Dauntless Patch 1.6.5 Deployed and Exotics Return

The patch 1.6.5 was deployed today and it features several fixes to the game. You’ll see several changes to the way the game works, including:

Dauntless is a free-to-play multiplayer online shooter developed by Iron Galaxy and published by Nexon. The game launched on PC in 2017, but the patch 1.6.5 that launched today marks the first time players will be able to access the PvP online title’s PvP mode, and with the addition of new weapons, maps and gear, there’s plenty to take advantage of.

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Phoenix Labs has already announced a new update for Dauntless – now there’s a date and patch notes! The 1.6.5 update to Dauntless will be available in a few hours. When the update is available, you will need to download the patch. Version numbers and file sizes vary by platform. The new update brings back exotics, adds a new island option, and more!

Dauntless Update 1.6.5 Patch notes



Unlock six of Dauntless’ existing exotic items and reveal long-lost stories. Each of the six new historical centers scattered throughout the hunting grounds unlocks a quest to forge a specific piece of exotic equipment. Feel the hunger!


Hunting Grounds has a new island option! Conundrum Rocks is a level 10-13 version of Paradox Breaks, with Valomir as the guaranteed Behemoth.


Version 1.6.5 introduces the new Timeweave set, a powerful collection of in-game armor that provides benefits such as Overpower, Predator, and Catalyst. Unlock Timeweave armor patterns by finding a new knowledge node in the Paradox Rifts.



  • Increases the damage of Fusion Edict fireball attacks by 50%.
  • Molten Edict now has 1 energy cell slot, 1 prism cell slot, and the Berserker perk.
  • Twin Suns now have a tech cell slot, a prismatic cell slot, and the Evasive Rage perk.
  • Godhand now has a lock for a power cell, a lock for a prismatic cell, and the Wildness perk.
  • Hunger now has an energy cell slot, a prism cell slot and the Ragehunter trait.
  • The skull forge now has the molten property.
  • Prismatic grace now has the medical benefit.
  • Tragic Echo now has the perk anger.


If you use Energized +6 with Adrent Cyclone in version 1.6.4, you can stay in this special state for 20-30 seconds. Dauntless is a game where it’s all about smart decisions and timing. This combination of possibilities is contrary to this draft principle. You could bend the rules a bit by using special abilities, but that was completely contrary to our intent. This is the first step in getting the counter gain out of Ardent Cyclone in version 1.7.0.


  • Behemoth guaranteed on Brightwood is now Flameborn Quillshot (was Valomyr).
  • The guaranteed Behemoth on Razorcliff Island is now Rezakiri (was Deepfrost Embermane).
  • Guaranteed Behemoth on Paradox Breaks is now Flameborn Rezakiri (was Rezakiri).
  • Red-backed shrike away from Razorcliff Island.


  • Added an invulnerability window during the animation of Agarus’ Resurrection legendary weapon skill.
  • The number of rods needed to make Agarus weapons has been reduced from 15 to 7.











  • Fixed bug where some armor types could not access the secondary color channel.
  • Fixed bug where lantern effects remained visible and accumulated after the loading screen was activated.
  • Fixed an issue where using the jump fan immediately after changing a character’s skin color would cause the change to be undone.
  • Fixed a bug where players could appear in the ground when Brave and Boulder arrived.
  • I changed Chronovore’s armor-following effect to the correct color channel.




  • Removed the ability to consume iron alloy pylons as a quest task, as the ability did not always work.
  • Quest Exploring Hippo: The enemy vine now correctly identifies all Koshai as targets, not just heroes.


  • Fixed a bug where the fire weakening icon would get stuck on the HUD.
  • Fixed a bug where repeaters were not properly attached to the fighter’s arms.
  • Fixed a bug where the loot did not appear correctly several times at the end of the hunting screens in Escalation.
  • Fixed a bug where lights that were tracked in the HUD would no longer be tracked after creation.
  • Fixed a bug where loot gradually accumulated on the loot screen when completing multiple consecutive events in hunting areas.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing some players from seeing the available daily quests.
  • Fixed bug where the item count was not immediately updated after creating tonics.
  • Fixed bug that caused notification icons to appear on tasks and calls when they shouldn’t have.
  • Fixed bug where the wrong icons were displayed when opening hearts.
  • The hunt selection screen now shows all possible hippos instead of six.

Source: Unbreakable

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