Best TMs in Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

This is a guide to the best TMs in Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, with a focus on breaking down the choices between the new moves introduced in Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire.

Following the release of Pokémon X & Y, it’s time for Pokémon fans to look forward to the next Pokémon games, Pokémon X and Y, which have been released in Japan on October 12th 2013 and will be released in America on October 27th 2013. The new games feature a new region and will introduce a new Legendary Pokémon, Xerneas and Yveltal.

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It’s been a long time since the last big update for Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, but that’s not stopping us from re-running our last TMs & HMs guide. We’ll take a look at the new TMs in the games, including the Gen II Pokemon, the new Z-Moves, and the TM/HM cores. We’ll also look at the new HMs and the new Z-Ring, and check out the new Z-Crystal.

Pokémon Ruby Omega and Sapphire Alpha combine nostalgia and innovation to create the perfect balance of a great Pokémon remake. While the original Ruby and Sapphire games are not overly complicated, additions from later generations (such as new moves and fairy types) have made the game much simpler. And another new feature of Generation V is that TMs are now unlimited, so the hunt for the best TMs is more important than ever.

Let’s take a look at some of the best TMs in Pokémon ORAS and where you can find them.

10. TM54 (false scan)

Once you have a relatively strong Pokémon, you can go back and rebuild your Poke Dex.

But wild Pokémon can be well below the average level of your team. And with one move, you can deliver a hard blow.

False Swipe is just what you need to balance your dex.

It lets you catch lower-level Pokémon and keep your opponent down by 1 HP.

You can further increase your success rate by layering conditions like sleep or paralysis.

But you’ll still want a false move. Especially if you encounter the occasional spark in the wild.

Where to buy : The Rustboro Pokemart

9. TM27 (return)

Return is one of the best physical moves in the game, along with Earthquake.

If you have a Pokémon that always uses a first-level physical attack, such as. B. Tackle or Pound, then the return is your best bet.

The only downside is that you can’t get him until later in the game. But it’s worth tracking him down, because he’s not that hard to catch!

This is a good alternative if you don’t have a strong but reliable physical attack and don’t care too much about super efficient matchups.

Where to buy : Pacifidlog City (Southwest House – Pokemon friendship guide at high level)

8. TM55 (heating)

Since Surf has always been a water specialist (and a very good one), no water specialist could compete with him…..

Before the fire starts.

Scald’s damage is slightly lower, but he has a 30% chance to burn, which is still useful.

So I’d say Scald is an essential water type move in any game you can use it in.

When you’re scrubbed in ORAS, there are fewer and fewer water-light Pokémon. But it’s still very useful against Claydol, Aggron and Armaldo Stephen.

Where to buy : Underwater cave (central island in the middle of the currents)

7. TM24 (Thunderbolt)

While Thunderbolt is still useful in this generation, it is not as useful as in other generations.

Glacia dropping Sealeo in favor of Froslass is less effective than RSE, and Stephen’s return as champion also hurts Thunderbolt’s coverage.

But it’s still a great move in Hoenn, because there are a lot of Pokémon that don’t handle Electro-type moves well.

Once you have Thunderbolt, you can use it against Winona and Wallace, as well as Sharpedo Sydney, Walrein Glacia, and Skarmory Stephen.

Where to buy : Reward after completing the Watson mission in New Myoville.

6. TM31 (brick defect)

Brickbreak was one of the best TMs in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. This is thanks to the excellent coverage of Fighting the Elite Four and Steven.

But the rise of fairy types, matchup changes for steel types, and Glacia dropping Sealeo in ORAS have all hampered combat type coverage to some extent.

And it’s made worse by the fact that Brick Break does less damage.

Still, it’s a TM worth having.

Because once you have Brick Break, you can still use it against Sidney and also against Sealeo Wallace, Delcatty and Magneton Wally, Glalie and Walrein Glasia, Aggron and Cradily Stephen.

Where to buy : City of Sotopolis (West House)

5. TM26 (earthquake)

Earthquake is a great move in almost every game of the generation.

It covers the same Pokémon in ORAS as in RSE, so it’s as effective as ever.

With ground types for 5 super-effective matchups and Earthquake doing big, reliable damage, the TM26 is a solid choice.

And there are rarely battles where it can’t be used.

Where to buy : Bottom of the Sea Cave (left of the stairs to the deepest chamber – requires Power)

4. TM35 (flamethrower)

Flamethrower now has an added bonus to beat Glacia because she no longer has Sealeo on her team.

And even beyond that, given Stephen’s return as champion (and his team of mostly steel players), the flamethrower is still a great option.

However, in ORAS they are no longer in the Mauville playing area, but on Victory Road.

So you won’t be able to get it for a while, but it’s also more available than ever.

And you can always use the overheat until you have a flamethrower. But it is a vibrant movement that must be seized upon.

Where to buy : Victory Road B1F (behind two rocks – force required)

3. TM13 (ice jet)

As in the original Generation III games, ice-like techniques are essential to defeating the Elite Four.

Even after the appearance of the Fairy types, the Ice type would still be a good option, since most Dragon-type Pokémon are doubly weak against ice.

You might be tempted to choose Frost Blast instead of Frost Beam, because critical hits ignore enemy defensive buffs.

The downside is that the enemy AI rarely uses these techniques.

Additionally, Ice Ray has a 10% chance of freezing and a chance of critical strike. This means that on average, the ice blast does more damage and is much more useful in the long run.

Remember, it usually doesn’t have the highest PP, so it’s helpful if you can save some PP ups for that TM.

Where to buy : Marine Mauville (storage in the southwest corner – dive required)

2. TM99 (gloss)

The Fairy types really changed the meta when they appeared in Generation VI.

And the same goes for Pokémon Ruby Omega and Sapphire Alpha.

Although Ice Beam is better against Drake, Iridescent Glitter is higher on this list because it beats both Drake and Sydney.

You can also do it before 7. Hal can be used against Mightyena Archie/Maxi and against Sharpedo Archie.

This is definitely one of the newer moves, so fans of older games may not recognize it. But believe me: It’s worth getting that TM.

Where to buy : Route 123 (north on soft ground)

1. TM30 (shadow ball)

Shadow Ball gets an upgrade this generation, as it now covers Glacia, and Metagross loses its neutrality against Spirit and Dark in ORAS.

This makes Shadow Ball the best TM out there, as it covers most of the Elite Four.

However, if you need ghostly physical moves, you also have the option of using Shadow Claw.

He is available earlier, but he is only slightly weaker and has no additional positive matchups.

And if you get Shadow Ball, you can use it to do real damage to Tate, Liza, Phoebe, as well as Froslass Glacia and Claydol and Steven’s Metagross.

Where to buy : Peer Mountain 4F (central shrine)Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are the first games in the series to be in 3D. This makes it a lot easier to see the TMs, which are all part of a pattern in this game.. Read more about pokémon omega ruby move list and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Pokemon in Omega Ruby?

TMs are one of the biggest factors in Pokemon battles, but we’ve never seen one as powerful as the TM48, or the ultimate mode of Hyper Beam. What is the best Pokemon in Omega Ruby? Or, more specifically, what is the best Pokemon in Omega Ruby to use for winning battles? While there are a few fan favorites, which Pokemon are the most common and useful for winning a battle? Here is a list of the top five Pokemon in the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games that have the highest usage rates.

Do TMs break in Omega Ruby?

As I said in the intro, I’ll be covering a lot of subjects that have been covered in a lot of different ways in the past. This is one of the more common questions that I see in the community, because of the nature of the game. The answer is “it varies”. Some TMs break as soon as you get them, and some you will have to use multiple times until they break. Thanks to a slew of releases in recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to find an excellent TMs through normal gameplay. As a result, Pokémon such as Heatran, Regice, and Registeel are rarely found through normal means. With the release of Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, however, there seems to be a TMs-to-find-through-normal-gameplay-but-are-still-rare situation. This has led to the rise of TM Bags and TMs-to-find, which is a lot more fun than just finding out what the best TMs are.

Where can you buy TMs in Omega Ruby?

In Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, Pokémon can be bred using the Ditto, which makes it possible for players to have two of the same Pokémon. Players can have the Ditto used in conjunction with the Pokétch’s transfer system, which allows the player to change the gender of one of their Pokémon, to breed two of the same Pokémon. This is important, because the female Pokémon has an advantage when bred with the Ditto. Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire is one of the most popular Pokémon games to date, and it features a lot of unique TMs. They are either held by certain Pokémon or you can buy them from the game. I hope this blog post will help you get better TMs in Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire.

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