Best Gen 2 Johto Shinies From Pokémon G/S/C (And HGSS) –

I am going to be doing a series of articles on the best Pokémon from each generation. This will be a list of the best Pokémon in generations 1, 2 and (the soon to be released) generation 3.

Welcome back to Cowded, where the focus of this week’s blog is Johto: the next generation. We’re looking at the best Johto starters in the games: Sceptile, Swampert, and Groudon. The first two are the usual starters, but are we saying the latter should be the best of the three?

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In a world where Pokémon Go is becoming an everyday thing, there’s a bit of a disconnect for those who care about collecting Johto starters. We need to keep living in this world long enough to play those games… And we’re not going to stop until we have all the starters.

Shiny Pokémon are among the most valuable items in the entire franchise.

With a one in eight chance of finding a troll at every encounter, they are also among the rarest of monsters!

But not all glitter is created equal.

And there are certainly some that are far more beautiful than others.

With the shine feature introduced in the second generation Pokémon, it makes sense that some of the best opportunities are in Yohto!

So here they are: the best flashy Pokémon from the Gold, Silver, and Crystal games.

15. Steelix

Stilix is always the first Pokémon I think of when I imagine a steel type.

Its huge silver case is the gold standard of steel design for me.

And I think the brilliant form proves me right.

Shiny Steelix is just gold, and it really works here.

Not only does the golden color make this iron snake much more valuable, but the red eyes make the shiny Stalix even more dangerous.

Shiny Steelix is a perfect example of how a complete color change can benefit the design of a Pokémon.

14. Stantler

Stantler is a one-stage Pokémon that everyone forgets about until Christmas is right around the corner.

And you can certainly see this influence in its brilliance.

Or you should.

Stantler is green, but not always green like a Christmas tree. No, Stantler’s a green snot.

And while it may drive more people away from Stantler, I love it! It may look gross and it may stink a little, but the designers took a risk – and for that reason alone I love it!

I completely understand why some people might disagree, but I don’t care. I’ll always love Stankler.

13. Marill

I have included Azumarill in many lists because of its beautiful golden glow.

But did you know that its predecessor also has a shiny shape?

Marill, or Picablu if you went to grade school in 1999, has changed all his blue features to a nice green one.

Surprisingly, this makes the water vole even friendlier!

Honestly, Marill is adorable, whether she’s brilliant or not.

You really can’t go wrong catching this Pokebog.

12. Pupitar

As one of the strongest Pokémon of the second generation, Tyranitar has one of the worst gloows.

The same goes for his first form, Larvitar.

But for some reason, the middle scene is fantastic.

While the other two Pokémon don’t change much, Pupitar goes from grey to a beautiful dark purple.

This gives the stone cocoon much more personality than before. Purple is the color of royalty, so it makes sense that it would turn into Tyranitar, a Pokémon whose name literally means tyrant.

I expected Pupitar to be as much of a dud as his other stops. This was clearly not the case.

For once, Purpletar is much more interesting than his brothers.

11. Sudovudo

Sudowudo is one of those Pokémon that I always thought was much better than it actually was, because you have to deal with it in the overworld.

They are a charming race that tries to imitate trees with their brown skin and green arms.

But do you know many trees with yellow-green bark and red leaves? Yes, no.

That’s why I like Sudowoodo’s bright uniforms.

It completely undermines what Sudowoodo is all about!

This tree is so stupid it doesn’t even know how to pretend to be a tree.

Although the color has become less offensive over the years, the sheen still makes me smile.

10. far

I was surprised by the quality of the glitters in the Slugma line (spoilers to follow later).

These two Pokémon are quite forgetful, as they are known to be snails.

But we must not forget the brilliant Slugma.

Since the snail is made of magma, it makes sense that it has a bright red color. But when it shines, it turns gray.

This makes it look more like ash than magma, as if it were a snail that has been around much longer than other snails.

And I like it a lot.

The fact that the shiny form tries to offer a much bigger story, at least in my opinion, makes this Pokémon much more interesting.

9. Chikorita

Grass-type Pokémon are almost always green in color.

I know that many plants change color for various reasons, so I find this somewhat surprising.

That’s one of the reasons I love Chicorita’s intelligence.

The chikorita’s skin turns slightly more yellow and its leaves turn brown, as if this were the chikorita’s appearance in autumn.

I love this effect.

It makes me think: What does the Chikorita look like each season? Personally, I think every kind of herb should have something like this!

8. Yanma

Because I have always loved dragonflies, I have always loved Yanma.

While the design is not crazy, it works very well.

The same goes for the shiny form of the Yangma.

All that happens is that Yangma’s red skin turns blue. Replacing blue with red (and vice versa) is a tried-and-true way to give your Pokémon some shine.

And this is an excellent example of what is happening again.

I have nothing else to say about it.

It’s a simple choice, but it really works.

7. Wine of Pilos

Shiny Piloswin has been a favorite of mine since my days of writing about shiny golden Pokémon.

That’s because of her beautiful golden hair.

Piloswine looked old with his brown hair. He was rough and smart, but not very neat.


Piloswine has blonde hair bursting with youth and energy!

You know what? I’m just saying.

Piloswine looks like he could be a member of Hanson. And that’s reason enough to put him on this list.

6. Kingdra

Purple is my favorite color.

Not only is it the color of my scout group, but it is also a symbol of magic and royalty.

This last point in particular makes it ideal for Kingdra’s trolls.

The change from blue to purple skin gives Kingdra more maturity. He seems to have the experience of life and dignity, as befits a king!

Moreover, he is beautiful with a yellow belly.

And that’s it.

Kingdra is a king, and he absolutely deserves to look like one.

5. Corsola

While researching for other articles, I found out that Mareani’s favorite food is Corsican.

This is why all Corsols from the Galar region are types of spirits.

It made me incredibly sad because Corsola is so cute!

The Corsola is a live pink coral, but this pink color is probably why it is so easy to find in the ocean.

What if he had a cover?

Come in with the brilliant Corsola!

All the pink turns blue. Not only will it help Corsola hide in Galarian waters, but it also allows him to be really cute!

It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

With the exception of Mareani, of course.

4. Entei

By design, Entei is my favorite Pokémon from the Johto region.

He is tall, stoic, and exudes strength.

And its shiny shape accentuates these qualities.

Entei is a volcanic Pokemon, and his usual design shows it. His orange-red coat and the red star on his snout definitely give the effect of an active volcano.

Shiny enthei have a similar effect, but in a different way.

The coat has turned brown and the yellow star has turned grey.

This color scheme fits perfectly with the smoke that seems to be coming out of Entei’s back.

And that makes Entei even scarier for me!

Normal enthei may be active, but clear enthei are about to erupt.

And if the Pokemon goes on a rampage, you should get out of the way.

3. Magcargo

Magcargo is probably the most surprising troll on this list for me.

As I mentioned about Slugma, it seemed to me that both of these Pokémon were forgotten.

However, their genius made them all the more interesting.

If Slugma’s genius gave him a history, it’s Magcargo’s genius that sets him apart.

Originally, the Magcargo had only one floor with a stone shell. It works, but it’s pretty simple.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have a clear shape.

Magcargo changes the color of its magma body from red to light purple and its gray body to orange.

This is an excellent choice for a snail. But it really works for me.

Instead of the combination of lava and rocks that players have been familiar with for years, we’ve been given something that is instantly memorable and won’t soon be forgotten.

I’ve seen many people say that the designers were wrong and that Magcargo should have gone the same way as Slugma. I disagree.

It is one of those gorgeous lip glosses that is instantly recognizable as something unique and interesting. And Magcargo really needs it.

2. Umbreon

Umbreon is a brilliant Pokémon.

It was most players’ first introduction to the dark type, and it remains one of the most popular Eeveelutions of all time.

Not only that, but it’s one of the most popular lip glosses!

The Umbreon looks good as it is with its black fur and yellow accents, but replacing these accents with blue gives the Umbreon a completely different look.

The black and yellow umbrella can look naughty.

The black and blue umbrella is just magical.

This perfectly describes Umbreon as a Moonlight Pokémon. So I can see why it’s considered the best glitter of all time, even though it’s not one of my favorites.

1. Sneasel

The genius of the Umbreon was to change the details to give a totally different feel to the design.

But on the other end of the spectrum, we have Sneasel.

Sneasel is also a dark man. And the design reflects this.

He is all black with a single red ear and tail and two yellow beads on his chest and forehead.

He’s dark, mysterious, and looks like punk rock with a smile.

The brilliant Snasel changes all that.

Black skin turns pink, all red details turn yellow, and yellow gems turn sky blue.

These colors are bright, they are a contrast, and they are also perfect for sneakers.

And it’s not the sly Snasel.

It’s a Sneasel that wants to let you know it’s attacking you or flying into your nest. It’s also incredibly punk rock!

Sneasel glitters are bright and very fun – so I think it’s the best glitter we’ve gotten from the Johto area.I’ve been playing Pokémon games ever since I was a wee lad, and I’ve always been fascinated by the shinies. So today I’m going to be looking at the best Johto shinies that I’ve found while grinding through my old games. It’s not going to be the best shinies in the games, nor is it limited to Pokémon G/S/C (and HGSS), but I do know some people who are interested in shinies of these games, so this may be handy for them. I’ll be looking to collect as many shinies as I can from these games, so the Johto region will definitely be where I start. There are only a couple of Pokémon from Johto in the first generation games,. Read more about pokemon go shiny johto list and let us know what you think.

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