Darkness in the Light Destiny 2: How To Get The Malfeasance Quest

Darkness in the Light Destiny 2 Malfeasance Quest Guide. Destiny 2’s exotic hand cannons are explosive weapons. If you want to obtain Malfeasance, you will have to complete the Darkness in Light mission in Destiny 2. These missions are usually quite long, but here is a complete guide to the Darkness in Light mission so you know all the steps you need to follow.

Provision 2: What is unscrupulous behavior?

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Evil is a brilliant weapon for Gambit.

This hand cannon with full ammo has a few special perks: Explosive Shadow and Predator Taken. Explosive Shadow causes your shots to explode after hitting enough enemies, which is a great way to sap a boss’s health. Taken Predator does more damage to Taken attackers (which is awesome) and Gambit. This is absolutely the weapon to have for Gambit modes.

As with many exotic quests, you’ll have to do quite a bit of work to complete the Malfeasance Darkness in Light quest in Destiny 2. Below, we’ll walk you through each step so you know what you’re doing. Below is a brief description of each step.

  • The Seething Heart: Get the Seething Heart and give it to the Drifter.
  • City of Secrets: Defeat 25 Taken bosses or minibosses in the Dreaming City.
  • The CorruptedComplete the unique The Corrupted strike.
  • The Depleted Weapon Core: Deliver the  Depleted Weapon Core to the Drifter.
  • Business As Usual: Win 10 Gambit matches and deposit 400 motes.
  • Lights OutDefeat 25 Guardians then either kill 4 enemy Guardians in one invasion once, or have teammates defeat 4 Guardians in one invasion three times.
  • Dark Weapon CoreGive the Dark Weapon Core to the Drifter.


Get the Seething Heart

To start the story, you need a Kippy heart, which you can only get by killing the Servant Primeval Ascendant boss in Gambit. As the bosses in Gambit are random, you must play until the Servant appears. In addition, you must win the game. Good luck.

City of Secrets

Once you have obtained the Boiling Heart, go to the Drifter and give it to him. He will then give you a quest in which you must defeat 25 bosses or mini-bosses in the City of Dreams. The cesspool is a good place to complete this quest, as several Taken bosses appear in the final stage. Note that you will have to damage them if you want them to count towards your total score.

The Corrupted

When you defeat the bosses, you will get a special version of “Strike of the Corrupted”. You can start it from the City of Dreams map, so go ahead and get the Exhausted Weapon Core item as a reward. Keep in mind that this strike can be tough, so take some good equipment with you. Return to the Drifter to move on to the next stage.

Business As Usual

At this point, you have to go back to Gambit. Get a strong team, as you need to win 10 games in Gambit and then drop 400 moths. Each moth you drop reduces your total by half. So try to play it safe by dropping them as soon as the waves end.

Lights Out

We’re afraid it’s time for PvP. To get Lights Out, you have to kill 25 guards in Gambit, kill four enemies in an invasion, or have your teammates kill four enemies in an invasion three times. Got a friend who’s a good shot? Sign them up for this level.

Get Malfeasance

After completing the “Lights Out” mission, you will receive a “Dark Weapon Core” item. Take it to Drifter and he will exchange it for Malfeasance, an exotic hand cannon with an ability that blows enemies away after five shots. yuck!

Complete the Darkness in Light mission in Destiny 2 and you’ll get an awesome new hand cannon to play with. Malfeasance is a lot of fun to play with, so be sure to play with him as a reward for completing the Darkness in Light mission.


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