The Most Popular Texture Packs for Terraria Journey’s End

The Terraria Journey’s End texture pack is a pixel art pack for Minecraft PE. It’s the full version of the finished pixel art and has many more features and options than the official texture packs that you can find on Minecraft PE’s website. It lets players step into Terraria as it was during its golden era of development, with some old-school graphics.

As such, you’ll encounter familiar animals like chickens, cows, golems as well as many other things from past games like turtles and flowers. You’ll also find new-types of mushrooms, trees, and even building blocks. The mix of color and the special characters is what makes this pack worth your time.

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What’s New?

The textures look detailed but some still have issues, like transparent pixels where they should be more solid. There might be old 3D models that are similar to those in some other texture packs. As for the new things that are added to this pack, it nails the experience of Terraria. It won’t make you run back to the beginning; rather, it will remind you why you fell in love with Minecraft originally.


This texture pack is obviously targeted at fans of Terraria. The old-school designs along with a few new things will fill your heart with nostalgia that you’ve probably been needing lately. It has a huge amount of customization options that will give you a lot to play around with until it’s just right. With a few minor changes, this could be a great texture pack for everyday use as well.


Some textures have been left out from its release, but the developer says he’ll be adding them soon. Unfortunately, not all of the character models are completely accurate to those found in Terraria, so don’t expect every single one to look perfect. The author, however, claims to be working on a lot of other things as well.

The Verdict

This is a bug fix and optimization pack dedicated to the pixel art style. It’s an important step for those who want a nearly-perfect texture pack for Minecraft PE that will make everyone from old players to those who didn’t play Terraria before feel right at home. Although it doesn’t have as many color options as other packs, the palette is unique enough that it won’t bug anyone once you’ve gotten used to it. The vibrant colors will make this texture pack stand out above most others because of its incredible shades and shades of shades.

How to install Texture Packs in Terraria Journey’s End

Texture Packs can be installed directly through your launcher (where you Trust and Load your world). However, if you don’t have one, you can download one for your specific launcher version:

For example, with the default launcher, visit C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\launcher. If you download the texture pack on your computer, just import it into the correct folder within C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\.minecraft\texturepacks.

Note: The .zip texture packs you download are compressed archives. To unpack them so they can be imported into Minecraft PE, you’ll need a program like Winrar or 7-Zip. Once unzipped, you can just drag the .zip folder into the appropriate Minecraft application (.exe file).

To import a texture pack into Minecraft, find and open your profile folder (default: .minecraft/texturepacks), then find the texture pack (.zip) and place its folder alongside your other texture packs. If you have more than one, they will be separated by folders.

Best Terraria Texture Packs

Here are the best texture packs in Terraria:

1. The Calamity Texture Pack

This is one of the most popular texture packs for Minecraft PE. It has more than 1,500 unique blocks and more than 25,000 individual textures to it. This makes it a great choice for those who like to create unique things like terraria fan art and pixel art designs. It has many options and features that make it one of the best texture packs for everyone.

The Calamity Texture Pack also has a very good configuration tool on the homepage and on the author’s YouTube channel (link). It also has a map that shows where the blocks are, as well as a few other things to help you quickly find the blocks you want. Overall, this texture pack is one of the best choices for those who want to make their own things based on terraria.

2. Better Ambiance Texture Pack

This texture pack is one of the best for ambiance. It makes everything brighter and cleaner looking. Water is cleaner. Lava is more orange. The sun looks like it’s on fire, but not too hot to touch. Each block has more detail to it, so you can see more of what you’re looking at when it comes to building things in Minecraft PE.

Better Ambiance makes Minecraft PE look closer to the world of Terraria than any other texture pack does, even though it doesn’t have the same blocks or characters. It’s a very good choice for those who want a texture pack that looks like Terraria and has the same feel, but it doesn’t have the same blocks or features.

3. PRIME Texture Pack

This pack is a one of the most popular Terraria texture packs because it has so many different blocks, new and old. You can expect to see more than 100 units of each block, and that is a lot. There are more blocks in this pack than even the official Terraria mod has.

It’s a big texture pack, but it’s a huge texture pack, which you will love if you want things to look better looking or more detailed looking. It would be great for those who want to make their own things from scratch with this texture pack.

4. Minecraft Texture Pack

This is probably one of the packs to try out if you like Minecraft and you like Terraria. It’s a texture pack that has all of the blocks from Terraria but none of the blocks from Minecraft. It has all of the characters from Terraria, but none of them are wearable or have skins that look anything like that.

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