Best Goth Girl Characters In Anime

Goth girls are not just for the boys. The following list of the best goth girl characters in anime provides a great opportunity to explore this topic! So, goths in anime.

What is a goth, exactly? Let’s say that a goth is “someone who is depressively dark” for the purpose of this discussion. We see a lot of dark and brooding characters in anime, such as Kirito from SAO or Yuki from Mirai Nikki, both of whom are on the edgy-emo-TooCool4U end. We don’t want that here. We’re not looking for a sad atmosphere right now; we’re searching for a dark one.

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Goth girls, on the other hand, are almost always lolis. I tried to even it out by removing a few lolis, but there may be a little bias in my selection process. Other than that, I’d say this list is quite accurate. Let’s get this party started!

Re-L Mayer from Ergo Proxy

Re-L’s cute, but her voice is rather deep for a girl. Even still, she looks the part with that long black hair and pale skin. She has an incredibly dark backstory involving being experimented on by her father (her mother was also murdered), making it very easy to sympathize with this little goth princess.

Rinko Ogasawara from Another

Rinko is also an example that the goth look does not always have to be loli. She looks like a college student, but she’s actually fifteen years old! Her face has been burned in a fire, which leads her to cover it up with heavy makeup and bandages. No wonder why she wants people to call her “The Corpse.”

Mato Kuroi from Black Rock Shooter

Mato is your typical goth girl. She’s dark and brooding, wearing all black and having long hair in twin tails. What makes her interesting, however, is that she also has a split personality: the cheerful and carefree Yomi Takanashi. It’s this juxtaposition of personalities that make her one of the best goth girl characters in anime.

Celestia Ludenberg from Danganronpa

Celestia is a fan favorite, and for good reason. Sure, she’s a psychopath who likes to kill people in absurd ways with her trusty chainsaw (don’t ask), but there’s no denying that the girl knows how to dress and she owns it. She knows that her sense of style is different, but not in a bad way. That’s what makes her so goth: the confidence with which she embraces it.

Shaltear Bloodfallen from Overlord

Shaltear is the newest addition to this list, but she’s quickly become a fan favorite. She’s beautiful and deadly, with silver hair and eyes that glow red in the dark. Plus, she pilots an airship! How cool is that? Her tragic backstory (her entire family was killed) only makes her more likable.

Yomi Takanashi / Dead Maste from Black Rock Shooter

Yomi is the other half of Mato Kuroi’s split personality. As Dead Master, she’s the dark and brooding one, always wearing all black and having her hair in twin tails. What makes her unique is that she’s a necromancer: she can raise the dead to do her bidding. How cool is that?

That’s all for now! I’m sure there are plenty more goth girl characters in anime that I missed, so feel free to mention them in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

Road Kamelot from D.Gray-man

Road Kamelots is a time traveler, which immediately makes her very interesting. She’s also a goth girl with silver hair and red eyes that glow at night (I’m sensing a theme here). What really sets Road apart from the other girls on this list, however, are those creepy dolls floating around her. How cool is that?

Rory Mercury from Gate

Another time traveler! Rory is also a demigoddess, so she has plenty of power to back up her goth look. She’s cute and deadly at the same time, which makes for an awesome combination. The best part about Rory though isn’t even her: it’s those two sexy elf bodyguards (I’m not sorry).

Kurumi Tokisaki from Date A Live

Kurumi is the definition of a goth girl. She’s dark and brooding, always wearing black and carrying around an umbrella. What makes her unique, however, is that she can time travel. Not only that, but she can also possess other people’s bodies (which comes in handy). Needless to say, she’s a badass.

Dalia from The Mystic Archives of Dantalian

Dalia is a witch and powerful sorcerer, which makes her incredibly goth. She dresses in all black and has silver hair that falls to the middle of her back (gotta love long-haired girls). Her backstory also shows what happens when you mess with magic: Dalia’s mother was burned alive for practicing witchcraft.

Evangeline McDowell from UQ Holder

Evangeline is an incredibly powerful vampire. She’s also a goth girl with long black hair and red eyes (you can see where this list is going). What makes Evangeline unique, however, is that she doesn’t like drinking blood: she prefers strawberry milk.

Medusa Gorgon from Soul Eater

Medusa is a witch with snakes for hair, which makes her incredibly goth. She’s the perfect combination of evil and beautiful, which also makes her awesome. To top it all off she can transform into an even more powerful form known as ‘Eve’. Don’t get on this woman’s bad side!

Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Lust is a Homunculus, which automatically makes her very goth. She’s also beautiful and deadly, with long black hair and green eyes. What really sets Lust apart from the other girls on this list, however, is her love of sex. She’s always seducing people (usually men) in order to get what she wants.

Misa Amanee from Death Note

Misa is a pop star and the second Kira. She’s also a goth girl, which becomes clear when you see her all-black wardrobe and heavy makeup. What makes Misa unique, however, is her love of death. She’s always talking about how much she loves killing people, which is pretty messed up.

Hannah Annafellow from Black Butler

Hannah is a maid at the Phantomhive Manor. She’s also a goth girl, which becomes clear when you see her pale skin and black hair. What makes Hannah unique, however, is her sadistic nature. She loves inflicting pain on others (especially Sebastian).

In conclusion, goth girls are awesome! They’re dark and mysterious, which makes them stand out from the crowd. You can’t help but love their attitude either: most of them don’t care about what anyone thinks of them. So if you like badass chicks who look great in black, then check out one (or all) of these characters!

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