All characters in HuniePop 2

HuniePop 2 is all about the characters you meet on your dates, so in this article, we will be keeping a list of them. There are currently thirteen different ones that have been announced – twelve can be dated and Kyu (the Love Fairy) guides players through their story when they’re stuck!

The sequel should definitely include surprise/hidden features like its predecessor did because although there was only one male character available last time around, he ended up being really helpful after spending some quality bonding time together during playtesting sessions with other testers who had more options at hand.

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The characters in this game have their own preferences when it comes to dating, what they want as a gift and drink during the date – there are even quests for each one! We will be making an individual guide about every character we play through.

Name Occupation Age
Abia Nawazi Airport Security 25
Ashley Rosemarry Model 21
Brooke Belrose Trophy Wife 40
Candace Crush Stripper 25
Denise Greene Unemployed 19
Lailani Kealoha Hotel Clerk 23
Jessie Maye Ex-Porn Star 38
Kyu Sugardust Love Fairy 384
Lillian Aurawell Unemployed 18
Lola Rembrite Fashion Designer 26
Nora Delrio Hotel Maid 29
Polly Bendleson Beauty Tuber 32
Sarah Stevens Boba Shop 20

HuniePop 2 was released on February 8, 2021, and we were happy to see all the new characters it introduced. The game has thirteen different girls that players can date – twelve of which they play as! For now, let’s recap on who these ladies are so you’re ready for their stories. There’s Kyu (the Love Fairy), Jane (a black-haired vixen with a love letter tattooed down her spine), Lola (who loves animals and dabbling in witchcraft), and more! Which girl have you met?

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