Arkham Horror Card Game Announces Expansions 2 and Change to Releases

Arkham Horror Card Game Announces 2 Expansions and Change to Releases

This week saw the official announcement of two new expansions for the Arkham Horror line by Fantasy Flight Games. In The Dark Cosmos, players can play as cosmic beings from the outside of time and space. From the newly-created world of Null, the players will take control of a new investigator with a new deck of investigators, as well as two new Ancient Ones. In The Gates of Arkham, players will clash with the supernatural beings that have taken over the city of Arkham, including the return of the Ancient One, Hastur.

On the heels of the release of the original Arkham Horror game, Fantasy Flight Games is bringing us a pair of new expansions for the game. The first is The Dunwich Legacy which adds a new region, the three investigators from the core game, and the new location, Dunwich. The second expansion is Curse of the Rougarou. This expansion adds a new monster to the game and replaces the investigator with a rougarou, a new character type that can be played as either an investigator or a monster. This is the first time that FFG has released two expansions in one year and the second time it has done so in the last five years.

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The new expansions will be called “Cultists” and “Cults of Cthulhu”. They come with new character cards for the investigators, and each expansion also includes a new board called “Miskatonic Museum”. There are also two brand new investigators, both of which are from the original Arkham Horror core game.

3. June 2021 – To the Edge of the Earth is a set of two new expansions for the long-developed LCG (Living Card Game) Arkham Horror, but that’s not even the biggest news in this announcement. Not only is this a major release, but publisher Fantasy Flight Games has revealed that it will be releasing expansions for the Arkham Horror card game in various ways in the future. Edge of Tomorrow is supposed to be two different expansions, but seems to be one. You may have guessed that one of the expansions would contain only player cards and the other only scenario cards, and you would have been right. The Land’s Edge campaign expansion costs $59.95 and the Land’s Edge investigator expansion costs $39.95.

Arkham Horror card game expansions order from publisher

More details on the add-ons can be found below, but the most important thing to take away from this lengthy announcement from the publisher is that the Myth monthly packs will no longer be released. From then on, new content will only be released as extensions. In the past, Arkham Horror LCG has released the Mythos Pack every month, a small collection of cards released as part of the cycle, as well as larger expansions released outside of the game’s schedule. But instead of the monthly Myth packs, Fantasy Flight will release separate expansions that contain roughly the same amount of content.

At the end of the world – Information about extension

In the remote and undiscovered corners of Antarctica, unspeakable horrors live at the edge of the shadows. They lurk, they wait, they watch, and with them comes a mystery so ancient and profound that it threatens to destroy our image of the planet we call home – unless it first destroys reality itself. Our intrepid explorers must unravel the mysteries of the great southern ice cap and hope to discover the truth before it’s too late. Can they save the world? Or will they perish in the icy depths? word-image-1268 In the Investigator at the End of the Earth expansion, you’ll find a treasure trove of player cards you’ve never seen before in Arkham. With five researchers and nearly 250 cards to develop your deck-building skills, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to expand your card game content like never before. word-image-1269 In the Edge of the Earth campaign expansion, however, there are no player cards. Instead, the expansion includes over 300 scenario maps to support the entire Land’s Edge campaign, including material for an exciting new story, diversion routes and more. The best part? All you need is a basic set and a copy of this expansion to immerse yourself in this spooky story – no other materials are needed! While we will no longer be releasing monthly Myth packs, this one expansion contains about as much content as an entire cycle of the old release model. It’s a complete campaign in one package!

For more information, visit the Fantasy Flightgame page.

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This week saw the announcement of two expansions for the hugely popular Arkham Horror Card Game. Studio Novo Games has announced the “Night of the Zealot” expansion, and Days of Horror has announced “The Stars Align”, a set of new scenarios meant to be played specifically after the games original campaign (The Dunwich Legacy), in order to continue the story of the game.. Read more about horror card games and let us know what you think.

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