the moment you start using it to not get in trouble, you have lost control of your life.” The history of Dungeons and Dragons and the rise of the role-playing game is a long and storied one. The game was first created by a pair of college students at the end of the 1940s, and it wasn’t until the 1970s that it became a phenomenon. However, as with many things, the game was banned in the 1980s, and the makers of the game were indicted on charges of “encouraging children to practice witchcraft and sorcery.”

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