18 Best Fallout 4 Sex Mods

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In Fallout 4, there are lots of mods available that completely alter the gameplay experience for players. So, if you want to play Skyrim like an adult, then you’ll need to find some adult and sexual mods for Skyrim. Here are the best Fallout 4 sex mods, which include sexy nudity, but they’re not just for adults. They’re great for everyone!

1. Fusion Girl Body Beta

Fusion Girl Body lets you create and enjoy more realistic body shapes for women. In addition to making people look better, eyelash extensions also help them grow longer. This mod adds a new model called Fusion Girl Body, which is available in both male and female versions. It’s compatible with all other Fusion Girl models, including Fusion Girl Face, Fusion Girl Hair, Fusion Girl Skin, and Fusion Girl Eyes. The Fusion Girl Body beta version has been released on Steam Workshop.

This mod includes nude textures for every NPC in the game. You’ll have to download this mod manually from Nexusmods.

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2. Sexy Clothes From Skyrim

It converts the sexy, skimpy clothing that Skyrim modders used before into usable items for Fallout 4. If you want something a little less serious than most of these others but not quite so tame as Fallout 4, then look no further!

This mod allows you to wear clothes that were previously only accessible through console commands. There are over 100 different outfits, ranging from armor to underwear, and even some accessories such as hats and belts.

There’s also a companion app that helps you manage your wardrobe and change your appearance at any time.

The first thing you should do when installing any mod is make sure it’s safe. That means checking its compatibility with other mods, and ensuring that it doesn’t conflict or overwrite anything else.

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3. Nude Body Suits

Another one that gives you the ability to create nude body armor that is craftable.

Note that you need to register there to access the content as it’s locked behind an age restriction. Of course, this would mean that anyone who wears this body armor will need to take off their clothes.

If you want to dress up like a naked warrior, then this mod is what you’ve been waiting for. It replaces the default armor with a set of nude armor pieces that can be crafted by alchemists.

You can use nude armor to fight enemies without taking damage. However, you won’t be able to attack them while wearing them.

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4. AAF Morning Sex With Lover

It allows you to engage in some post-sex pillow talk after an Advanced Animating Frame (AAF), or you know, sex! It basically lets you say whatever you want without worrying about whether she’s going to be mad at you for making her feel bad.

If you want a bit of romance in your life, then this mod is perfect for you. It lets you say all sorts of things to your partner during AAF sex. For example, you could tell her how much you love her, or ask her why she loves you back.

This mod requires the original Dawnguard DLC to work properly.

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5. Skimpy Clothing

You’ll be able to create an endless number of outfits for your character by using these items. It replaces most of the items in the original game with much raunchier ones. In short, basically makes people wear less clothes.

This mod is particularly useful if you play as a guy because you’ll get to see lots of girls in skimpy outfits.

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6. Enhanced Vanilla Bodies

It’s one of the best body textures for naked male characters in Fallout 4. It’s been gaining popularity for some time now, but it seems like people who play Fortnite are starting to really take notice of its benefits.

You don’t have to worry about getting caught in the open by guards anymore. This mod adds a new body texture that covers everything except the face, hands, feet, and head.

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7. More Sexy Armor

Another change that lets you have sexy armor. As you can probably tell, there are a lot of these types of add-ons, so make sure to give them all a look and see which ones you feel are the best. It depends entirely upon personal taste.

This mod adds a whole bunch of different kinds of clothing to the game. You can find them in various locations around the Commonwealth. They include:

A variety of leather jackets, vests, trousers, shirts, and more.

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8. Lewd CommonWealth

This one is pretty hilarious! It makes the Commonwealth more lewd in general, which is why it was given such an obscene name. If you’re looking for something funny, then this is probably not the right one for you.

If you want something a little more serious, then this is definitely the right choice. The Commonwealth has become a very lewd place thanks to this mod.

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9. Pubes

You’ll be able to add pubic hair to any character who isn’t wearing clothes. To get your characters’ bodies as realistic as possible, use these techniques. If they really did shave their pubes for the game, then maybe they had something else to worry about besides growing out their beards.

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10. Beefy Dudes

You’ll be able to add beefy dudes if you use this mod. Dream Daddy is an excellent addition for any Fallout 4 player who wants to play as a father figure.

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11. Full Female Nudity

It adds just as its name suggests. Download it over here.

12. Full Male Nudity

As expected, this one adds just what you would expect. You can download it here.

13. Body Hair for Male Characters

It adds tons of body hair options. If you want to be technical, manfur is technically correct.

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14. Glistening Bodies

It adds an extra layer of moisture that causes people’s skin to shine.

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15. Zaz’s Extended Skeletons

Zaz’ s Extended Skeleton improves the physics of women in Fallout 4. Essentially jiggle will be more pronounced, and the movement of bodies and skeletons will look more realistic.

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16. AAF Hardship

AAF Hardiness from Tentacus is an ambitious Role Playing Mod for Fallout 4 which simulates a post-apocalyptic world where survival means living off the land. It’s pulpier than most of the Fallout series, but with the grossness and sexiness of an old sticky magazine! It has one of the best installation guides available for any game, and its scripts allow players to create their own unique adventures within the world of Fallout 4. For people who want an NSFW role-play experience, this is the most popular mod to use. For new players who want to get started playing Fallout 4 with an adult mod installed, here’s where they need to begin: installing the AAF Hardiness mod leaves them with a nearly rebuilt version of the game that allows them to play with additional adult content added on top.

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17. Assimilation

Assimilationism is an alternative form of play for role players who want something different from their usual experience. With this mod installed, “When the player has sex with an NPC of a certain race/faction there is a chance that their hair, body, skin and clothes might change.” This gives players the option of having their characters’ bodies change after they’ve had sex with someone from another race or faction.

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18. Ivy Companion

Meet Ivy Companion is an expansion for Fallout 4. It adds new companions, quests, and locations. She’s a great addition to any vanilla Fallout 4 build, but she really shines when paired with mods like Nuka World and Wasteland Workshop.

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We hope you enjoyed our list of the best Fallout 4 sex mods! Which one did you like most? Let us know by leaving a comment below! If there are any we’ve missed, let us know in the comments!

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