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Another Eden Tier List: Best Character For Your Journey

First of all, this is not the usual list of levels in Another Eden, as there are no “levels” in the game. Also, this is not your typical Gacha game where you get the best items and the rest fall by the wayside, as the game is more like a classic JRPG than a Gacha game.

However, this tutorial is intended to show you which characters work best in their roles, but the main thing is that you choose the unit you like and think is cool. The aesthetics of Another Eden are excellent, and the character design is the main attraction of the units. You can also get by with the free units you get in the main story, but if you’re looking for a way to know which banners to pick up, this Another Eden level list will help you.

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Another Eden multilevel list: fan favorites.

It is important to remember that in any “Other Eden” chart, units with AS or “Other Style” are usually the immediate favorites. Units with AS have a different character design, plus a modified skill set, so getting one of the flags is a good deal in itself.

  • Marielle is a non-elemental support mage who can heal party members and cast regeneration. She has the Power of the Dawn ability, which grants type resistance to all party members.
  • Ciel is an earth support elemental with a very high power disadvantage; it can impose type resistance on all group members for up to 5 rounds.
  • Levia is a 5-star water wizard; the ultimate goal in the arduous task of fishing for those who succeed.
  • Hozuki (AS) – obsessed with his cock, she is a real wyfu.

Another Eden multilevel list: Elemental

Any character with an elemental attack can be a decent addition to Another Eden’s crowded roster. Enemies, whether random monsters on the world map or large bosses that require equipment, almost always have elemental weaknesses and elemental resistances, so replacing characters in the first and second row with different elements should be based on the enemy you’re facing.

Since healers are not easy to find, unless you have a support mage with you, it is a good idea to use the back row as a way to restore HP and MP to your party. This is especially effective if you have someone who can cast a sleep spell on enemies, so you can safely restore wounded units in the back row.

  • Mighty – Offensive water elemental mage; ideal for controlling mobs with a powerful water AoE spell; slow speed, but can put enemies to sleep.
  • Suzette is a wind elemental DPS; she clears monsters and inflicts a piercing attack on all enemies and tanks simultaneously; she can cast a Demonic Strike spell on bosses that inflicts a piercing attack on all enemies and invokes mega points and pain.
  • Myunfa is an earth elemental support that heals at the end of a turn based on the number of earth shots per turn; it has the ability “Bunfuku Shower” that recovers 20 MP and restores the status values of all party members.

Another list of Eden levels: F2P friendly

  • Azami is a wind elemental with “Celestial Dance” that can increase her power by 30% with 3 stacks, plus a wind counterattack if hit by a physical attack; she has no AoE attacks, but is ideal for bosses.
  • Aldo is a fire elemental DPS; the main character has a slash resistance debuff, as well as an AoE ability to eliminate mobs.
  • Deirdre is an earth elemental attacker with the Chaos Sword skill, which reduces enemies’ physical resistance by -30% (cumulative 3 times); her Song of Valor reduces enemies’ physical resistance and speed by -20%.

In addition, you can change classes in Another Eden by talking to Lady Midd in the Spacetime Rift tavern. Characters can be upgraded to higher classes when you get certain toms in another dungeon, which are essentially more difficult versions of previous areas you have completed. This way, you can be sure that free characters like Aldo don’t become obsolete, as the class change gives the character a new skill set with better abilities and higher levels.

S Tier Heroes

Below Are some of the Another Eden’s best characters. Use them however you want, and don’t be afraid to invest in them and make them powerful – they’ve got the ability to carry you through pretty much any content of the game.

  • Melina (Extra Style) (5*, Water, Thunder)
  • Nikeh (AS) (5*, Water)
  • Cerrine (AS) (5*, Earth)
  • Shigure (AS) (5*, Water)
  • Nagi (AS) (5*, Earth)
  • Mighty (AS) (5*, Water)
  • Ciel (AS) (5*, Earth)
  • Philo (5*, Water)
  • Ewan (AS) (5*, Fire)
  • Azami (AS) (5*, Wind)
  • Renri (AS) (5*, Fire)
  • Akane (AS) (5*, Fire)
  • Yukino (5*, Water)
  • Foran (AS) (5*, Water)
  • Lokido (AS) (5*, Earth)
  • Laclair (AS) (5*, Water)
  • Tsukiha (AS) (5*, Fire)
  • Tiramisu (AS) (5*, Earth)
  • Hismena (AS) (5*, Water)
  • Tsukiha (Extra Style) (5*, Wind)
  • Thillelille (AS) (5*, Fire, Shade)
  • Yuna (AS) (5*, Water)
  • Miyu (AS) (5*, Fire)
  • Skull (5*, Thunder)
  • Shanie (AS) (5*, Water)
  • Tsubame (AS) (5*, Earth)
  • Hozuki (AS) (5*, Fire)
  • Anabel (AS) (5*, Water)
  • Rosetta (AS) (5*, Fire)
  • Shannon (AS) (5*, Wind)
  • Clarte (AS) (5*, Earth, Crystal)
  • Myunfa (AS) (5*, Earth)
  • Radica (AS) (5*, Fire)
  • Myrus (AS) (5*, Earth)
  • Nekoko (5*, Earth)
  • Radias (5*, Fire)
  • Kikyo (5*, Wind)
  • Victor (5*, Wind, Thunder)
  • Tiramisu (5*, Earth)
  • Thillelille (5*, Fire, Shade)
  • Violet (5*, Earth)
  • Cynthia (5*, Wind)
  • Myunfa (5*, Earth)
  • Cyrus (5*, Water)
  • Biaka (5*, Wind)
  • Mana (5*, Null)
  • Deirdre (5*, Earth)
  • Hardy (5*, Fire)
  • Mariel (5*, Wind)
  • Elga (5*, Earth)
  • Gariyu (5*, Fire)
  • Myrus (5*, Earth)
  • Hismena (5*, Water)
  • Milsha (5*, Earth, Shade)
  • Yipha (5*, Wind)
  • Ewan (5*, Fire)
  • Yuna (5*, Water)
  • Ilulu (5*, Wind)
  • Melody (5*, Wind)
  • Claude (5*, Wind)
  • Shannon (5*, Wind)
  • Melina (5*, Water)
  • Dewey (5*, Water)
  • Felmina (5*, Wind)
  • Bertrand (5*, Earth)

A Tier Heroes

Lady Midd - Another Eden tier listThe heroes under the A tier are the second best units you could possess in the game. They will be as strong as the S tier ones in some situations, but won’t always have such a great impact. It’s never a bad idea to invest in them and upgrade them since they can prove quite useful until you gather some better heroes.

  • Veina (AS) (5*, Wind)
  • Suzette (AS) (5*, Wind)
  • Claude (AS) (5*, Wind)
  • Melina (AS) (5*, Water)
  • Felmina (AS) (5*, Wind)
  • Shion (AS) (5*, Fire)
  • Mariel (AS) (5*, Wind)
  • Amy (AS) (5*, Wind)
  • Cetie (AS) (5*, Fire)
  • Zeviro (5*, Water)
  • Suzette (5*, Wind)
  • Premaya (5*, Earth)
  • Dunarith (5*, Wind)
  • Renri (5*, Fire)
  • Tsukiha (5*, Fire)
  • Shanie (5*, Water)
  • Isuka (5*, Wind)
  • Guildna (5*, Fire)
  • Sophia (5*, Water)
  • Lokido (5*, Earth)
  • Mighty (5*, Water)
  • Bivette (5*, Fire)
  • Cetie (5*, Fire)
  • Shion (5*, Fire)
  • Nagi (5*, Earth)
  • Anabel (5*, Water)
  • Shigure (5*, Water)
  • Laclair (5*, Water)
  • Morgana (5*, Wind)
  • Tsubame (5*, Earth)
  • Lovely (5*, Fire)
  • Gariyu (5*, Fire)
  • Rosetta (5*, Fire)

B Tier Heroes

The heroes that come under the B tier are generally good, and can do their job. You will mostly find here the 5-star heroes that are good, but not as great as one might expect. Nonetheless, they will make for pretty decent picks although they’re not as OP as the aforementioned ones.

  • Isuka (AS) (5*, Wind)
  • Saki (AS) (5*, Water)
  • Toova (AS) (5*, Earth)
  • Elga (AS) (5*, Earth)
  • Ruina (AS) (5*, Wind)
  • Radica (5*, Fire)
  • Altena (5*, Null)
  • Philo (5*, Water)
  • Aldo (5*, Fire)
  • Cyrus (5*, Water)
  • Hozuki (5*, Fire)
  • Veina (5*, Wind)
  • Ciel (5*, Earth)
  • Toova (5*, Earth)
  • Joker (5*, Fire)
  • Levia (5*, Water)
  • Strawboy (5*, Null)

C Tier Heroes

I wouldn’t recommend the following heroes in your main party formation, but if you don’t have anything better, they’ll make for pretty decent replacements. Don’t invest too much in them, because you’ll get much better ones. Here you’ll also find some of the best 4* units, that you could upgrade (a little).

  • Miyu (5*, Fire)
  • Riica (5*, Earth)
  • Bria (5*, Water)
  • Helena (5*, Earth)
  • Feinne (4*, Null)
  • Nopaew (4*, Wind)
  • Krervo (4*, Null)
  • Chiyo (4*, Earth)
  • Erina (4*, Null)
  • Soira (4*, Wind)
  • Prai (4*, Null)
  • Saki (4*, Water)
  • Pom (4*, Null)
  • Galliard (4*, Earth)

D Tier Heroes

Now that we made it to the last tier, you know what’s coming. These are the worst possible heroes in the game, and they should definitely be up for replacement whenever possible. Some of them might seem quite good, such as Nikeh, but they aren’t. Just don’t focus on these heroes, they’re not worth it.

  • Nikeh (4*, Water)
  • Parisa (4*, Fire)
  • Cerrine (4*, Earth)
  • Lele (4*, Water)
  • Sheila (4*, Water)
  • Foran (4*, Water)
  • Akane (4*, Fire)
  • Lingli (4*, Fire)
  • Zilva (4*, Earth)
  • Samora (4*, Fire)
  • Rufus (4*, Fire)
  • Jade (4*, Fire)
  • Amy (4*, Wind)
  • Komachi (4*, Earth)
  • Cyuca (4*, Wind)
  • Good Macky (4*, Wind)
  • Otoha (4*, Earth)
  • Myron (4*, Earth)
  • Benedict (4*, Wind)
  • Yazuki (4*, Wind)
  • Lovinia (4*, Wind)
  • Azami (4*, Wind)
  • Raven (4*, Earth)
  • Yio (4*, Earth)
  • Sevyn (4*, Wind)
  • Miranda (4*, Fire)
  • Nero (4*, Water)
  • Rovella (4*, Water)
  • Nomar (4*, Water)
  • Denny (4*, Water)
  • Nonold (4*, Null)
  • Breeno (4*, Earth)
  • Ruina (4*, Wind)
  • Darunis (4*, Wind)
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