Best F2P Armour in Old School RuneScape (Range, Mage & Melee)

F2P MMORPGs (Free to Play MMORPGs) are the most profitable type of MMORPG games. They use the concept of “Free to Play” in their marketing strategies and the gameplay concepts are based on the Free to Play games. In order to attract more players to a certain game, it is necessary to create the F2P version of that game. Which is why we are going to write a post about the Top 10 F2P Melee Armours in Old School RuneScape.

Thanks to Jagex for creating the best games ever, and thanks for reading this guide. Now, let’s explore the best armour in Old School RuneScape (or OSRS).

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Most people who try OSRS for the first time start out in the F2P world. That way they learn how it all works. And even in the F2P zone, there are still plenty of high-level enemies and challenges – so any adventurer should be well prepared. The best equipment in F2P will definitely come in handy when fighting against powerful baby demons or ogres. So let’s take a look at OSRS’s most powerful F2P gear, so you’ll be ready for anything that comes your way.

10. Leather gloves


Humble leather gloves start our list. While they may not look very attractive, they are the best gaming gloves in the F2P space. For the most part, they have no negative bonuses and small bonuses for defense. They are generally used for magic, while tambras made of green dragon skin are more suited to hand-to-hand combat and from a distance. That’s because the Vambrasers, with their green dragon skin, take a heavy toll on magic. Ultimately, these gloves are cheap, you can get them for free, and they are the best you can get in F2P. How to get it: They can be made in the first crafting level, or you can get a pair for free in Edgeville, since the pair appears on the ground there.

9. Hood


Coif is the best F2P headgear for the rankings. Note that you need a minimum range of 20 to equip it. The cap gives +2 to attack range, as well as moderate bonuses on area defense. That makes him a good early pick for the defense. Beware of the -1 bonus to magic attacks, as it reduces magic accuracy, making it a poor choice for mages. And because it’s an item from the early game, it’s easy to get, and most players prefer to buy it from the Champions Guild. How to get it: Make a level 38 coffin out of soft leather. It can also be purchased at the Champions Guild for only 200 coins.

8. Sacred symbol


This is a very useful F2P amulet, as it offers the highest prayer bonus of any F2P item in OSRS. And also the third largest prayer bonus of any amulet in the game. This is very useful since there are no prayer potions or prayer healing methods in F2P. Therefore, a high prayer bonus is the only way to get the prayer time. Fortunately, sacred symbols are easy to find. Take the unconsecrated symbol to the monastery at Edgeville where Brother Jered will bless it for you. How to get it: I recommend buying it at the big trade show. But if you want to make one, you have to feel the unsealed symbol, tie it up, and then take it to Brother Jered to have it blessed.

7. Team caps


Priced at just 50 coins, team capes are often the best choice for F2P players. These capes do not give an attack bonus, but a small defense bonus. They are also useful in teamfights, as players wearing the same camouflage will appear as a blue dot on your mini map. There are about 50 of these capes in OSRS, in different colors and patterns, and they can all be bought from the capes sellers in the desert. The easiest way to get them is from Richard, the cape vendor in Edgeville, right next to the Wilderness Ditch. How to get it: Talk to one of the ten vendors of coats scattered around the desert. The price is 50 pieces per layer.

6. Decorative boots (gold)


These boots are some of the best available in F2P, but they can be very difficult. However, it is one of the few F2P items with a +1 power bonus, which makes them quite popular. Boots has decent scrimmage defense value, about the same as Adamant Boots’ teammates. The only way to get them is to participate in the Castle Wars. And they cost a whopping 400 tickets! Please note that each Castle Wars game lasts approximately 20 minutes and only 3 tickets are awarded for winning and 1 for losing. This means you have to play Castle Wars for weeks to get enough tickets, which would probably drive everyone crazy. How to get it: Can be purchased in the Castle Wars Reward Shop for 400 tickets.

5. Magician’s jacket


The wizard robes include a blue hat, a blue wizard robe and a blue skirt. All this is in addition to a +5 bonus for magic attack and defense, making it the best option for F2P mages. It is important to note that with this set, you have little to no defense in melee or distance combat. Therefore, provide a safe place if possible. The complete kit costs about 1,000 euros. But if you’re willing to spend a little more, there’s a Blue and Black equipment package for 167,000 and 265,000 respectively. How to get it: I recommend buying a set in bulk. The hat and skirt can also be purchased in Warrock, and the wizard robe must be obtained as a gift from the wizards found in the wizard tower.

4. Aconite


The hoods of the monks have no significant protection. But they have a very high combined prayer bonus of +11. This has made the set very popular in the risky F2P PvP community, as the damage can be much higher, making the battles more exciting! This set is sometimes used in PvM as well. Due to the lack of defensive features, other armors, such as. B. the armor of the divine rune, however, a much better alternative. To obtain this set, you will need at least a level 31 prayer, as it can only be found in the monastery in Edgeville. Since the dresses are available for free, some players make money by collecting dresses and selling them in the grand fair. This strategy can yield a profit of 100k gp per hour! How to get it: Go to the second floor of the monastery and take a pair from the table. They reproduce very regularly, every 60 seconds.

3. Green Dragon-skin Armor


The green dragon skin armor is the best piece of equipment a Ranger can acquire during his F2P adventures. The complete set offers an attack bonus of +31 at distance, and very good defense for all styles. But it punishes magic with a -35 attack bonus, meaning this set is terrible to use in conjunction with magic. To wear the set, you must be at least level 40 in range and defense, and have completed the Dragonslayer I quest to wear a green dragon skin body. The set can only be purchased in F2P, as you must be a member to make the set yourself. How to get it: Clothing and bracelets can be purchased from the Champions Guild, but bodies can only be purchased from Oziah in Edgeville.

2. Armour of the Rune God


This is the best melee armor set in OSRS, with identical stats to the runic set, plus an extra +4 bonus on prayer. There are 6 different styles, both with a plate base and a plate skirt, all in the theme of the different OSRS gods. So there is plenty of room to customize! A full set gives significant bonuses to distance and melee defense – about +200. Beware of the negative magic and range bonuses of -65 and -21 respectively, as this set is poorly suited to these fighting styles. It also has a magic protection of -12, which means magic will hit you harder and more often.

The Zamorak set is currently the most expensive of the Rune God armors, costing around 500k. The Armadyl set is also excellent and will only cost you 150k. The Zamorak set is more expensive because some items are used in the clue scrolls for members. How to get it: You can only buy it in the Grand Exchange or from other players in F2P, as you can only get it as a rare clue scroll.

1. gold plated armour


This set, along with the Rune God armor, is the best F2P melee set in OSRS. In terms of stats, the God’s Armor set is even better, as it offers a +4 bonus to prayer. But in terms of cost, the gold-plated set wins by a wide margin. While the Armor of God sets will cost you 500,000, the gold-plated set will cost you up to 13 million! Mainly, this set is often used in risky battles due to the high cost in F2P. As a result, he is very popular in the PvP community. Other players who use this armor often wear it to show their wealth. How to get it: You can only buy it in the Grand Exchange or from other players in F2P, as you can only get it as a rare clue scroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best F2P armor in Runescape?

The market for F2P armour in Runescape is a bit more competitive than I expected, but I think I’ve narrowed it down to 5 of the best armour sets to help you make your armour choices. With the advent of RuneScape’s new membership system, there has been lots of discussion on what constitutes the best armour to wear in the game. Runescape’s ‘Free to Play’ subscription only allows for level 21 armour, and it’s much more cost effective to buy a set of armour from the shop than it is to start from scratch. Unfortunately, there is a large gap between the level 21 set of armour and the best armour you can wear.

What’s the best magic Armour on Runescape?

In this guide I will be covering the best armour in RuneScape, ranging from Ranged, to mages and melee. As this will be a multi-part guide I will be talking about equipment first, and later on the skill requirements on how to use it. What’s the best magic armour on Runescape? Well, that’s a question that’s been asked a lot on our blog. We constantly review all the best magic armours in Runescape, and we also do our best to compare every single one of them. We have been doing this for a long time now, so when we finally got to release the top 3, we knew that we had to share them with you.

What armor protects against Magic in Runescape?

RuneScape is a massive world spanning MMORPG developed by Jagex and released in 2001. The game takes place in a medieval fantasy atmosphere that is depicted in an open 3D world. The player travels through the world to complete missions, offers, and other tasks. The game is populated by hundreds of pre-made characters in a large variety of races and classes that the player can interact with. These characters are joined by randomly generated characters that the player can encounter in the world. The combat system is based on the combat system of the Ultima series of fantasy role-playing games. “Toxic” players are a frustratingly common sight in RuneScape, and they’re more than just a nuisance. They’re downright dangerous, and it’s no surprise that they have a lot to teach us about how a game can be more enjoyable to play.

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