Dead Zed 2

dead zed 2

The world is a dangerous place, and no one knows when the zombie apocalypse will happen. But it doesn’t matter when, where or how, because now you can prepare for the apocalypse. The reason is simple, it’s the game Dead Zed 2. We have good news for you. Notdoppler Studios has released a new and improved version of the biggest video game saga: Dead Zed.

It’s Dead Zed 2, and that means everything. But maybe you still don’t know that this is the best survival shooter, with the best graphics and gameplay. In this version there are no bugs, and there are many new features that you will surely enjoy with its great textures.

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The game Dead Zed 2 is an absolutely brilliant survival adventure. Because it has a fascinating and addictive storyline. Meanwhile, you will experience some difficult moments while playing this game. Moreover, the game requires your real shooting skills and attention to succeed. The developers have put a lot of efforts to make this version as realistic as possible, and they have succeeded. Because when you play this game, you will feel like you are literally standing in front of the door that separates the human world from the zombie army.

Main idea of the game zombie zed 2

Dead Zed 2 tells you the story of a terrible zombie apocalypse, and you are the last person on the line of defense between your town and the army of the undead. Your main task is therefore simple and difficult at the same time. You have to kill all the strangers and zombies that try to cross the line and enter your yard.

Your main task is to take the viewers’ breath away, but you also have to perform some very interesting tasks. There are some survivors in the city, hiding in their homes. You have to form a team and send it out to search for survivors and bring them to your camp. But any such trip is absolutely dangerous, and for the missions to be successful, you have to assign people with the right skills to the group.

Dead Zed 2 Controls

The controls of this game are as follows: First of all, as in any shooting game, you need the mouse to aim and shoot.

You must press Q to switch weapons, and you can also reload them with R.

When you get new guns, you can change their firing mode with F

You must also use 1, 2 and 3 to detonate bombs and other explosives placed at a distance.

To activate the rage mode, press the space bar.


Dead Zed 2 has a very good gameplay that gives you time to learn the game and then gives you challenging missions. There are too many types of zombies and you also have several choices of weapons. But first, you have to fight and find them. You can search the city for weapons, resources and survivors. For this, you have a team to find survivors. You must send a team with the right selection of people to the city if you want the mission to succeed. To find weapons and ammunition, you will have to assign people with those skills. The team is sent automatically when you start a round and returns at the end.

The rounds of this game are too intense and you need a lot of mobilization to win and survive. The story mission in this game is really cool. Killing zombies by headshot fills your rage meter and when it is full, you can activate it and it gives you the ability to kill all kinds of zombies in one shot.

The graphics of the game are great and will surely give you pleasure while playing. In fact, the developers have created a totally new texture design for each round of this game. Moreover, every detail is as realistic as the visual representation of the weapons and explosive moves. So play and enjoy this awesome game.

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