Cynet’s Autonomous Breach Protection

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Autonomous breach protection startup Cynet has secured a $40 million Series C funding round led by venture capital firm Insight Partners. The funding will enable Cynet to reach more customers and expand its current offering of automated malware protection.

Cynet has also developed its technology, called “Cynet 360”, which helps organizations identify and respond to threats across their networks. This article will further examine the details of Cynet’s autonomous breach protection solution and how it can benefit organizations.

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Overview of Cynet

Cynet is a leading autonomous breach protection startup that leverages artificial intelligence and automation to enable organizations of all sizes to detect and protect against sophisticated threats. Founded in 2015, Cynet has quickly become one of the industry’s most recognized and award-winning solutions. Cynet’s co-founders consist of computer science, machine learning, cyber security, and software engineering experts who have developed proprietary technologies to detect malicious activity before the damage is done.

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Cynet’s autonomous breach protection platform utilizes a centralized console for complete protection for all layers including network, endpoint, and cloud infrastructure. Its solutions provide real-time visibility and automated response against sophisticated cyber threats without any manual intervention by security teams. It also helps prevent data leakage from malicious activities such as malware attacks and insider threats. With its game-changing technology backed by advanced analytics capabilities, Cynet has become one of the top solutions for protecting organizations from malicious actors at scale with minimum efforts from the security team – making it easier for managed service providers (MSPs) and IT departments to expand their services to manage cybersecurity posture with confidence.

Recently, Cynet announced that it has secured $40 million in a Series C funding round led by Greycroft and Battery Ventures along with existing investors Blumberg Capital, JVP Cyber Labs Fund & Glilot Capital Partners. The company plans to use these funds primarily towards global expansion into new markets as well as enhancing its R&D – showing how dedicated it is towards delivering comprehensive protection from any type of breach attempts other than just malware attacks or insider threats which are more frequent these days due to distributed remote working practices seen worldwide.

Autonomous breach protection startup Cynet raises $40M to expand reach

Autonomous breach protection is a cybersecurity technology that monitors and identifies potential threats to defend an organization’s digital infrastructure. This technology uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect and respond to cyberattacks, helping organizations prevent data breaches. The autonomous breach protection solution provided by startup Cynet enables businesses to implement a comprehensive security solution that provides near real-time prevention of cyber intrusions.

In May 2020, cybersecurity startup Cynet announced the successful closure of its $40M Series C funding round. This brings the company’s total raised funds to $60.7M and was led by Viola Ventures, with participation from existing investors TLV Partners, YL Ventures, and existing strategic investor Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

The additional funding will enable Cynet to expand its Autonomous Breach Protection platform beyond the cybersecurity market into network operations monitoring and IT operations management. The company plans to use the funds for:

  • Product innovation
  • Go-to-market strategies
  • Sales expansion into new markets
  • More resources for customer success teams around the world.

Cynet’s Autonomous Breach Protection

Autonomous breach protection startup Cynet recently announced that it has raised $40M in a Series C funding round. This brings the total investment in the company to $90M. The Israeli-based firm provides a platform that tracks and manages endpoints, detects and responds to suspicious activity, and analyzes the state of the enterprise network.

This article will provide a detailed overview of Cynet’s autonomous breach protection features and how it can help protect your business.

Overview of Cynet’s Autonomous Breach Protection

Cynet offers a comprehensive autonomous cybersecurity solution that automatically detects, blocks, and responds to cyber threats. Its Autonomous Breach Protection platform is designed to bring simplicity, scale, speed, and automation to the security process. This platform allows companies to gain real-time visibility into the cyber environment while continually protecting their IT networks and endpoints from advanced cyber threats.

The platform comprises a set of cybersecurity applications built on top of the Cynet Data Fabric – a powerful AI-driven security engine. This engine aggregates data from network activity logs, authenticated user accounts, endpoint sensor feed, firewall events and more. It then uses various algorithms to analyze this data and detect suspicious activity across the entire system in real time.

Cynet provides threat containment capabilities such as automated blocking of malicious processes or execution attempts directly at the point-of-attack in both endpoints and servers without user intervention or false positives. It also offers an advanced Investigations app with live visualization tools that provides detailed insights into suspicious activities detected by Cynet’s Autonomous Breach Protection platform. Finally, an automated Incident Response module helps organizations quickly contain threats to minimize damage caused by breaches or other attacks without requiring manual response actions from analysts or threat hunters.

Autonomous Breach Protection from Cynet is designed to help organizations reduce their attack surface area while responding faster to emerging threats using automated processes for faster incident response times and improved risk visibility across the organization’s security posture. In addition to raising additional funding for expansion plans recently ($40M Series C), Cynet has integrated its Autonomous Security Platform with third party products such as FireEye’s Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) to increase its reach beyond just enterprise customers. This integration will allow organizations of all sizes access to powerful autonomous breach protection features along with intelligence gathered from different sources around the web – including Dark Web – to provide even better coverage against quickly evolving threats encountered today on modern networks.

Features of Cynet’s Autonomous Breach Protection

Cynet’s Autonomous Breach Protection offers an advanced AI-driven security platform that enables enterprises to identify and respond to cyber security threats quickly and easily. The platform is powered by an autonomous breach protection system that helps protect users against malicious actors in a unified approach. It features real-time interlinked protection, multi-user visibility, and automation, while providing advanced intelligence on actual and potential threats so organizations can take proactive action.

Key features of Cynet’s Autonomous Breach Protection include:

Real-time monitoring: Cynet provides real-time cyber security intelligence for in-depth threat detection and response within seconds.

Unrivaled end user visibility: Automated integrations allow Cynet to connect direct user activity with the attack timeline, providing unmatched insights into threat processes.

Multi-session cross analysis: All relevant sessions of a transaction are tracked for threat analysis to identify hidden connections between events that would otherwise go undetected.

Automated response: Automated reaction enables automated preventative measures when a malicious attack is detected. This helps reduce the impact of a breach by reacting swiftly before any damage has been done.

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This complete turnkey approach through automation allows cybersecurity teams to respond rapidly while preventing the breach from escalating further – enabling faster time to recovery in case of an incident.

Cynet’s Expansion

Autonomous breach protection startup Cynet, has recently raised $40 million in a round of funding led by investors YL Ventures. This new influx of capital will help the company expand its reach, which has been growing at an accelerated rate in recent months.

Cynet plans to use the funds to further develop its automated breach protection technology, which offers organizations an innovative solution to the ever-growing cyber security challenges they face today. Let’s take a closer look at what this new round of funding means for Cynet’s future.

Overview of Cynet’s Expansion

Cynet, a leading autonomous breach protection startup, has raised $40M in Series C funding. The investment was led by Vertex Ventures and included investments from existing investors such as Glilot Capital Partners, Illuminate Financial Management, and YL Ventures.

Cynet’s latest funding round brings their total raised to $81 million, which will be used to expand their reach in the global market. To date, Cynet has more than 800 customers from various industries including financial services, healthcare providers, technology firms and government entities across seven countries. The company also serves organizations of various sizes ranging from SMEs to large enterprises.

Cynet plans to use its latest capital raise to scale up operations worldwide with additional marketing and sales efforts and strengthen support for its partners and enterprise customers. The company also plans on expanding development efforts for new technologies that detect unknown threats in an organization’s environment – a common challenge in cybersecurity today.

The new funding will help Cynet build out their team globally by focusing on hiring senior-level management talent and bringing on additional engineers that can handle complex tasks related to cybersecurity innovation. Cynet will also use this opportunity to open up office locations worldwide that provide better customer service and technical expertise than ever before.

Benefits of Cynet’s Expansion

Cynet, an autonomous breach protection startup, recently announced that it raised $40 million to expand its reach globally. This is part of the company’s mission to provide organizations with an accessible security solution. The investment will help Cynet achieve this goal by opening up new regions and providing additional features, support and resources.

The expanded funding and reach of Cynet will benefit customers from different sectors such as healthcare, finance, retail, government and more. Some of the major benefits that organizations can look forward to are:

Comprehensive Threat Detection & Response: Cynet enables faster response time through comprehensive detection capabilities that allow quick investigations into suspicious activities. This gives organizations greater visibility and control over their environments while saving valuable time in addressing potential threats or breaches.

Easy-to-Use Security Platform: All the key features available within the Cynet platform are easy to access, configure and deploy. The administration is kept simple with a unified dashboard to manage all security operations regardless of size or complexity.

Enhanced Cybersecurity Posture: With autonomous breach protection technology as its cornerstone, Cynet helps increase overall cybersecurity posture by providing stakeholders with risk monitoring insights and preset policies for rapid response times in case a potential breach is detected.

Rapid Deployment & Set Up: To deliver protection quickly across any network environment or cloud configuration, Cynet requires minimum set-up time without compromising coverage or performance level – all the more beneficial for businesses dealing with government regulations such as HIPAA compliance requirements or similar standards imposed by other industries.

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By expanding its reach across new markets worldwide, Cynet looks forward to bringing a higher level of security for current and future customers everywhere.


Autonomous breach protection startup Cynet recently raised $40M in a Series B financing round. Led by venture capital firm Lightspeed Venture Partners and joined by GlenRock, customers and existing investors, the funding follows a Series A financing round in 2018.

This funding will allow Cynet to further expand its reach and protect more businesses from cyber threats.

Implications of Cynet’s Funding

Cynet has just secured a major funding round to $40M. This substantial resource increase for their autonomous breach protection platform will allow Cynet to expand rapidly and grow their customer base.

The funding comes from a wide variety of investors, including Red Dot Capital Partners, Edge Ventures, OurCrowd, Innogy Venture and Blumberg Capital. This is seen as a vote of confidence in Cynet’s technology and recognition of the importance they place on customer service and satisfaction.

The new funds will be used to:

  • Strengthen existing product lines
  • Continue development on new services
  • Expand sales and marketing activities on a global scale
  • Build an even stronger foundation for research & development projects.

As part of this expansion plan, Cynet plans to hire additional staff members in the Cyber Security vertical throughout 2021 to increase their customer base tenfold over the next year.

As the demand for cybersecurity solutions continues to grow exponentially, businesses are increasingly looking towards comprehensive solutions like those offered by Cynet. By providing resources like hybrid cloud security platforms that power dynamic autonomous response system capabilities and robust integration with other leading cybersecurity solutions such as Skybox Security Inc., Darktrace Ltd., Microsoft Corporation and Splunk Inc., Cyent has positioned itself as an attractive option for customers looking for end-to-end breach protection arrangements. This updated capitalization allows them to capitalize on this trend.

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