Yu-Gi-Oh!- Best Dragon Type Monsters(Ranked)

The Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise has been around for over 20 years and it’s one of the most popular card games in the world. With millions of players, there are a lot of different types of monsters to choose from when building your deck.

The best dragon deck yugioh is a list of the 15 best Dragon type monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!.

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Since the beginning of Yu-Gi-Oh!, dragons have been iconic creatures. The Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon was the first Yu-Gi-Oh set to be published, and it included a card with the same name that is arguably more famous than Yu-Gi-Oh itself. It’s been almost two decades since that pack was published, and boy, have we seen some famous dragons in that time. Yu-Gi-Oh has always been a game for powerful dragons, from Yusei Fudo’s Stardust Dragon to modern-day link monsters like Borreload Dragon.

But, with over 600 dragons in the game (and more on the way), how can you know which ones are worth playing? We’ll break down some of Yu-Gi-most Oh’s strong dragon monsters in this list, so you’ll know which ones to include in your next deck.


15. Five-Headed Dragon

Five-Headed Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Here’s a vintage Yu-Gi-Oh dragon from back in the day. While the Five-Headed Dragon isn’t a competitive favorite, it is one of the most formidable dragons available. This man is a game finisher with 5000 attacks. If your opponent is unable to respond to this card’s assault, they may as well be dead (assuming you can get this guy onto the field). The Five-Headed Dragon even has an effect that protects it against Dark, Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire creatures.

But, if you ask me, I don’t believe many creatures would be able to stand a chance against this guy… The main disadvantage of the Five-Headed Dragon is that it needs the fusion summoning of 5 whole dragons, which is very resource-intensive. This isn’t difficult to pull off with cards like Dragon Mirror, but you’ll certainly need a few more dragons on hand.


14. Judgment Dragon

Judgement Dragon YGO Card

This is a dragon monster created just for the Lightsworn archetype, and it is unquestionably their greatest weapon. Not only can you special summon this card for free if you have enough Lightsworn monsters in your graveyard, but you can also destroy every other card on the field for only 1000 life points! This will render your opponent helpless, resulting in a minimum of 2800 damage to the face.

However, you must send the top four cards from your deck to the graveyard during the end phase. While this may seem to be a high cost, it really provides a significant advantage to Lightsworn decks. Because many of the effects of Lightsworn monsters trigger when they’re sent to the graveyard, this ability actually aids you in activating some of your most powerful cards.


13. Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon

Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh Card

This is one of BEWD’s numerous additional deck variations. Don’t get me wrong: Blue-Eyes is a fantastic card. I mean, a 3000 attack isn’t anything to be sneered at! Having large stats, however, isn’t enough in Modern Yu-Gi-Oh. You’ll need your monsters to have equally powerful impacts. The Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon is a level 9 synchro, which means all you need is a Blue-Eyes White Dragon and a level 1 tuner to summon it (which Blue Eyes decks are absolutely full of).

When Azure-Eyes is synchro summoned, it protects all of your dragons from card effects, allowing you to summon as many dragons as you choose. In addition, every round, you may bring one regular monster back from the graveyard. This implies you can nearly instantly summon the Blue-Eyes you used to summon this man. It was very beneficial.


12. First of the Dragons

First of the Dragons YGO Card

If your opponent doesn’t know who this man is, First of the Dragons may be a game-winner on its own. To begin with, this card is entirely unaffected by effect monsters, and can only be destroyed in combat by a regular monster. Your opponent’s chances of actually running any regular monsters, much alone any monsters strong enough to defeat this man, are low to none.

To defeat this dragon, your opponent will have to employ spells and traps, which is certainly possible. But what happens if they don’t have that? Well, the game might be yours in no time.


11. Guardragon Elpy

Guardragon Elpy Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Guardragon Elpy’s effect makes it one of the most powerful dragons you could run, despite the fact that a 1000 attack dragon doesn’t seem like a contender for the “most powerful dragons” list.

What it does is as follows:

You may special summon any dragon monster from your hand or deck to an empty zone while two link monsters point to it.

This offers up a plethora of possibilities.

You might use a huge beater dragon like Blue-Eyes, or you could use the precise combo pieces you need to finish whatever plan you’re pursuing. It’s no surprise that Dragons are making a comeback in the metagame with cards like this.


10. Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons

Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons YGO Card

The main Yu-Gi-Oh strategy is to summon larger monsters than your opponent. It’s a tactic that we’re all familiar with. Beelze, on the other hand, flips this approach on its head and may make possessing a large monster a significant disadvantage. In other words, if your opponent has a monster larger than Beelze, all you have to do is attack it with this card, and your attack stat will be equal!

Because Beelze’s assault may simply keep rising up, it’s impossible to run over him in combat. With this card, the sky is the limit.


9. Black Rose Dragon

Black Rose Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh Card

The Black Rose Dragon is a bomb that may be summoned at any time.

The following is how it works:

When it’s synchro summoned, it may instantly destroy every card on the field.

This is excellent for dealing with numerous threats at once. You’ll be able to destroy any field thread you want, including spells, traps, face-up and face-down creatures, and so on.

This renders your opponent helpless, allowing you to go after them immediately.


8. Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon YGO Card

Sorry, Joey, but this is without a doubt the greatest Red-Eyes dragon monster ever created.

The cost of summoning this is a single exiled Dragon monster, thus it’s hardly a tribute summon at all!

Seriously, back in the day, if there was a one-tribute 2800 attack monster, it would have been outlawed…

But there’s more to come.

You may special summon a dragon from your hand or graveyard once per round while Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon is on the field.

So, basically, this is a Monster Reborn with an attack stat.

How could you say no to anything like that?


7. Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend

Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend Yu-Gi-Oh Card

If you’ve seen the anime, you’ll note that it’s not only the characters from the first season that are receiving upgrades to their trademark monsters these days.

Jack Atlas’ boss monster in Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds was the Red Dragon Archfiend. Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend, like all of the previous boss monster upgrades, outperforms the original in every aspect.

This card has the ability to kill any special summoned effect monsters that have less than 3000 attack, which includes the vast majority of monsters!

Then, for each card destroyed, this effect will burn your opponent for 500 damage.

If the burn doesn’t kill them, the 3000 attack stat may be able to help you win.


6. Chaos Dragon Levianeer

Chaos Dragon Levianeer YGO Card

Chaos monsters have long been one of the most powerful types in Yu-Gi-Oh, and Chaos Dragon Levianeer is the most recent addition to this jumbled collection.

To begin, you may summon this card by banishing three monsters (either Light, Dark, or a combination of the two). So if you run it in the correct deck, it’s very simple to get to.

Then, based on the kind of monster you banished, you receive various benefits, each of which aids your plan in a different manner.

You have the option of ripping cards from your opponent’s hand, destroying any two cards on the field, or bringing back some of your most powerful monsters from the graveyard.


5. Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Trishula is a very strong synchro monster and one of Yu-Gi-greatest Oh’s dragons.

You may banish a card from your opponent’s hand, field, or graveyard when it’s summoned. This is an excellent piece of defense against any danger, and it effectively prevents a wide range of tactics.

But it’s Trishula’s non-targeting elimination that makes it so effective.

In Modern Yu-Gi-Oh, several monsters feature an effect that says they “can’t be targeted by card effects.”

Most of the time, such sort of wording can prevent cards from being destroyed, but not with Trishula!

So once you have this on the field, you can eliminate your opponent’s most invincible creatures.


4. Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay

Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay YGO Card

Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay is the ideal method to guarantee your opponent doesn’t push forward and leave you in the dust in a format currently dominated by Link summoning.

Because you may special summon this card from your hand when your opponent links summons a monster.

This provides you with the ideal material to connect summon on your turn while also allowing you to make some moves.

Plus, without Phantazmay, you may draw a number of cards equal to the number of link monsters your opponent controls, then shuffle the same number of cards back.

It’s always a benefit to have good hand control.

If you draw any hand traps, be sure to retain hold of them.


3. Dark Armed Dragon

Dark Armed Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Dark Armed Dragon established an entire genre back in its day, and it’s incredibly simple to summon.

You may special summon this card for free if you have three dark monsters in your graveyard. There is no need to expel it or pay tributes; just summon it.

It’s a monster with 2800 attacks!

And that’s not the end of it.

After summoning a dark creature from your graveyard, you may use it to target and destroy any card on the field.

The strange thing about this impact is that it isn’t even once every turn.

Assume you have three dark creatures in your cemetery. Then you’ll be able to destroy three cards at once!


2. Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End

Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End YGO Card

If it weren’t for the errata, this card would be at the top of the list.

If you haven’t already figured it out, errata isn’t something Yu-Gi-Oh does very often. Only when a card’s impact is permanently altered, such as by altering the language or adding disadvantages to make some cards more balanced, is this term used.

The condition that you “can’t use any other card this round” was not included in the original Chaos Emperor Dragon. However, it was initially prohibited, thus…

The fact that this card had to be made worse in order to be playable again demonstrates the strength of its impact.

You may destroy every card on the field and in your hand with this card out, dealing 300 points of damage to each one.

If this doesn’t end your opponent, they’ll only have one card to rebuild their board the following turn.

Even with only one card combinations, that’s no simple task!


1. Borreload Savage Dragon

Borreload Savage Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh Card

This is without a doubt Yu-Gi-finest Oh’s dragon.

You’ll be hard pushed to find a contemporary dragon deck that doesn’t include this creature in it.

Borreload Savage Dragon is a level 8 synchro, which makes summoning it quite simple. You just need two level 4 monsters, one of which must be a tuner – that’s all!

Then, when it’s summoned, you may equip this card with a link monster from your graveyard.

Borreload Savage Dragon gets half of that monster’s attack, as well as the ability to negate as many times as its link rating allows.

This implies that if you combine this card with, say, Borreload Dragon, you’ll have a 4500 attack beast that can negate things four times over.

Having so much negative power in a single card (while simultaneously being able to steamroll your opponent) will help you win a lot of games.

The best dragon xyz monsters are the best of the best in Yu-Gi-Oh! They are stronger than most other types of monsters. Some of them have effects that can be used to change the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best dragon monster in Yugioh?

The best dragon monster in Yugioh is Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

What is the strongest dragon in Yugioh?

The strongest dragon in Yugioh is the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

What is the rarest dragon in Yugioh?

The rarest dragon in Yugioh is the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

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