Imagine coming back home to darkness. What could be the cause? Maybe you have a visitor or the power company cut off your power. Well, only one Pokémon comes to mind Dedenne.

Dedenne is a fury mouse-like Pokémon. Harmless in sight but a very mischievous creature that often visits homes only to rob them of their electricity.

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You may even think your power bill is due but guess who been paying you a visit? It is Dedenne! Dedenne is full of the kind of mischief you would expect from Loki- that means you are up for a long ride.


Dedenne is an Antenna Pokémon introduced in Generation VI. He is an electric and fairy Pokémon type that might remind you of Pikachu in a cute fury mouse form.

The body of Dedenne’s species depicts that of a mouse with some modification attributed to the Pokémon Universe. The orange furred facial and head appearance are nothing short of mouse-like.

It has ears that stick out the sides of its head. It has round captivating eyes filled with cuteness that would real you in. There are plump looking cheeks encircled with a brick-orange color in which upper and lower dark-colored whiskers emanate from.

The upper whiskers are complex in shape and branch out opposite to each other. Its mouth is tiny, much like a mouse.

Dedenne holds three digits in his paw and feet. Its belly and upper body are encircled with a light beige color. The tail is thin, black in color and its tail end is star-shaped.

Dedenne weighs 2.2 kilos and stands at a height of zero feet and 8 inches.

Did you know that Dedenne’s species could communicate over long distances? Fascinating, right? And no, it is not via smartphones. According to Bulbapedia, Dedenne’s uppermost whiskers can send and receive electrical waves. This enables them to communicate over long distances.


Although Dedenne’s habitat may be difficult, due to their mischievous characteristics you may find them near power plants and power outlets near your home.


Dedenne’s abilities are pick up and cheek pouch giving him an edge in battle, against most Pokémon.

In battle, Dedenne is a formidable opponent, truly a special to keep by your side. It is strong against many Pokémon, therefore its best to use him against Dragon, Flying, Electric, Fighting, Bug, and Dark Pokémon types. Why? Because it will receive negligible damage that is futile, to say the least.

In addition to the ever-formidable abilities of Dedenne, he absorbs electricity with his tail from buildings, power plants, and outlets outside houses. Thereafter, it will blast the electrical beam through his whiskers.


In-spite of Dedenne’s incredible abilities there are some Pokémon characters that he is weak against. Ground and Poison types Pokémon can immensely deliver deadly damage to him. If you have Dedenne on your corner, avoid going to battle with these types of Pokémon.


Dedenne’s species is not known to have or to ever have had evolved or evolve to any other Pokémon.

Dedenne would be more than worthy Pokémon to have for any Pokémon fan.



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