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Since we’re on the subject, I thought I’d also include some of my favourite Steampunk Mods and CC for The Sims 4 .  I love the combination of Victorian/Edwardian-inspired design with the futuristic technology that permeates the Steampunk era.

In this article, I will share with you the best steampunk mods and cc for the sims 4. Today, I will be providing you an easy way to download all the Steampunk mods and cc for the sims 4. Most of you know that there are a lot of mods and cc for the sims 4, but if you want to get the best one, you will download from the best source.

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Take a look at the Sims 4 mod and CC categories. There’s an insane amount of content to take in. In fact, if you’re anything like me, you’re overwhelmed by all the choices. In order to help you make a decision, I’ve compiled a list of the best mods and CC available for The Sims 4.

Steampunk is one of the most popular subgenres of science fiction. A break from the typical 19th century futuristic preference. In the twentieth century, steampunk has its own unique style of fashion, decoration and architecture. Since the Sims franchise is largely based on futurism, there’s a whole untapped market combining steampunk and The Sims 4. While we await the arrival of the EA steampunk-themed package, we can thank the many talented CC creators who provide us with these wonderful items.

15. Steampunk Set v1

This set from StrangeStoryteller is the perfect steampunk-style starter kit for your female Sims. This is a collection that includes a hat, a jacket, a skirt, socks and boots to match the aesthetic you are looking for. We counted 69 color options, but there may be more. Teens and older can carry these items, which are also compatible with the base game. And the best part? It’s disabled for random actions. So you don’t have to worry about locals walking around like they’re at a steampunk convention!

 Check out this CC.

14. Faith – Steampunk

Leather, silk lace and ruffles = dazzling. Dgandy’s Vera Steampunk dress has all this and more. The lace top, the open leather corset and the voluminous dress with ruffles are characteristic of steampunk. Plus, if you want variety, there are four clothing options, and you only need the base game to download them. Tip: The socks and boots pictured are also a basic piece, so be sure to add them for a complete look.

 Check out this CC.

13. Steampunk Dress (Bluerosesims)

This is no ordinary steampunk dress. It adapts to the figure and presents a graceful silhouette. A great alternative to the steampunk-style clothing we often see. This tailored CC dress from Bluerosesims features a fitted bodice, a short skirt at the front and a long drag at the back. They go well with thigh-high boots or stockings. Teens and seniors can wear this CC, and it is compatible with the base game and available in 14 colors.

 Check out this CC.

12. Steampunk Dress

Who says less is more? Because that’s certainly not the case with the Steampunk CC dress from SimsHouse. Seriously, there’s so much in this dress – and they’re all great: The lace-trimmed corset, shoulder-length sleeves, backpack strap and asymmetrical skirt make this dress quirky and fun. Wear it in brown, green and blue. And if you don’t like sleeves, there’s even a sleeveless version.

Check out this CC.

11. Isabela set

Steampunk furniture for The Sims 4 is so hard to find. Soloriya’s Isabela ensemble is therefore a rare find. This set contains a total of 14 items, including furniture set with an armchair and sofa, and steampunk-style decorations such as wall pipes and a blimp on the ceiling. There are three swatches in this pack, and if you prefer to download the products individually rather than as a collection, you can find them here.

Check out this CC.

10. Steampunk Corset

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about steampunk dresses, it’s that the corset is the heart and soul of the outfit. Say you already have the perfect dress for your steampunk ensemble, but you’re still missing the finishing touch. Say hello to the CC steampunk corset from Puresims! The studded waistband, crossed lace straps in the back, and zippers in the front set this corset apart from the others. This is a HQ/Alpha grid, for the base game only, and available for Teen to Elder.

Check out this CC.

9. Steampunk style glasses

You see, you can’t have a steampunk world without tech glasses. Fortunately, these custom steampunk style glasses from WistfulCastle will fill that need. In addition to the two main lenses, there are other smaller lenses, two per eye, with metal frames. They can be worn by teens and older people, with a total of 10 designs in the collection.

Check out this CC.

8. TS4 Googles

Another StrangeStoryteller creation lies ahead. These glasses are similar to the previous ones, but have two major differences: They don’t have extra lenses on each side and your sims wear them on their foreheads/hats. For each pattern there are two textures, four metallic colours and eight glass colours. You’ll find them in the points category, but they’re also disabled for random values.

 Check out this CC.

7. Tori Steampunk Dress

The last SAC item on our list is a little different than all the others. The Tori CC Steampunk dress by Helsoseira is shorter and tighter, and the corset has buckles instead of the usual lace on the straps. If there is a sophisticated steampunk style dress, it is this one. This could be a really fun scary day outfit! There are two designs in total, and this beauty can be worn by both teens and seniors.

 Check out this CC.

6. Vintage wall clock

Vintage for us, but modern and chic for those who live in a steampunk world. That’s the best description of this vintage CC wall clock from nafSims, which comes with 14 different options to find the perfect centerpiece for your Sim’s steampunk theme. But what’s the best thing about this collection? The clock takes up only one tile, no matter what size or pattern you choose. Buy it in the electronics department. But be prepared to spend money on it, because each watch costs $2,000!

 Check out this CC.

5. Steampunk telescope

Can we be honest for a second? The telescope in The Sims 4 game is, well, ….. It’s just awful. It’s big for no reason. And while it can improve your Sims’ logic skills, there are other ways that aren’t so flashy. Soloria’s Steampunk Telescope is a must-have for two reasons: It gives your steampunk scientists more decor for their office/lab and can also be used in the normal game as a visual alternative to a giant metal block. It’s not working. But here’s a nice set of poses made especially for him.

Check out this CC.

4. Industrial decor

It’s safe to say that if you’re looking for a steampunk CC setting, the talented Soloria should be your first port of call. Mechanically inclined Sims looking to spice up their workspace will find everything they need in this industrial decorating set. There are twelve objects in total, including books, notebooks, and a few other things we don’t quite understand….. but that we still love (I’m looking at you, a key in an empty jar). But what is it? Don’t have anything with a steampunk theme to decorate your Sim’s home? Um…

Check out this CC.

3. Industrial building kit

If you need a complete set of furniture and decorations to complement your existing set, then you also need the Soloria industrial set! This is the perfect furniture set for an industrial setting – literally, it’s made to complement and coordinate. This 14-piece set includes a shelf, desk, storage bins and more. There’s plenty of room for all your stuff. Bonus: there is another decorative telescope in this collection! All these items are compatible with the Maxis system and you can buy them in wood, copper or silver.

Check out this CC.

2. Hot Air Balloon Lot

Say it with me: It’s hot. Air. A balloon. At home. Frankly, we could have left it at that. But it’s our job to tell you how great this site is. Full disclosure: You need many packages (extension, game and others) to use it. Check the designer’s notes to see which one you should use for this batch. Surrounded by floating clouds, stars and rainbows, you will find this incredible custom build by VirtualFairytales. This multi-storey home is functional, which means your Sims can live and work there normally. And while the house doesn’t actually float, it does have a control room and a decorative, immersive counter. We are overwhelmed by the talent on display in this meeting. I highly recommend adding it to your game if you can.

Check out this CC.

1. Steam Dragon Lot (No CC)

Wow. If the previous post amazed you, get ready to make this steam dragon house amazing! The same outstanding creator of the balloon set, VirtualFairytales, has created an absolute steampunk masterpiece with this 30×20 set. This look is a true work of art: Here you’ll find fans, rounded windows and a balloon on top – all by the means of the game! While the exterior of the building has a patented industrial look, the interior is much more modern and chic. Clearly, a very rich or very smart member of your simulation society lives here. You need far fewer packages to load and run this package. But again, check the manufacturer’s instructions to be sure.

Check out this CC.

Hey all, I’m on the hunt for the best Steampunk Mods & CCs for the Sims 4. If you have any recommendations I would be very grateful if you’d post a link to a site that has all the mods and CCs you use. I’d like to start a list of the best Steampunk Sims 4 Mods & CC’s and share them with you all.. Read more about esteemed innovation mod and let us know what you think.

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