Angry Sony fanboys Open petition to cancel game

angry Sony fanboys open petition to cancel game

Sony has long been making a fuss about the PS4 being hacked and the PSN being compromised. Well, one angry fan decided to take some action and opened a petition to cancel the upcoming game, Infamous: Second Son. The petition has been opened with the amount of signatures needed to reach 100,000 and the fan has promised to devote himself to the cause.

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Sony has had its share of issues in the last couple of years, and the company missed the E3 2015 deadline for software updates for the PS4. Since then, the company has been trying to make up for lost time, but all it’s done is alienated its own customers. This latest incident took place at this year’s E3, as a group of players on the game “Grave”, a game that was actually being developed by Sony, are demanding that Sony cancels the game before release, because they may be annoyed by it.

Nintendo knows how to surprise, right? After the unexpected announcement of Metroid Dread during Nintendo’s E3 demo, everyone lost themselves in memories and nostalgia. The game was originally announced about 19 years ago, and it was thought that development had been halted because there was no sign of anyone.

But here’s the thing, Metroid Dread is alive and well and hopefully on its way to impressing. The game is already available to pre-order on Nintendo’s website, so don’t forget to arm yourself with your OffGamers Nintendo eShop cards and get going!

Release date

Metroid Dread will be released on October 8. this year exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Like most Nintendo games, the game will be exclusive to Nintendo platforms only.

Pre-order data

There are two versions of Metroid Dread with different prices: the standard edition for $59.99 and the special edition for $89.99. The special edition includes a sheet metal game case, five key art cards for each 2D Metroid game, and a 190-page artbook covering all five Metroid games.

Amiibo and features

Two Amiibo will be available for pre-order with the game: Samus and E.M.M.I., which gives you special abilities in the game. This dual amiibo set is currently available to pre-order for $30.

Samus Amiibo gives players a permanent health boost of 100, as well as extra health when scanned once a day. E.M.M.I Amiibo gives Samus a Missile Plus tank that permanently increases the power of her missiles by 10. It can also be scanned once a day for additional missiles.

As always with these amiibo, they’re not a must have, but they look cool and a little update wouldn’t hurt anyone.

What is the Metroid Dread?

This is the fifth installment in the Metroid game series, where Samus Aran takes on the Metroids as a bounty hunter. Metroids are alien species that look like jellyfish hybrids and have different shapes and functions in the game.

It is a two-dimensional platform game in which you have to explore a difficult map and remote locations and acquire skills. All this while defeating various enemies and bosses along the way. Does this remind you of anything? Metroid makes up half of the Metroidvania genre, so fans of the genre should give this game a chance to discover what makes a true Metroidvania.

The game will also be a single player game, with no mention of multiplayer, which is the norm for the main Metroid games.

History and background

As we all know, the plot of the game will take place right after Metroid Fusion. To summarize: Metro Fusion focused on Samus exploring an infected space station – the same virus that infected Samus herself. The only cure is the cells of Metroid. Somehow her suit has also been infected, creating a clone that begins to hunt her down as the game progresses.

Metroid Dread should serve as a conclusion to the Metroid series by exploring the link between Samus and Metroidvania. The game is set on the planet ZDR, where Samus is pursued by E.M.M.I. robots sent by the Galactic Federation to capture her. E.M.M.I. stands for Extraplanetary Multiform Mobile Identifiers, and we will call them EMMI for short.

As seen in the trailer, these seven EMMI robots will hunt down Samus when she invades their patrol area. One robot hit and Samus is dead. But don’t worry, Samus has her own counter moves and flexible maneuvers that she can use to dodge a blow if the timing is right. These EMMI robots also come in different shapes and sizes, which makes the combat mission more interesting.


Now, with the arrival of the EMMI robots, we’re happy to see that Samus’ skills have increased as well. EMMs are fast and will follow Samus as soon as they detect movement or sound from her. If players can find a way to bypass EMMI silently and covertly, getting past it shouldn’t be a problem. That, or fight them directly.

At the same time, there are hints of an upgrade to the ghost cloak costume that will help Samus move around undetected, which sounds very cool! This will come in handy when you’re on the run from the EMMI bots chasing you.

Of course, this is a Metroid game, so running, jumping and shooting are inevitable. But there are four new moves and skills that we saw in Samus:

  • He can slide and glide in small spaces without stopping and turning into a defender.
  • She has a new melee pose and a jump kick that she can use to push moving enemies away.
  • Samus can now aim freely while moving, and is no longer held back by the accuracy of only aiming silently.
  • Thanks to the blue magnetic strips on the walls and ceilings, she can grab and climb while fending off enemies.

Overall, everything seems more dynamic, and we look forward to the release of Metroid Dread!

There’s also a Treehouse Direct where they give more details about the game:

Should I play previous Metroid games?

No, it isn’t. But why not? It will be an interesting experience. Anyway, the producer of the Metroid series has indicated that the game will include a prologue. This prologue brings players up to speed and tells them everything that happened in the previous games.

Although the prologue may remind you of key points you missed or forgot. But you don’t have to play the previous games yet. Ultimately, it’s your choice!

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