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Games similar to Grand Theft Auto

The game of Grand Theft Auto became wildly popular despite protests that it endorsed violence and risky behavior. Critics cannot say for sure whether the game was made more exciting by this criticism, or whether it is just a well-liked game, but one thing they all agree on is that following the success of this one game, many others have tried to imitate it.

While some developers have managed to get the best of GTA, condense it and use it in other games, some have just fallen flat on their faces. However, of those that have managed to succeed, the sales figures have been pretty phenomenal. While there is likely never going to be a game that matches up to the success of GTA, lots have tried and some have successfully found their own way forward in doing so. In this list, we take a look at some of the games we think players should definitely try if they loved GTA.

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Saints Row

This series of games has been published by THQ and has been lauded by critics as the next best after GTA. There are three games currently available in the series and in each one of these, players will be forgiven for getting a little carried away by the chance to explore an open world of gameplay. With a variety of vehicles to choose from and character customization, players will spend hours making the most of Saints Row. If you are planning on playing just one game that is like GTA, let this one be it. Not only will you not regret it, but you’ll open up a whole new world of racing and running over things.


Ever wondered what your life might have been like if you were born in the 20s in Chicago? Well, while this game can’t really take you back there, the graphics are pretty realistic and make for some pretty impressive gameplay. Critics have scored this game and its sequel very highly and are consistently enjoyed by all manner of gamers. That being said, the game has also been awarded the honor of being that with the most profanity, so if you’re planning on buying it for your kids’ Christmas gif, just don’t. However, it may make a pretty nifty gift for you to buy yourself.

Sleeping Dogs

This game follows a lot of the success of GTA but is set in Hong Kong. In this metropolis. players will be able to go undercover as a cop and infiltrate a very well known underground triad. However, in this game, you won’t just be able to run people over. You’ll have to do a little hand to hand fighting and even find cover when you need it. Because the game is free roam, you can go anywhere and do anything but watch your back. In amongst the karaoke, the street racing and the carjacking, you may just meet a woman who is not thinking of your best interests.


Experienced gamers may look at this game and wonder just what it is doing on a list like this. Well, the game was conceived by the same guy who brought you GTA, but features a free to roam environment that players can use to find, and defeat, members of various gangs. For those who like combining strategy with action, this could be the perfect game to add to your shopping list, but for others, there just won’t be enough driving to keep it interesting. Both the game and its sequel have been highly applauded by critics but even they agree that the sequel is just like the first game with a few new designs thrown in.

Red Dead Redemption

In the Wild, Wild West, there is only so much car driving that you can do, but this does not stop this game from being very similar to GTA. As John Marston, an outlaw who needs to kick some ass to find his wife and son, players will need to traverse the countryside voiding duels and taking part in a couple of underhanded activities to keep moving forward. The game has consistently received high scores in the rankings which makes it one of the best to emulate GTA and has in fact been awarded the honor of being ‘Game of the Year’ quite a few times.

The Simpsons: Hit and Run

There is pretty much no one in the world who can make the argument that the Simpsons are not the most popular family in American culture. Leveraging off this popularity, the creators decided it was time to make their very own racing game but with a distinctly Simpson type flavor. The game uses all of the characters in Springfield and the whole cast has used their voices to make the game more authentic. With over 50 missions split over seven levels, players will find loads to do in this game, and may just fall in love with it based on the whole concept.

True Crime: Streets of LA

One of the first games to copied the brilliance of GTA, this game was released almost ten years ago but has used GPS to make the genre it’s own. Sadly, this is about the best thing the developers managed to do with this game since the rest of it seems to be lacking the X factor that has made others so popular. In this game, players take on the role of a police officer who has the task of completing various missions and moving through the ranks of the justice system to kick some criminal butt. Despite the variety of missions, the game doesn’t quite live up to the brilliance that was GTA.


From Rockstar games comes this inspired action game for PS2 (now also for multiple platforms). the game focuses on a kid called Jimmy, no ordinary kid since he is a bit of a rebel at a boarding school and has to explore and complete missions to get rewards. For all the classes he attends, he will be able to unlock more abilities and eventually venture into town to complete even more missions. This game is a perfect example of how developers can get it right since there is a lot of action and cool features to unlock as you go.

Just Caus

As an agent in this game, you will be able to access a world of adventure on a tropical island. Similar to GTA, the game offers third person shooting and driving and you will definitely feel as though you are part of the action when you see some of the awesome explosions this game can offer. Fight the bad guys and make some cash, but above all don’t lose your morality. This is not the main focus of GTA, but it certainly is the focus here. It’s an enjoyable game and one that provides a different perspective on a pretty familiar formula.


You need to know that a game, or series of games, with a cool name like this is going to be awesome. Focusing on stealth, the game involves playing – surprise – a hitman who has to kick ass and take names. Whether you choose to go super stealthy and win that way or charge forward military style is up to you. One thing that is for certain is that the game will provide a lot of entertainment and an experience that may feel familiar, but that is not quite like any other. If you haven’t added this one to your list yet, do it now.

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