Dead Zed 3

Dead Zed 3

The gaming world is full of shooting games and also galaxy exploration games. These are great simulation games but I want to present you the new version of one of the best games, Dead zed 3 is the perfect combination of an amazing adventure simulator and a platform game.

This is a newly released Dead zed 3 game and you can play this cool game for free on this site.

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The third version is full of new and improved features and amazing characters, the developers have also created a new storyline for this third version, you can enjoy new maps and the dark sides of the galaxy.

This game is an absolutely basic shooter, and it will definitely blow you away with its incredible storyline and stunning graphics. There are no bugs either. And unlike the previous versions, the creators of the game have added a completely different strategic move for your opponents. So you have to be more mobilized and play with full attention to defeat the invaders. Dead Zed 3 offers you a lot of new features, as there are a lot of new maps, and also some interesting twists.

The main idea of Dead Zed 3

As I said, this game has a completely different and new scenario. The reason is simple. The creators wanted to write an exciting story about a brave soldier, and they fully succeeded. The scenario of the new third version takes place on a space platform and is set in a newly discovered galaxy, which is full of psychopathic aliens and unknown beasts. At first, its protagonist is an ordinary engineer born to work in a safe environment. But on an ordinary day at work, his platform is attacked and he must fight angry aliens and destructive robots to save himself and Earth.

The plot of this game is unusual and really interesting, because unlike other ordinary shooter games, you can play with five different characters, and they are all cool. They have different abilities and types. You also have to choose the characters carefully, because each of them has a different background. In my opinion, you should explore them all if you are brave enough. You have to work on improving your weapon types and that will help you progress.

The controls in this game are the same as in other shooting games.

  • You must press W to jump
  • To move to the right, press D, and to move to the left, press A.
  • You must dodge with S and press R to reload the weapon.
  • To change weapon, press Q, and to deploy the drone, use E

Gameplay and graphics

Dead Zed 3 is a modern game experience in which you’ll have as many options as you want. Your main task is to destroy the enemy soldiers, and for this you have new weapons with improved capabilities. You also earn money by killing the invaders, and with this money you can buy new and better weapons and upgrade your equipment with super bonuses. You can also buy the drone that will help you in battle. This game is full of amazing details, like the fact that you can choose a jammer for your weapon and even different types of drones. So choose the right equipment for your war and save the planet.

The graphics of this game are great and you will enjoy it with its modern textures and amazing colors. There are many new and impressive skins for your armor in this game, and each weapon has original visuals that are very realistic and make the game even more beautiful. Also, every sound is perfect for the intense battlefield. So enjoy the game!


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