5 Cryptogame Places For Beginners

5 Cryptogame Places For Beginners

The post-pandemic world is full of obnoxious regulations that restrict the freedom of the market for investors and traders. Some of them reach even the gambling world crippling an already heavily regulated industry further. But thanks to bitcoin deposits and withdrawals some of them can be circumvented partially.

Unfortunately, finding a trustworthy cryptocasino in today’s gambling landscape is impossible for most European players. Thanks to scammers the reputation of the crypto is at all time low in 2022 which makes this tool a much less attractive option for casino developers. But there are still some places with a great variety of crypto to choose from as well as a huge selection of slots, cards, and bingo games.

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Criteria Used for Top 5

It is just impossible to rate all the 800+ fair EU casinos in a quick beginner guide like this one. So the alternative will be listing only 5 best plus giving the criteria to the people. It will help everyone to pick a website according to their preferences. Look at the examples:

· secure authentication and gambling;

· number of available payment processors and coin variants;

· list of games to multiply BTC, ETH, or DOGE;

· deposit and withdrawal limits;

· bonuses.

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In addition, it is necessary to see which organizations ensure all the services are fair. It can be done by manually validating the registration number or reading a review article from sites like AskGamblers, GamblingSites, or TrustPilot. Ensure that audit organizations like eCORGA were involved too. They check the split between company finances and clients’ ones each quarter.

Five Places to Make More Blockchain Tokens

There is nothing wrong if one is not interested in looking for a good place to gamble in long lists of meaningless names. Hence, it is miles faster to just pick one of the casinos below, make a minimal deposit, get a welcome reward and play for a day straight:

·       Energy;

·       Bitcoin;

·       RedDog;

·       Stake;

·       BetPlay.

Just for registering and adding a tiny fraction of BTC, you will be getting double the money and 10+ free spins on average! Not to mention you can multiple the sum 5, 10, or 20 times in one round by playing card game higher or lower stakes.

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There are even some poker or blackjack strategies to profit with much higher chances than an average player. Knowledge is what separates a lucky hit and a fair win, so it may be better to read books about the game of choice beforehand. It will help to prolong starting deposit for much more if you will not involve yourself in scam strategies like Martingale or its derivatives.

Looking at a large number of deposit variants on some sites may be very misleading for a crypto enthusiast. The trick is most of the casinos with the label «crypto» list just 1 or 2 coins to choose from. The best bet to make your wallet accepted wherever you to is to stick to BTC as it is the most popular token out there.

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