All journal locations in Sea of Thieves – Dark Brethren Tall Tale

All journal locations in Sea of Thieves – Dark Brethren Tall Tale

Hey all, I’m back from a long holiday and hopefully a bit of a fresh start to this year. Last year I was going to do a sea of thieves journal but the travel, work and other holidays got in the way! So I’m taking a bit of a break from the game for a while, but I’ll be back with a few new journal entries later on in the year.  I’m going to do a journal for each of the twelve ships you can find in the game. So here’s the first one for the Dark Brethren. The Dark Brethren is one of the bigger ships you’ll find in the

Welcome to the Dark Brethren Tall Tale, a guide to all the Dark Brethren locations in Sea of Thieves – the pirate game that came out in 2017. The Dark Brethren is a group of pirates who live in the swamps of the Cursed Coast. They are led by Sir Guybrush Threepwood, who became the most notorious pirate in the world after a 300-year career as a privateer, pirate hunter, and eventually Commodore of the Royal Navy’s Navy of the Road. He is now a legend among the sailors of the coast, the ones who have never met him, and the ones who have.

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The Dark Brethren are an in-game faction of pirates that are so evil that they are only given a part of a story, such as this: Once upon a time, there was a mighty faction of men who sailed the seas in search of treasure. They loved to grab gold from others, which was their weakness. The Brethren were only the last in a long line of villains, who had played in the sea of men for centuries. But the Brethren were different. The Dark Brethren’s treasure was not the gold of others. No. The Dark Brethren coveted the greed and evil of others and filled their bellies with it. They gathered the riches of many and lived in a tower of gold, filled with

Each story in Sea of Thieves has different collectibles in the form of diaries, and in the case of the Dark Brothers in the expansion A Pirate’s Life, there are two sets of five diaries that you can find. One is by an unknown author and develops the connection between Davy Jones and the story of the Sea of Thieves, and the other is by a second, named Enay, who tells the story with the Sea Peoples. You will take turns making your way through the coral fortress. If you collect all 10 journals, you get the reward Lost at Sea.

My darkest hour

After Jack opens the large stone door with his lockpick, go through it and swim forward and then right to a shipwreck. You will soon come to a dead end, but bring the lantern to a piece of wood on the left and there is a newspaper behind the plant and in the shade.


After finding the first shop, go down to the left and swim through the cave. Follow Jack Sparrow and swim through the bubbles – on the left is a white coral, on the right are bright blue flowers and on the white coral is the next leaf. If you’ve reached Jack and there’s a big rock in the way, you’ve gone too far.


Once at the top of the geyser and using the pulley to lift the wooden platform, turn right instead of left on the main trail. Go down a few stone steps, to the right of the glowing pink coral, and you’ll find a newspaper in the bottom of the stone.

Davy Jones

After you opened the room of Captain Flying Dutchman, go inside to see the organ at the back of the room. Look at the left and you’ll find a magazine on a chest.


Navigate the path that opens up after defending the Flying Dutchman, and you’ll fight a group of mermaids. After defeating them, swim forward and dive underwater to the left – look to the left of some underwater debris to find three underwater cages. In the broken cage is a magazine.

Best offer

Make makeshift platforms by picking up pieces of sunken wreckage and use them to cross the water to the rocks and waterfall. From there, turn left and you will see a wooden platform on your left. Go under the platform and find the warehouse.


Finally, descend from the cliff and do battle with the sea snipers. After you beat them all, look to the left at the tube corals – there’s a journal hidden there.

A Change in Location

Complete the puzzle with the mermaid statue to raise the water level; then look for the bright blue coral. To his left there will be a newspaper hidden among the rocks.


Just before entering the Black Community, turn right onto the driveway leading to the complex. Behind the yellow vegetation is a diary.

Fellowship Meeting

The last newspaper is also in the Dark Brothers’ courtyard – when you get to the table, go to the chair in the far left corner. A magazine lies half open on the other side of the chair.Hello again! This is Captain Caddles, and welcome back to another edition of Sea of Thieves’ Dark Brethren Tall Tale. I’ll be showing you all the locations of our Dark Brethren Captain’s Journals, which are scattered across the Sea of Thieves. So put on some good music, make a cuppa tea, and let’s get started.. Read more about sea of thieves a pirate’s life tall tale 3 guide and let us know what you think.

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