Destiny 2 Nothing Left to Say Mission Walkthrough

Destiny 2 is Bungie’s latest franchise, and the first Destiny game to be released on PC. It’s also a game where you can play the story solo, or you can join a group of friends in a PVP/PVE (players versus players/players versus environment) multiplayer game. Just like in Destiny 1, you will make your way through the story, and there will be several optional missions that you can complete in order to earn some extra loot and experience.

Destiny 2 is out on October 24th with a ton of new features. But the best part is there are no new content for the Campaign or Raids. This is a good thing because the game already had amazing content. The new Raid Lair, SIVA, is a ton of fun. I recommend you check it out if you haven’t already.

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Destiny 2 is a game being developed by Bungie that is based on the characters and world from the highly acclaimed first Destiny game. The game is set to release on October 8, 2017, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and is a follow-up to the original game that was released in 2014. Destiny 2 promises to take the game to new heights, and Bungie has been working hard to make sure that fans of the original can look forward to a game that will continue to make them proud of the choices they made in the original Destiny.

  • Type of assignment: Leaving (inheritance)
  • Place of employment: Tangled coasts

It was time to meet Uldren Sow in person after Petra Venj finally found out where he was.

You must storm the watchtower and fight your way through countless enemies to reach Uldren as quickly as possible and stop his plans.

This quest leads to the completion of the Forsaken quest and allows you to avenge the death of Cayde-6.

Also read our descriptions of the other missions in the Forsaken expansion below:

Operational objectives

Reach Watchtower

You start at the foot of the watchtower and have to fight your way to the crossing.

There will be traps and vile fights everywhere, and even a walker you can ignore on your way to the waypoint.


As soon as you reach the watchtower, the Phanatic appears and attacks you, require you to fire back to advance.

If you destroy the first health bar, it will run away and summon enemies to attack you, and it will then pull you towards it.

After he lures you to him, you can destroy the rest of his health and go to the Uldren’s location.

Pursuit of Uldren

After you defeat the Fanatic, the last enemy on your list is the Uldren Owl, and you have to follow a waypoint to reach him.

They have to go through the Sublime Plane and keep hearing Sister Uldren telling them to open the door.

When you reach the waypoint, you are attacked by Taken enemies, which were new enemies in the Forsaken era.

Keep fighting the enemies and you will find another portal to continue.

The portal takes you back to the Sublime Plane, and you have to travel a path that requires some jumping and fighting.

Escape from the rising plane

You will enter a circular room where you will encounter enemies who will attack you. At this point, you must escape by defeating the Guardian of the Sublime Plane, who will open the gate if you die.

When you get to the next area, a scene appears in which Uldren Owl is tricked by his sister Mara Owl, who has other intentions and swallows Uldren.

It turned out that the creature manipulating Uldren Owl was not his sister, but in fact the Chimeric Servant Taken known as Riven’s Voice, who had posed as his sister to gain her trust.

Defeat Chimera

Now that this has been revealed, the Chimera must be destroyed to put an end to all of this, which not only Uldren does, but also what the voice of Riven has come up with.

Attack Riven’s voice (aim for his middle/mouth – this is his weak point) until his health is depleted.

Occasionally, you’ll be teleported to the Ascension level and must destroy enemies before returning to the battlefield where the voice of Riven awaits.

When Riven’s voice is nearly empty, he is protected by two links (flashing green bars) that you must destroy.

Enemies will appear after the two beams have protected them, but you can go directly to the sources and destroy them.

After destroying the radiation sources, return to the Ascension level to clear a path, after which you can shoot the voice of Riven.


  • Riven’s voice can be quite irritating, especially when he drags you along to the rising plane, but you have to focus on destroying enemies to get back there.
  • Resumed enemies are based on their original counterparts, meaning their weaknesses (the glow) are different for each enemy.

If you have a powerful weapon, like, say. B. a rocket launcher, use it to inflict damage in the clutches of the Riven’s voice, you can end the fight faster.


When the fight is over, go to the Ace of Spades (the Caid-6 gun Uldren had in his possession) and grab it.

Go to Uldren and point him out as he searches for his sister and discovers it was all a plan.

The ghost begs you not to end Uldren’s life, and the film eventually ends with your guardian pointing a gun at you and pulling the trigger.Destiny 2 Nothing Left to Say Mission Walkthrough Video Reel Video Reel: Destiny 2 Nothing Left to Say Mission Walkthrough Video Reel. Read more about destiny 2 homecoming campaign and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the mission nothing left to say story?

You can get the mission nothing left to say by completing the mission “The Last One Standing” on any difficulty.

What is the forsaken campaign?

The forsaken campaign is a series of quests that will take you through the forsaken lands.

Who is riven Destiny 2?

Riven is a legendary sword in the game Destiny 2.

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