Do you own an excellent smartphone and have some time to kill or looking to do something by yourself? Today on Bukelar, we bring you the best single-player games on iOS and Android. But before we get started, we would like to let you know that as much as some of these games are free; some of these are paid, we’re doing this based on quality as opposed to what’s considered a cheap thrill. We know some of them to cost probably more than they should but they’re definitely good games. These iOS and Android games, online and offline, should keep you busy for a while.


PRICE: $6.99

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Grim valor is an action RPG side scroller, a hack-and-slash platformer that really does a good job setting itself apart as something that really isn’t like they don’t do games like this anymore. Even though It seems dumb to say because this is just a platform game with action in it. Still, there’s not enough of this on consoles and PC because this is a pretty damn well put together version of that type of game. Grim valor is also free for the first act which is about two hours of gameplay.  Your first time around will not be that bad and it’s $6.99 for the full game. It’s available on iOS and Android.


Pascal’s Wager

PRICE: $6.99

Pascal’s wager is a dark fantasy action RPG. Truelly speaking this game has some of the better visuals of a lot of things that I’ve seen on mobile. It’s currently an iOS only game which kind of sucks but at the same time it’s something along the lines of, visually speaking at least to Skyrim or Witcher 3 look.  Even though it’s a little bit better looking than Skyrim, which is really cool to say about a mobile game. The game itself has a great story and does a great job with boss battles as well Pascal’s wager is $6.99 on iOS right now.


Stardew Valley 

PRICE: $7.99

Stardew valley which is perhaps one of the better games ever released. It’s basically a take on the Harvest Moon formula with some integrated ideas from Minecraft and/or terraria depending on where you come from. Stardew Valley is one of those games, it just builds itself on its charm. This mobile game is incredible. It’s so easy to get absorbed in doing anything in this game, but as you build up your farm it’s also very rewarding to stick to basically what you’re supposed to do. Stardew Valley is out on both iOS and android now for $7.99.


Dead Effect 2


Dead Effect 2 is a first-person sci-fi shooter, which yes does draw a lot of inspiration from dead space and a little bit from Mass Effect. That being said it is most certainly along the lines of a first-person shooter more so than a horror game. The visuals may yes be similar to both of those games in certain areas but it’s much more action-oriented. The Dead Effect 2 upgrades and all of that type of stuff is a little bit more in-depth than you might expect. Dead Effect 2 is free on both iOS and Android.




Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia which is somewhere between Dissidia final fantasy and a more traditional JRPG, there’s a little bit more there that will remind you of the more regular Final Fantasy particularly the battle system. It’s a little less like a brawler. It was co-developed by Square Enix and Team Ninja and it is a fairly unique game. It is free to play so it does have a lot of the trappings of that, however it does have a lot of its own unique compromises between traditional JRPG and the more brawler oriented Dissidia gameplay. Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is out on ios and android now it’s free-to-play like we said.


Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons 

PRICE: $2.99

Brothers: a tale of two sons which is an adventure game that will destroy your heart. It really is a game that takes its concept and incorporates it into both the story and the gameplay and that really phenomenally feels coherent. We’ve spent a lot of time playing this game and we beat it several times. It just got punches but it’s not just a walking simulator or anything, it’s got some great gameplay, some great puzzles. Brothers: Tale of two sons is $2.99 on iOS and Android.


Animus – Stand Alone 

PRICE: $3.99

Animus standalone which is a game that definitely attempts in some ways to be Dark Souls but not a full board aesthetically speaking,  yes they want you to think Dark Souls but there are some key differences in the gameplay but also some key similarities, it makes sure to have the combat and weight oriented and not just Arcady hack and slash.  It is a very fun game though it’s $3.99 it’s out on iOS and Android you can go check it out.


Wolf Among Us


The wolf among us telltale’s phenomenal story that is in theory probably one of the most original stories they it. It certainly does follow their typical format as an adventure game. It is basically a point-and-click that you have a little bit more control over, but it’s really well done by writing and everything else is phenomenal.  You can really tell these are the people that did the Walking Dead series. All of this stuff that you love from the comics is here. Wolf among us episode 1 is free, other episodes are of purchasable form in the game and it’s out on iOS and android right now.


The School White Day 

PRICE: $6.99

The school white day which is a remake of a Korean game called White Day a labyrinth native school from way back in the early 2000.  This is a game that was really well-loved in South Korea but had basically of a cult following in other countries. It’s been remade with 3d graphics which makes it a very good-looking game.  You’re basically trapped in a school and the school is very creepy and the goal is of course to survive. The School White day is out on iOS and Android now. It’s $6.99 and it’s a pretty darn good game.


Max Payne 

PRICE: $2.99

Max Payne!! that is right, Max Payne is on your phone. If you are a fan of the bullet-time shooter with the bizarre drug-oriented psychedelic insane story,  and let me tell you that I definitely am.  I was really excited to find out when they were going to put this on the phone and they did a phenomenal job for what Max Payne is. It controls very well for a phone. Also again this is a classic game that pretty much-invented bullet-time beginning games. There’s not much else to say,  if that sounds vaguely good to you, it’s the granddaddy. Max Payne is out on iOS and Android now for $2.99.


Implosion: Never Lose Hope 

PRICE: $9.99

Implosion Never Lose Hope, this is actually a game that I tried fairly recently and it does a really good job of having a fairly unique touch control scheme. This is a game that just feels like it constantly has momentum. It does have a pretty alright story for a mobile game and it has a very good voice acting in the execution of the stories quite good. But really the main allure of it is upgrading your machine that you’re up against the alien threat with. There’s a lot to do as far as that goes, maybe not the most I’ve ever seen in a game, but again it’s a mobile game and it’s incredibly fun. It’s hard to really rag on it too much because I have never gone back to it since I tried it. Implosion: Never Lose Hope is $9.99 on iOS and Android.


Monument Valley 2

PRICE: $3.99

Monument Valley  2,  which is a puzzle platform game with beautiful graphics and amazing music. Someone would ask why not play Monument Valley 1, but my advice is, if you’re only gonna play one of them play two it’s a slightly better game. It is a beautiful game. Like I said I don’t really know a lot to say other than it’s probably one of the best puzzle games period. Like if it was out on console I would own it immediately. It’s out on ios and android right now for $4.99.

The Talos Principle 

PRICE: $4.99

Talos Principle, which is a first-person puzzle game that will remind you very much of kind of portal combined with Myst, if that makes any sense. If you’ve never played Myst it’s like one of the first first-person puzzle games that had particularly mystical and pretty graphics like this game does, however obviously it’s a lot more fluid than that game. That game was all pre-rendered this is purely a first-person game and yes it will remind you of portal albeit without the portal gun. It’s that kind of puzzle though. The Talos principle is out on both iOS and Android now for $4.99 and it’s a damn good game.


PRICE: $6.99

Bully the classic rock star game. Bully is, of course, fighting your way up a school hierarchy where you play pranks, make problems, beat people up and it’s a rock star game. It’s obviously funny and tongue-in-cheek as well. We all still want bully 2 but that bully in our pocket is not a bad thing. It’s out on iOS and Android now for $6.99.

The ROOM 3 

PRICE: $3.99

The room 3, now the room are pretty much puzzle box games with a pretty mysterious story and they do a really good job, they do create an atmosphere that I would say most of those types of games try to but don’t necessarily completely do it. I think the third is probably the best of the three, the most concise at least and it has some pretty clever puzzles, although I will say by the third you are fairly familiar with what to do. The room 3 is $3.99 and it’s out on iOS and Android.

GTA: Trilogy 

PRICE: $11.99

The grand theft auto trilogy and for 12 bucks you get the three big Grand Theft Auto games Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, and Grand Theft Auto Vice City. These are just some of the best games ever made, there’s no question about it and they play really well on phones, in fact really just all of the Rockstar ports are incredibly worth getting. Considering this is 12 bucks for like I said some of the best games ever made this is probably the best value I highly recommend these. The grand theft auto trilogy is out on iOS and Android right now for $11.99.

Exiled Kingdom RPG


Exiled Kingdoms is an RPG that’s isometric and brings back a lot of what you see in classic isometric RPGs, I mean in a lot of ways it’s a pretty quintessential C RPG, what we used to call them back in the 90s. The free version contains about 30 hours which is a lot but there is way more if you buy the full version that can be done from inside the game and it’s not expensive. Exiled Kingdom is out on iOS and Android right now.

XCOM: Enemy Within

PRICE: $4.99

XCOM Enemy Within which was the standalone expansion to XCOM Enemy Unknown. Way back in the day it used to cost a lot more than this and let’s just be frank, it’s probably one of the best strategy RPGs you’re gonna play. It’s turn-based, it’s pretty self-explanatory, it’s got great graphics and a great story. There’s not a lot you can say about XCOM that is negative and it’s very faithfully ported with a great interface that feels just right for playing on mobile. XCOM Enemy Within is out on ios and android now for $4.99.




Another Eden!! Another Eden is a JRPG which has a pretty distinct pseudo 3d style to it and despite not really specifically being exactly a Squaresoft RPG it really manages to sort of paint the feel of it and actually capture the magic. Now again it’s pretty different, there’s a lot of side-scrolling, side perspective based stuff but if you like that type of game I think you will like it and it’s out on ios and android now, it is free.

Star Wars: KOTOR 

PRICE: $9.99

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, which you cannot go wrong with Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. It’s a Bioware title, it is an RPG, it’s very much along the lines of an older RPG but crosses the line in the Bioware territory when we talk about dialogue and tough characters writing, etc. It just knocks it out of the park, a few games are as good as the two Kotor games and the first one is probably necessary to play story-wise, in order to play the second a lot of people say. Otherwise, what I think it’s better to have seen both. It’s out right now on ios and android for $9.99.


Also just a quick bonus for you. Chrono Trigger is, of course, one of the best JRPGs of all time if not the best it really depends on who you’re talking to. I’m of the mind that Final Fantasy 6 and 7 are both a little bit and when I say a little bit I mean marginally a tiny amount better, but Chrono Trigger is such a good game it’s got such a good story, the themes, the dialogue, everything is executed so well and I love the battle system in it. Chrono Trigger is $9.99 on ios and android play. If you haven’t I mean it’s the best of the Super Nintendo ones other than a Final Fantasy 6 and sometimes I feel like it’s better than Final Fantasy 6.

I’ve flip-flopped but if that’s not enough time wasted for you, I don’t know what to say. But what do you think? Have you played any of these games? Do you like these games? you with me on Chrono Trigger?  It’s really hard to really pick. Leave us a comment let us know if you like this list.

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